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Middle East » Oman » Muscat » Muttrah January 19th 2012

What a lot you can do in 4 days here in Oman. And many thanks to Tamsin and her family I have been most warmly welcomed here from a pickup at the airport to a comfy bed in their lovely villa, swimming in their pool and delicious food. They've been my tour guides and even gave me a car to drive. What it is to have such generous warmhearted friends. In between lazing around in the garden and swimming in my first 2 days there has been a visit to the Souq, Muttrah old town and harbour , lunch at the Marina overlooked by the British Ambassador's residence and then a visit to one of Oman's many forts. The souq is fabulous with such a range of goodies-from giant pans (imagine them full of rice and ... read more
Day 1 at the Souq, Muttrah (1)
Day 1 at the Souq, Muttrah (2)
Day 1 at the Souq, Muttrah (7)

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai January 19th 2012

Just over a week ago I left the chill of Sussex behind and flew to Dubai and am staying with my good friend, Lesley. (Sorry that Lars and Lillemor couldn't join us as was the original plan). For those of you who don’t know I was teaching in Dubai for 6 years and we left in 2004. The last visit was in 2006 just after Michael died – so I knew there would be many changes. But the scale of change in that time is staggering-- mile upon mile of construction of fabulous skyscrapers, roads, shopping malls, leisure and housing developments….and to top it all the tallest building in the world Burj Khalifa. Then at ground level there is a new public transport system something I never contemplated for Dubai – two metro lines run across ... read more
Beeny ready to go in the new rucsac.
Old fort at the Creek
Heritage Housesat Creek.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cumbria » Ambleside January 8th 2012

Photos of Xmas week with Richard, Catherine and Suzanne. XXX... read more
Xmas in Lakes
Langdale Valley
Styckle Ghyll

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cumbria » Lake District January 8th 2012

Happy New Year and January marches on so I better get up to date before I start my travels for 2012. In early December I set off for the North of England ( with a flasks of hot tea, blankets, shovel and bag of ashes in the boot in case of a repeat of last year’s weather- fortunately I didn’t need them). On the way I picked up Marilyn and Terry who had left behind their home in sunny warm Spain for the family pre-Xmas visit. I think they like being here for a winter visit to remind them of why they left!! We spent that week in the Lake District at Chapel Stile in the Langdale Valley- this is a timeshare apartment I have. We were lucky to have cold frosty days and snow on ... read more
Our  apartment at Chapel Stile
Chapel Stile (1)

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Tyne & Wear » Newcastle Upon Tyne October 30th 2011

I hope 2 blogs in one day is not too much to cope with- but I must catch up as I am now back at home after a week up north. When I say "Up North" I am always reminded of a children's book I used to read, Stanley Bagshawe, where he lived with his granma " up north where it's boring and slow"- and so the phrase always comes into my mind and I laugh because now it is anything but "boring and slow". My old home town Gateshead reaches out across the River Tyne and the regeneration along the riverbanks is quite a tourist attraction these days. Behold culture - The Sage for music, The Baltic for art, the newly refurbished Theatre Royal , magnificent stone facades of Grey Street and the Grey's Monument, ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Donegal October 24th 2011

Hello folks another update as I have been travelling again. If you remember last year this time I was in Australia - and swapped my house with the lovely Susan and Geoff in Port Maquarie, NSW - well here I am in Ireland with them as they have swapped with an Irish family who are now in Port - hope thats not too confusing - and while I am here another family from California are staying in my house!!! The world is your oyster with home exchange. This is my first time in Ireland so I am very happy to have the opportunity to stay here and meet up again with S+G in Muff, Co.Donegal just over the border with Derry. And to top it all I managed to get £6 flights with Ryanair -hard to ... read more
Susan at St Aidans Well
Surpise Chalk Cliffs

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm October 4th 2011

Yes , here I am again and on a short trip to Stockholm ostensibly to see Richard and Catherine and their new apartment. It occurs to me today (my last day) that this has been a visit with a design theme – “ancient and modern”. The “ancient” was special exhibition of “Inca Gold” held in one of the many museums here. ( Sorry no photos – not allowed). This museum in rock tunnels on Skepsholmen ( one of Stockholm’s city centre islands)- which were carved out in the 1940s for naval defences during WW2. Well I suppose having this amazing display of Inca Gold artefacts in this museum would also mean it would be very secure. And so I wandered amongst such beautifully designed and crafted adornments – helmets, masks, breast plates, earrings, nose plates and ... read more
Royal Theatre
Stockholm's Harbour
Stockholm Harbour

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Guardamar del Segura September 9th 2011

Location at Hondon de las Nieves, 30 mins from Alicante. I know that you like to keep up with my travels and this is a great way to share some of my photos… so here I am just back from 10 days in Spain. This was a visit to my cousin, Marilyn, and her husband Terry. They moved to Spain 18 months ago and live in a small urbanisation in an agricultural mountain valley between 2 villages – Hondon de las Nieves and Frailes. Surrounded by fields of artichokes, vines, almond trees and olives - it is a lovely place. Only 30 mins from Alicante and the coast it still feels like real Spain being far enough away from the massive developments by the sea. They have done wonders in the 18 months on their plot ... read more
Bodega in Nieves
View back to the village
Mountains behind the villa.

Europe » Sweden » Södermanland » Mariefred August 2nd 2011

Hello everyone… and here I am in Sweden for a couple of weeks. Having had my “summer hols” last winter in Oz and NZ – I thought I better have more “summer hols” in Europe. (Well if I don't get away travelling every month I get withdrawal symptoms. ) Each summer when my dear friend, Lesley, comes back from Dubai where we used to teach together we have some holiday time together… and the rocky landscapes, forests and lakes of Sweden are the perfect antidote to the desert sands and highrise towers of Dubai!!! We arrived at Arlanda airport north of Stockholm and took our rental car North about 450km at Tallhed near the little town of Orsa. Michael and I had some lovely times there at old wooden cottages which belong to my good Swedish ... read more
Mora (2)
Mora (4)
Mora (6)

Europe » United Kingdom » England » East Sussex » Eastbourne July 5th 2011

Following the wedding this last week has been glorious weather up to today. So with all the kids here at some time during the week we have done a bit of touring around and showing Catherine the delights of our Sussex villages and coastline. Some of you who have been my visitors here will recognise some places, Here are some more photos. I have also included some taken when Diane and Dave were here from New Zealand earlier in June. Love Lynne xx... read more
Richard and Catherine at th eLong Man

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