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20th January 2011

Lemon into Lemonade
Sounds like you made the most of what could have been a 'not so great' time. Thanks to the bus breaking down and the farmer and his family, you enjoyed a different experience than you had planned. The swag sounds neat-- as long as there aren't any mosquitoes!!! I think the wave rock looks sooooo cool! How could it be created so perfectly? Isn't nature awesome?
8th January 2011 will never be the same again
8th January 2011

Spiders...I may get so I won't like them as well. Yuck
8th January 2011

Great blog
Loved the golf course pictures & family too. Nice water/rocks pictures. You take good ones. You are such a party girl!!!
22nd December 2010

Iucky KoaIa x x x
9th December 2010

It is hard to believe that your time is coming to an end. I am use everyone will miss you in Southern Cross, the place will never be the same. Good Canadian hospitality. Will the weather here has not been so bad the last couple of weeks, have even hit zero and above. Have not had any fresh snow since in November, so use it will arrive and snow for days!!!!!!!!!!!!! Couple of days after your last update I thought about taking a picture of the backyard with all the snow and forwarding on but idea arrived to late as a Chinook arrived and melting started. Do not get me wrong there is still snow on the lawns. and our street is cover, but the main streets are now good (no help from the city snow remowal). Weatherman is calling for snow tonight so maybe tomorrow when I get home from work is enought snow has fallen will get a picture off to you, so those Aussie can cool off. Sarah was mentioning hot there, this coming weekend have a kids Christmas party in the park at Kambaldia, I know shorts, hats, sunscreen, and bathing suits. Apparently Isobel is very excited, her first Christmas to remember, and she is mesmerized by the tree and lights.. Of course have a advent chocolate calendar for each has helped, both girls know after supper can open another section and get a chocolate. We will be heading to your Mom and Dads for Christmas dinner.. Be a quiet Christmas here, just Matthew and myself, and Matthew is back to working nights so opening gifts will likely happen late afternoon. Matthew has volunteered to work Dec 26, not sure of the shift yet so that will determine how late we stay after Christmas dinner. You must be so excited that Mom and Dad will be arriving soon. Hard to believe they will be heading back to Canada in a couple of days. So what are your plans after Mom and Dad leave, will you have to come home at the same time? or are you able to do a bit more touring around. Take care, have a wonderful Christmas. Sure will not be "quiet" with the girls..I keep on telling them, they have to come to Grandma's house and build a snowman. Lorna
From Blog: One crazy night
24th November 2010

Love the pictures...glad you got to travel around town and get these for your library. We got to learn about Southern Cross too. No thanks on the golf though.
24th November 2010

write a book
Hun you should definetley write a book of your travels i've never met anyone who can imerse themselves into the towns or cities they happen to be in quite like you,just don't forget poor Ireland hahaha
21st November 2010

You are in will not want to leave, I know it. We have lost you forever to Southern Cross. You love all the attention from your men.
14th November 2010

Haha, funny mom. Everyone in town thinks we are dating because of the banter between us but I would never date Ben. He does my head in!!!
14th November 2010

I'm not totally sure but i'm guessing early 50's
13th November 2010

In the glass is guineas and you drop a shot of half whiskey and half baileys into it and chug. I didn't do one, yuck!!
13th November 2010

Not disappointed! It's a fun fun job but I can't see myself doing it forever! Just an in between thing!
13th November 2010

Haha he is happy! Love brucey! No trips as I'm always working in the pub, no time off!
10th November 2010
Me and Brucey

He is a happy dude...anymore road trips planned???
10th November 2010

This is a gooder!!! You look right at home.
10th November 2010
Me and the boss

How old is the boss??
10th November 2010
Pouring car bomb shots

taste good???? What are they made up of???
10th November 2010
Kylie's dog

Need to see his face.
10th November 2010
Me and Brucey

He's a happy bloke???
10th November 2010

He is cute...hope you brings you back goodies from Bali.
10th November 2010

Good update to blog
You will miss that place...did you think the bar experience would be as good or are you disappointed?
10th October 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Across the world!
Hi Laurene, I have enjoyed the photos and your writing about Southern Cross. It looks like isolation for sure, but a great opportunity to get to know the local people and save your money! Turkey will be in the oven in a bit and its just L and I and I today. Love, Gail and Albee
10th October 2010

Gobble gobble
We will be talking about you and your adventures. Enjoy your roast dinner.
24th September 2010

How about some more pictures!
It would be great to hear more from you and see some photos of the Krauss family and their place. When are you starting your new job?

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