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Aruba, Aruba - a very fun place - the people here are very friendly and lots of fun. Docked right in the centre of town, so very easy to walk around the main area. It really is a desert island - lots of cacti everywhere and not much green grass, except for the bit resorts along the beach that have some lawns. Very humid and warm but also very breezy - apparently it is windy all year. We are only about 19 mile off the coast of Venezuela. After having a long walk around the area decided to hire a driver to take us around the island which was great talking to a local and finding out about their family life etc. Paul was just lovely, had spent quite a bit of time in the Nederlands ... read more

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan July 25th 2013

After been shrouded in fog for two days and then another day later on, gale force winds one day and a very bumpy ride at times,(passing by the remains of the Titantic some 14 miles away) we have finally arrived in wonderful New York. It was absolutely magical sailing into Manhattan just before sunrise, as we came under the Varrazano Narrows Bridge and into the Hudson River the lights of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty looked amazing! As usual the USA immigration put forward their best personalities - SO rude they are unbelievable, we finally got out of the terminal at around 8.00a.m. Some that were much later took 3 hrs to get out. Then walked to Times Square enroute to the memorial in the financial district - got there with a few minutes to ... read more

Europe » Denmark July 18th 2013

Faroe Islands NO GO! We arrived in the bay off the port at Torshavn just before 8.00a.m. but captain made a decision not to go into the port. Tried to anchor but no good! Even if we did anchor OK he said it was too rough to have tenders take all the passengers in. It was blowing around 37 knots and blowing us into the port and he couldn't safely get the ship into such a small port with such high winds. It was 11 degrees and you could hardly see anything, very pea soupy!!! Captain Bill said the ship and passengers were his first priority and safety paramount (thank god for that!d)- so we will now be 7 days at sea!! BOO WHOOO!! The fog horns are going off about every 3 minutes. Was so ... read more

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo July 16th 2013

Docked 10a.m.right on the edge of the city centre, overlooking Akershus Fortress and Castle, walked over 14km today - another great city to walk around - bit dull and a few spits of rain but great for walking, top of 22 degrees. First stop was Vigeland Sculpture Park - acres and acres of stone, iron and bronze sculptures depicting a complete human life from birth to death - interesting?? Then to the Palace through very leafy suburbs - bit like Toorak - with lots of embassies scattered throughout the green tree areas - saw their changing of the guard - no security here - a lot more low key than we have seen. Saw Holmenkollen - the huge cradle used for Olympic ski jumping in 1952. Back through the city centre to Oslo Cathedral, then to ... read more

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen July 15th 2013

Docked Copenhagen 8.,00a.m. Everywhere within the city was walking distance but we decided to do a loop on the Hop on Hop Off bus, then walked back to the city to see things a bit more leisurely. Copenhagen was 22 degrees today so perfect for a walk in this very cycle, walking friendly city - lots and lots of bikes (but not as many as Amsterdam). This would have to be one of the cleanest cities we have visited and the walk from the docks into the Stroget (main shopping and pedestrian malls) was just magic - so many gorgeous buildings along the waterfront. Caught the changing of the guard at midday at Fredrik and Mary's home. We then decided to take a water taxi for a bit of a tour around the canals - it ... read more
Amailienborg Palace

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » English Channel July 12th 2013

After seeing off Greg and Jill, Marj and Bill and Rosemary - who were all getting off and going to London - we set off on a huge walk around Dover - dull and a bit drizzly - but managed to walk up to Dover Castle, very steep the hill to get up there. Then walked back to the ship via the waterfront.... read more

Europe » France » Upper Normandy » Le Havre July 11th 2013

What a funny day we have had today! Docked at 7.00.a.m. off straight away to car hire place in terminal - 5 of us renting a car - but guy didn't turn up til 8.00a.m. John said that would be right these frogs don't give a shit about anyone but themselves. Got our Nissan Duke to head down to Normanby and Honfleur on the way back. Car OK but GPS we had to hire for 15 Euro didnt stick to the window and the volume wouldn't work - so back into hire place - to get money back - John fuming! So Greg helped navigate giving John the verbal instructions - only got off the wrong spot twice - had to pay a couple of tolls that we need not have had to but thems the ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » Celtic Sea July 9th 2013

Arrived Greenock early morning, decided to stay around Greenock and take in the local sites as it is a 45 minute train ride to Glasgow and the ship really pushes the big tours which we are not interested in. We had a big warm welcome from the Scots at Greenock, the Inverclyde Tourist Group is a volunteer group that meet the ship, we could learn a thing or two from them, they were fantastic, loads of people willing to give as much information as possible and to promote their area, they say its taken them 13 years to convince ships that Greenock is a destination in itself. They have won an MBE for their community service, there are about 50 volunteers - which is huge for a small community. They offered three different free tours, which ... read more

Europe » Ireland July 8th 2013

In stark contrast to yesterday arrived in Dublin 11.15a.m. smack bang in the middle of a container wharf - no terminal just surrounded by containers. Off ship 11.20a.m. and Leigh our Paddy Wagon Tour guide was there to meet us - just the two of us. Had a wonderful day, did a hike around the lakes in the Glendalough area in the Wicklow Mountains - was another absolutely beautiful day around 20 degrees, some of the walk was under tall, shady trees but when we were out in the sun it was very warm! Lots of people having picnics by the lakes (school summer holidays here) - we had an ice cream at the end of it and made our way back into Dublin to visit the sites of this lovely city. Drove through Phoenix Park ... read more
Old Monastery Ruins

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cork July 7th 2013

Docked in Cobh (Cove) Ireland, this morning early, a bit on the chilly side but as the day progressed warmed up very nicely, top of 25, 26. We have been so lucky with the weather, the locals said it was the hottest summer day they have had for years!!! Met by Mike from Paddy Wagon Tours and taken direct to Blarney Castle before everyone arrived first up the castle and had a great view over the estate, NO did not kiss theBlarney Stone, YUK! Then had a walk around Blarney, went to the Woollen Mills and then drove onto Kinsale which is a pretty little harbour town en route went through some beautiful farming country, (very, very green and lush) had the most yummy seafood chowder in the pub and a pint of Murphy's (Muz, it ... read more

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