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I was up early again to get my lift from my new chums from Brighton, my text destination was to be Campbell River, however, on arrival the campsite was in the middle of an industrial site and there seemed to be nothing of interest amongst the sprawl of the city. I had initially decided on Campbell River as it was near some great hiking trails but from where the campsite was it would take me all day just to reach the start of the hike so I asked my new chums if they could take me wherever they were going as it had to be better than Campbell River. As it turned out they were headed to the other side of the Island to Tofino, I had read about this place and was pondering whether to ... read more
My room for the night

The next day found myself on the greyhound again, this was luxury compared to some of the buses I have been on but 8 hours on a bus is 8 hours on a bus and can be boring at times!! My destination was telegraph cove where I was to go grizzly bear watching. I arrived at Port McNeill not far drom the northernmost part of Vancover Island from there I had to call yet anither taxi to get a life to the beautiful port that was Telegraph Cove, it was a former fishing port which now was one its main draws as it was unspoilt. I can certainly recommend the campsite here, it was surrounded by dense woodland, and 5 mins away from a hiking trail and a bubbling brook wound its way past the tents, ... read more
Telegraph cove
Telegraph cove
Telegraph cove

I was up early for my 08:00 greyhound bus to Calgary from where I was to revisit my hostel as I had left my tea bags behind, an Englishman can’t go anywhere without them!! No tea bag is left behind! I then gorged myself on an Indian buffet which was to last me all day before making my way to the city hall bus stop from where I was to catch the 300 bus to the airport. Well that was the plan at least as the road had been closed as there was a procession down the main street to celebrate the Canadian Olympic team, there were no signs of an alternative route and after asking some cops and locals I gave in and hailed a taxi, which costs me 35 bucks and early killed me!!! ... read more
Getting ready for whale watching
Killer whales

North America » Canada » Alberta » Lake Louise June 4th 2014

Soon after breakfast I made my way to the bus station to catch the greyhound to Lake Louise, it’s located next to the train station so I was lucky enough to be there when the Rocky Mountaineer arrived. I would have loved to catch this train but it is extortionate and just caters for the high-end market not the backpacker type. So instead of the train I boarded a packed Greyhound for the 45 minute ride to Lake Louise. The hostel there is the smartest one I’ve been in, it has a sauna! but also one of the most expensive, I had to bite the bullet as it’s the only one in Lake Louise and there isn’t much else to be honest except for the scenery and wildlife. After checking in I set off for what ... read more
The Rocky Mountaineer
Lake Louise
Lake Louise

North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff June 2nd 2014

Banff is a beautiful little town surrounded by snow-capped mountains, most of them over 2000 metres. It is built on the banks of the river Bow that snakes around the town on its way to Calgary. I was to cross the river on my way to my first and biggest hike up sulphur mountain at 8,140 ft (2,451m) high. The views were breathtaking and totally worth the climb, you can get the gondola up and down the summit but at $40, it was a bit too steep for me. On the way down I was caught in a thunderstorm before I ended up on the opposite side of the mountain to which I climbed so that I could walk by the lakes. There was a sign saying that Grizzlies had been seen in that area but ... read more
View from Tunnel Mountain
Mt. Rundle

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary May 30th 2014

Despite me just getting back from Japan only two months ago I am off on my travels again, I had always wanted to go hike the Rockies in Banff and when I found out that a new chum from Kyoto lived near there I got myself an invite. Despite the train breaking down on the way to the airport I got in there time for a 9 hour flight direct to Vancouver, I stayed at the airport and straight away caught another flight to Calgary and despite my body clock saying it was 04:00 in the morning met up with my chum Josh for a few beers. The next day he took me on a 2 hour trip to Head-smashed-in Buffalo run, this was as gory as it sounds, especially for a veggie!! Up until 2 ... read more
The cliff
Poor buffalos

Asia » Japan » Osaka » Osaka March 14th 2014

After my 5 days in Kyoto I was off to stay at the Eko-in temple in Koyasan, Mount Koya is nearly 3000 feet above sea level and is the headquarters of the Shingon school of esoteric Buddhism. I had to catch 4 trains a cable car and a bus to get there but that is all part of the fun. Due to its height it was below zero most of the time and snowing. Many of the temples open up their doors as lodging for visitors and although it’s not cheap when you take into the fact that you get an amazing vegetarian meal and a breakfast it is quite reasonable (around £60 a night. I chose Eko-in as it is the only temple that doesn’t charge a single supplement. Included in the visit is a ... read more
Prayers at the Oko-in temple
It's a long time since I've done this
Fire Ceremony

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Akasaka March 5th 2014

My next trip finds me to the land of the rising sun, when it wasn't snowing that is! It is very easy to find information on how to travel in Japan so I will just restrict this blog to the highlights. Tokyo Tokyo was everything I hoped it would be, a futuristic, clean, polite and yet the promise of wild nightlife was a pleasant supplement to the order of the place. Over the next 2 days visited I visited various sites outlined in the pics including the Tokyo Metropolitan building which afforded great views and was free! This is Tokyo's City Hall, and with its 243m, it is the 7th tallest building in Japan. Built to resemble a computer chip and also a Gothic cathedral, it makes for one of the best observation decks in Tokyo. ... read more
Imperial Palace
Imperial Palace

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town October 23rd 2013

On arrival I was shown to my room and was slightly surprised to find it in the dark and fully occupied by 4 blokes all asleep, it was only 16:00!! They must have had one hell of a night!! After dumping my gear I had a wander round Long St which seems to be the main drag of Cape Town, where many of the bars, restaurants and shops could be found. The next morning I was up and out straight away to climb Table Mountain, the Hostel is one of the nearest to it but it would still take well over an hour to get to the start so I flagged down a taxi. The cable car wasn’t running due to the strong winds but the driver dropped me off there anyway, so I had to ... read more
Cape Fur seals
A bull
Duiker Island

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Hermanus October 21st 2013

Yet again I had another early start, this time it was 04:50 to get ready before being picked up for the cage diving in Gansbaii with the great white sharks. I had booked the diving with Hermanus Backpackers who were extremely helpful in organising the whole thing for me. The backpackers deal with Great White Shark Diving company ( http://www.greatwhitesharkdiving.co.za/). The guy leading it was brilliant, he was very knowledgeable and extremely patient, far more than I’d ever be, throughout the day he had to listen to moronic questions from several members of the group in addition to being asked the same question 2,3 and 4 times during the day. The added bonus with this company was that they were the cheapest – nice! Most of the packages involve them picking you up from your hostel ... read more
Southern Right whale and her calf
Southern Right whale and her calf
Southern Right whale and her calf

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