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Asia » Turkmenistan » Turkmenbashi May 22nd 2014

Turkmenbashi There were 18 other tourists on an overland adventure tour on the ferry. They are on a 6 month excursion on a big converted truck. The ferry trip across the Caspian took 14 hours. We anchored a little after noon to wait for the previous rail ferry to clear the dock. The ferry docked at 6:30, and we unloaded at 9:30. Then the fun began. The Turkmenistan entry process is incredibly slow, tedious, and incomprehensible. Everything is written by hand and stamped several times. Wehad to visit 10 different windows, some several times, make 4 different payments in two different currencies, and collect up 14 different documents (all filled in by hand). We set a new record. Into customs at 9:30 PM and out at 7:00 AM. Nine and one half hours just to get ... read more

Asia » Turkmenistan » Turkmenbashi October 6th 2010

Will man normalerweise mit einer Fähre fahren, so schaut man im Fahrplan, geht dann an den Fahrkartenschalter und kauft sich ein Ticket. Da wir uns in Turkmenistan befinden, läuft dies etwas anders. Erstens, es gibt keinen Fahrplan, zweitens, niemand weiss Bescheid und drittens, niemand tut sich darum, Bescheid zu wissen. Für alle Informationen muss man grundsätzlich wissen, bei wem man diese holen kann. Im Normalfall sind dies nicht „Infoschalter“ sondern jemand der irgend so herumlungert, aber eben der richtige ist. So nun alles der Reihe nach: Es kommen regelmässig Fähren, die anlegen. Eine angelegte Fähre ist schon mal gut. Jedoch muss man dann warten, bis bekannt wird, ob auf die Fähre Zugwagen mit entzündlicher Flüssigkeit (Benzin, Diesel) verfrachtet werden. Ist dies der Fall, kann man nur mit viel Schmiergeld mitfahren, Passagiere sind auf diesen Fähren verboten. ... read more
Im Hafen von Turkmenbaschi
Unser Fährschiff Mercuri im Hafen von Turkmenbaschi
Die aserbaidschanische Flagge auf der Mercuri

Asia » Turkmenistan » Turkmenbashi May 4th 2010

We are now officially in the land of big hats. Since we left Turkey the hats have been getting bigger and snazzier. All the officials have enormous peaked caps, the more important the man the bigger the hat - they really are superb. Unfortunately, since Turkey, we have also been in the land of 'strict security' so taking pictures of officials in their hats is a big no no. As is taking photos of the border crossings or the “ferry” we are about to board. To get from Azerbaijan to Turkmenistan we have to take a “ferry” across the Caspian Sea. The “ferries” are designed to carry railway carriages rather than people. Its all a bit hit and miss, there are no timetables, it just depends when the next “ferry” docks and if the captain is ... read more
the bikes rowed up in the bowels of the "ferry" next to the railway carriages
our luxury cabin
leaving Baku, Azerbaijan

Asia » Turkmenistan » Turkmenbashi November 10th 2009

Turkmenistan On the 19th of October my flight of 17.30 brought me from Amsterdam via Istanbul to Asghabath the main capitol of Turkmenistan. The last flight was terrible, many people with to many stuff! I was surprised the people could carry so much. After landing I had to go for my visa, this took 2 hours of waiting. Than there was a man assisting how to get on my inland flight, this took about 2 hours to Turkmenbashy. When it got light I saw that the entire inland flight was over dessert and rocks. No towns or signs of civilisation. When the plain started its landing I saw some roads and gas pipes crossing the landscape. The small airport had one landing strip and a still under construction flight tower. All foreigners where again placed in ... read more
HAM 217 at sun set
Me and the cutter head
The Bazaar

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