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Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Kota Kinabalu March 25th 2014

Queen Mary Day 12 The Ocean Liner moved gracefully in the early morning on its maiden visit to Kota Kinabalu and was greeted by several boats, mainly local water taxis. The water wasn’t the cleanest we have seen and we did see a school of large fish swimming near the boat as we prepared to drop anchor. The harbour had quite an array of smaller container ships, some laden and others empty. While we were anchoring a largish car ferry arrived “Straits Challenger”. Another great breakfast and then we headed to the assembly area to board the QM2’s tenders for a short trip to the dock where Tour Guides that were taking us on a guided tour met us and guided us to our coach. There were several organised tours, each designated by a number (ours ... read more
QM2 at Kota Kinabalu
QM2 at Kota Kinabalu
Qm2 at Kota Kinabalu

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Kinabatangan February 12th 2014

While traipsing through ankle high mud fighting leeches in the Bornean rainforest we turned to each other and laughed "We're traipsing through ankle high mud fighting leeches in the Bornean rainforest!" Just the name of this island evokes images of adventure and exploration. Matt's book of choice for this trip was Alfred Russel Wallace's The Malay Archipelago in which he writes about his collecting trips to the islands that now make up New Guinea, Malaysia and Indonesia. He spent a lot of time observing and collecting the orangutans of Borneo. As has become part of our ritual before a safari we listed our hopes to one another: I wanted to see orangutans and pygmy elephants while Matt was keen on proboscis monkeys. Matt's friend Shane had been on a safari on the ... read more
Kinabalu River
Proboscis Monkey

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah February 11th 2014

We have just spent a few days in the Danum Valley at a hotel located 50 miles into the lowland rainforest reached by 4x4 vehicles along an unmade road ( fortunately for us graded only the week before so in pretty good condition). The Dunam Valley has one of the few remaining pockets of primary rainforest left in Asia. The Borneo Rainforest Lodge is located 3 miles into the primary forest, the previous 50 miles from the nearest habitation, the town of Lahad Datu, being secondary rainforest following a massive replanting project undertaken after the area had been logged. Most of the replanting took place from 1993 to 2000 but to my eyes looked very established and I could not see the join between the two forests. As it is primary rainforest it is an area ... read more
mist in the canopy
artistic spider's web
driving into the rainforest

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah February 6th 2014

Only three of the group decided to do the 5 hour jungle trek as the guide had made it sound so tough, hot and very humid, wet, slippery mud and the need to carry at least three litres of water. When the three guys returned they of course claimed it was not so bad and they had managed it easily. As a result the rest of us were free to visit the Labuk Bay Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary about half an hour from Sandakan and close to our new accommodation at the Sepilok Jungle Resort at Sepilok. We arrived in time for feeding at 11.30 so there were loads of the Proboscis Monkeys near the viewing platform and we had a great and close up view. They all gave way when the alpha male decided he wanted ... read more
they suddenly seemed alarmed by something we could not see
The Alpha Male

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Sepilok Orang Utan Sanctuary February 6th 2014

On our second day at Sepilok we left the guest house at 6am to see what birds were about at day break. As we walked out of the building we were very excited to spot an orang utan on the roof. It then proceeded to come over and peer at us over the edge of the roof. Just another example of the hotel being an excellent place to see wildlife! After a very uneventful bird spotting trip we headed off to the Sepilok Orang Utah Rehabilitation Centre for the 10 o'clock feed. The feeding platform is quite a long way from the visitor centre and reached by raised walkways. The feeding platform itself has two platforms with a number of ropes coming to it from several directions. We unfortunately only saw a juvenile who soon left ... read more
mother and baby Orang Utan
juvenile OU
Orang Utan and Macaque tea party


Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Ranau February 4th 2014

We spent the night of 3 Feb 2014 at the long house on the Sabah Tea Plantation. I say spent the night as I don't think anyone slept much as it was hot and stuffy. The long house had been sectioned up into rooms (unlike a proper family long house) and although there were no rooves air flow was at a minimum. The bamboo floor was very springy so during the night trips to the toilet block bounced all the beds as people walked by. As is often the way the toilet block was very interesting late at night for those interested in insects and I was fascinated to see a Praying Mantis as well as some lovely moths - Sian was not so fascinated!! There were loads of dead mosquitoes on the floor and the ... read more
Mount Kinabalu
inside the long house
our accommodation inside the long house

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Kota Kinabalu February 1st 2014

An early start today to catch a plane to Kota Kinabalu, Northern Borneo, for some needed relaxation. Rainy and humid on arrival and a speed boat transfer to Gaya Island gave us a taste of what was to come. Every where we go Alice gets called Alex!... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Kota Kinabalu February 1st 2014

Gaya Island - more rain! We hadn’t realised it was still the monsoon season in the rain forest. Lovely temperature (30+ degrees), great resort but wet! The three days of on and off rain had some interest – the best was being greeted with a scream from Mrs F just before heading off to breakfast on the first morning (didn’t have Mrs F as a screamer!), she was visited by a monkey and family in the villa doorway – they were just monkeying around though!... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Kota Kinabalu February 1st 2014

On 1 February 2014 we flew direct from Bali to Kota Kinabalu in the Malaysian part of Borneo. Looking out of the plane's window I saw uninterrupted hills covered in trees for miles and miles, not a road or a building, just the occasional river. We flew on Air Asia which is a budget airline, but no complaints. On arrival in Kota Kinabula we headed for our hotel with trepidation as many of the reviews on Trip Advisor painted a grim picture. (Daya Hotel, a Best Western, but 'not as you would know it' as the saying goes!) We were, however, pleasantly surprised by our room which, although it does not have a window, is plenty large enough and has been recently refurbished and does have the all important air conditioning, a good shower and plenty ... read more
Sunday Market
waterfront at Kota Kinabula
police bike

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Kota Kinabalu February 1st 2014

Gaya Island the rain stopped and at last a bit of sunshine. Relaxed by the pool (accompanied by the occasional monitor lizard), visited an awesome private beach and lunched with a family of wild pigs! Fabulous people, luxurious villa (the largest bath in the world!). A lovely resort in a great location. ps Happy Chinese new Year!... read more

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