Photos from Sabah, Malaysia, Asia

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Green sea turtle sitting on coral
Looking through the water
Grey reef sharks
Green turtles
Green turtles on the rock
School of yellowtail Barracuda
Bumphead parrot fish
Tsap fish
Banded boxer shrimp
Yellowtail Barracuda
Blue Ring Angelfish
Leopard Grouper
Blue Ring Angelfish
Moray eel
Small fish swimming near reef while a big one is behind them.
School of Yellow Stripe Trevally
A pair of Soldierfish
Moray eel
Sixbanded angelfish
A pair of Trevally
Giant Clam
English breakfast in the Gulf of Thailand
Sea anemone and anemone fish
Detail on coral
Sea anemone
Goliath grouper
Underwater tree
exclusive photos just for us
can you spot Gosia?
dusun tindal 4
kadazan ethnic
dusun lotud, tuaran 1
Mabul Backpackers (photo courtesy of TY Kim)
How to Make Turtle Mating Calls (photo courtesy of TY Kim)
Mabul Village (photo courtesy of TY Kim)
Semporna Dock (photo courtesy of TY Kim)
Sleeping Sipadan Turtle (photo courtesy of TY Kim)
Batfish, I think, correct me if I'm wrong (photo courtesy of TY Kim)
Sipadan Turtle (photo courtesy of TY Kim)
Under the Sun, Trapped in the Water (photo courtesy of TY Kim)
White Tip Shark (photo courtesy of Catherine)
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