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Asia » Malaysia » Langkawi September 4th 2013

In the morning, Justin and I left Penang for the Island Langkawi. Langkawi is to the west of Penang so further away from the mainland. Three days of pretty much chilled and drunk time. After meeting an American dude Tristan. Our first night consisted of going to the duty free store, buying a bottle of vanilla vodka and mixing it with a coconut drinking it on the beach (also joined by Nicole, a nice American girl). Then later, returning to the store to get a bottle of Bacardi and drinking from the bottle. We swam in the sea, getting caught and told off by a car shining its lights on us. Fun times. However, the alcohol must have kicked in shortly afterwards. I kind of remember now that we went to a bar (where I sat ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Langkawi August 21st 2013

With almost a month now gone while we have been in Asia, it was time yet again to move on from Penang......and we decided to head to Malaysias most northern islands on the Andaman Coast, on the border with Thailand, The Langkawi Islands. Before heading over to Langkwai, we had been told that these islands were tax free......which meant cheap bear at last!!.....i think Jade was just excited about the prospect of being able to do as much shopping as she could, we had also heard that this is the place that most people come to go on holiday aswel, so had expected there to be resorts everywhere and for the whole place to be pretty much like a tourist trap......but we decided to check them out anyway seeing how we were so close, and it ... read more
Four Islands Tour
Four Island Tour
Langkawi Beach

Asia » Malaysia » Langkawi August 6th 2013

Close your eyes. Now imagine a long stretch of dazzling white sand and the sun setting over the Adaman Sea. That's where I am writing you from. It's an island named Langkawi in the Northwest of Malaysia. Currently on an Asian summer odyssey, flying solo with a love of all things natural; undeterred by bad weather and evil monkeys. I like to write my stories due to my ever disappearing memory and to prove to my future self that I did live a life of adventure. This morning, I awoke to the rain that I had fallen asleep to. Darn it! It's the first day of rain that I have encountered so I guess I'm lucky. Around midday I grew restless and decided a little bit of precipitation can't stop me! I've driven through a typhoon, ... read more
Mt. Gunung Raya
keepin it local

Asia » Malaysia » Langkawi June 25th 2013

This morning we rose bright and early as we had hired a minibus to take us from Phuket down to a small town called Satun as the first leg of our journey to Langkawi, Malaysia. This part of the trip took about 7.5 hours in an air conditioned van with an older Australian couple and a Chinese family riding as well. This was actually quite the experience as there was a young Chinese girl who was literally the LOUDEST snoring person I have ever witnessed on the face of this earth. She snored so loud that she would start choking and coughing and wake herself up. Picture an older man snoring loudly and X that by like 10. It was mildly hilarious to begin with but she somehow managed to sleep the ENTIRE trip so you ... read more
Local bus

Asia » Malaysia » Langkawi June 23rd 2013

Pulua Langkawi is beautiful but it does not have the turquoise water that I was looking for here. We still spent time on the beach for some tanning and enjoyed the warm ocean water. I decided to stay at the Palms Guest House on Langkawi because it was recommended by Lonely Planet guide book for Southeast Asia on a Shoestring. We had our own room but there was only one queen size bed. Plus, the mattress and box spring were not in a frame but just lying on the floor. The WIFI signal was poor and difficult to connect to it. The man who ran the place was helpful but rarely there. I paid for two nights ahead of time and wish that was not the case since we would have left after the first night. ... read more
Pulau Langkawi, Malaysia
Pulau Langkawi, Malaysia
Pulau Langkawi, Malaysia


Asia » Malaysia » Langkawi June 21st 2013

It seems like we have been on the move since the day our flight landed. So, we decided to take a break at a beautiful island, of course. Pulau Langkawi! We are very excited about this island and hope that it fits the bill. Picking up where I left off before.....on the second day in Kuala Lumpur we chose to make a trip to FRIM (Forestry Research Institute of Malaysia) which boasted a canopy walkway in the jungle park and waterfalls. The travel guide said that the falls did not close until 2:30pm, but it closed a 1:30pm instead. I was very disappointed that we missed the canopy walk, but decided to stay since it did cost to get in. We started walking to the waterfalls but never made it there. We took a wrong turn ... read more
Dinner in Pulau Penang
Intestine on a stick?

Asia » Malaysia » Langkawi June 16th 2013

When we awoke in our cabin we had an argument with the hotel of the meaning of included buffet breakfast before ordering an American breakfast for free which included a an omelette chicken sausages and beef bacon. We whiled away a lazy morning in the hotel pool which was especially fun given the excessive number of lifesaving rubber rings to play with and and the fact that we were the only people in the hotel. We then grabbed a taxi to Pantai Cenang the main beach on Langkawi as there did not appear to be any public transport. There were many tourists wandering about and all sorts of beach tac on sale. the beach was thankfully the beautiful sandy sort rather than the muddy Weston super mare sort. After wandering the beach to find a tour ... read more
Twin Peaks Resort, Langkawi
Pentai Cenang Beach
Seafood on the beach

Asia » Malaysia » Langkawi June 7th 2013

MONDAY 3.6.2013 - 6.6.2013 This morning left the most northern tip of Sumatra and heading into the Bengal Bar enroute for India. The Indian authorities boarded the ship in Langkawi to check all our passports and visas then we have to have a face to face with them tomorrow. Hope nothing goes wrong, John still not happy about having had to pay $93 a head for a visa we only use for one day!! Dock in Mumbai Friday 7th - can feel the ship going a bit side to side today - guess we have been lucky been very smooth thus far. TUESDAY 4.6.2013 Another day at sea. Always plenty to do, 1 hr lecture on Mumbai which was great as we know what to expect before getting off the boat. There is a lot to ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Langkawi June 2nd 2013

SUNDAY 2.6.2013 Docked early hours in Langkawi, at the Star Cruise Dock, quite a way out of town. Teamed up with some lovely people from Newcastle(who know the Nolans) at breakfast and with two other people hired our own mini bus that took us all over the island. We had a fantastic day, great company and lots of laughs. Loads cheaper than the ship tours and you don't have to put up with 45 people getting on and off buses, we were all on the same page, no tacky souvenir shops or the like just a good look around. First stop was to the cable car but unfortunately the weather was so bad it was closed for the morning, so we continued on our trip, stopping off in the main town Kuah for sightseeing and lunch, ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Langkawi May 18th 2013

Langkawi, day 2: As we reeled from the mirror, which we assumed was rose tinted. It wasn't. We had made a terrible mistake at the beach. My shins, calves, stomach, chest, face, back and feet had all been singed a brilliant shade of pink. For the first time on this trip We were both hoping for a less sunny day, and looking out window it seemed that our wish had been granted. It was hot and muggy, but there was at least there was a veil of cloud shielding us from the intense sun. So, learning our lesson we liberally applied the factor 50, we set off to the boat for our island hopping adventure Firstly, we had been swindled again, but not in a overly serious way, as it emerged that aster being assured that ... read more
Andrew's new murderer chic look
Amelia, before the deluge
The founder of Cornwallis Fort, and a statue of some bloke

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