Photos from North, Laos, Asia

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Us with Mallum!
Muang Sing market
Jerry - the village Pied Piper!
Coq à bord
Boudhiste à Luang Prabang
Luang Namta - View from the new stupa hill
monks heading towards the mountain wat
And loving the cereal
Beer had nothing to do with the food poisoning
Road to Muang Sing
Luang Prabang
Tubing Down To The Next Bar
Children in the village where our bike died
Village in north Lao.
Going back in
Sunset / Zapad
Ahka woman in Banyo market
The Mighty Mekong Sunset with a Beer Lao in the Foreground
Moon in Laos
laosNovember 19, 200701009 L
seang savangNovember 13, 200700230 L
laos seang savangNovember 13, 200700024 L
One way of getting your van across the river
Posing with the dragons...Part 1
Dragons guard...
Hmong girls...
Giving of Alms - Luang Prabang
Monk in window....
Sharing in the great Hall
Morning in the mountains above an Akha village
Old lady feeding chooks
Collecting water at daybreak
Kids and their toys
Miestne oblecenie
Small boy playing with knives, no big deal in SE Asia
Zena v Nam Dee
Strange cargo
Laos filling station
Local sentiment re big cats
Sunset am Reisfeld
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