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Asia » Laos » North March 3rd 2012

Trekking through the river I didn't think anything of it, but as we climbed out of the river bed I felt something crawling on my foot. I spread my toes apart and there it was. A thick black blood sucking leech clenching right in between my second and third toe. Welcome to the Jungles of Laos. I had arrived in Laos a day earlier making my way from the Thai border town of Chiang Khong to Huay Xai in Laos. Crossing the Mekong in a rickety old bamboo boat, I could already feel myself being enchanted by Laos. Sitting to my right was Champion, a brown and red champion cock-fighter held by his owner. There's big money in cockfighting in Laos. Kids grow up training their prize roosters. I wasn't expecting to spend much time in ... read more
Jungle Trekking
Bamboo Cooking
Sunset in Mong Noi

Asia » Laos » North February 27th 2012

#33- NORTHERN CENTRAL LAOS. THE SHOCK OF LAOS. It is amazing how two neighboring countries can be so different. After the noise, high-rise chaos, hustle and bustle of China, arriving in more laid back Laos was a welcome change. You even notice at the airport, especially after going thru Chinese immigration TWICE at two different airports in China (??!?). Here, the locals smile at you instead of grinning and giggling. And it’s a change to see Aussies everywhere in shorts and thongs (flip-flops) after China’s cool weather. VIENTIANE The capital city, Vientiane, feels more like a country town (like Lismore or Grafton). So now I will rest in good hotel with plenty of SPACE (even a kitchen!) for few days to recover from cold and craziness of the last week. ‘Try to do nothing for a ... read more
Vientiane 2
Vientiane 3
hotel room

Asia » Laos » North » Luang Namtha February 8th 2012

W Guangzhou zatrzymalem sie na dwie noce w tym samym hoteliku ze sloniami trabiacymi za oknem, po czym polecialem do Pekinu. Waz w kieszeni ostro zasyczal przy zakupie biletu, ale wlasciwie nie bylo innego rozsadnego rozwiazania niz podroz samolotem, samo juz kupowanie biletow na pociagi w wigilie chinskiego nowego roku to sport ekstremalny, ktorego wolalem nie probowac. Pekin w swieta – pusty! 3/4 mieszkancow pojechalo do domu, ku wielkiej radosci rdzennych mieszkancow. Metro bez tlumow przepychajacych sie lokciami, ulice bez korkow, nawet charchanie ze spluwaniem niemal zamilklo. Wkrotce zaczelo sie strzelanie – i tu lekki zawod, bo pekinskie fajerwerki na przywitanie roku smoka nie potarfily jednak przebic tego, co widzialem podczas fiesty Fajas w Walencji w 2003r. I owszem, masowo bylo tego pewnie wiecej, ale rozprzestrzenione na ogromnym obszarze, a w dodatku mniej wymyslne, ... read more
Mekong pod Banna

Asia » Laos » North » Louang Namtha January 31st 2012

Hello Everyone, I’m writing this blog post from an airplane enroute between Luang Nam Tha and Vietenne. We’re heading south to visit the Plain of Jars, then back up to Luang Prabang where we’ll meet up with April and Kyle again. So the Gibbon Experience. . . What to even say besides it was incredible and most definitely a once in a lifetime experience. We didn’t see any Gibbons, we heard some, but it was still likely the best thing we’ll do all trip. We left Huoy Xai in a pickup truck with 4 other people, all Americans. Us girls (4 of us) got to sit in the cab of the truck and the boys got the back which was quite cold and apparently scary as part of the road was nothing more than a track ... read more
Matt's First Zip
Treehouse #2
View from Treehouse #2

Asia » Laos » North » Muang Ngoi Neua January 27th 2012

27th Jan ’12 Luang Prabang to Muang Ngoi via Nong Khiaw And everything we had read about Laos said nothing ever happens on time and you always have to wait at least an extra hour….HUH! once again despite being up and down for breakfast a full 30 minutes before the earliest pick up time we had been given, our drinks had only just arrived and the tuk tuk guy was there and we had to set off without any breakfast once again! We were travelling ultra-light as we had arranged to leave our ruck sacks at the Merry Laos until we get back in 3 days and I’m so glad we did. We joined another 6 people who were amazed we didn’t have any luggage and had all missed their breakfasts also! We got chatting to ... read more
Muang Ngoi
Muang Ngoi
Muang Ngoi


Asia » Laos » North » Luang Namtha January 25th 2012

Stray Tour around Laos The minibus arrived in Chiang Mai around midday to collect us and we got chatting to our new travelling buddies. The first stop was the thermal pools just outside of Chiang Rai, where the locals actually boil eggs in the natural hot spring water. The second stop was the White Temple (see pic), which was amazing. The White Temple was basically designed by a very wealthy Thai famous artist, who refuses to charge admission into the temple or accept handouts or donations from the government. His vision is quite different from anyone else’s (inside the temple, theres hand painted images showing Osama Bin Laden and George Bush painted in the devils eyes!!), and he does not want to be controlled by anyone who may influence his ideas. Its a 90 year project, ... read more
magnificent views from the mekong
me n taksin
The Amazing White Temple

Asia » Laos » North » Luang Namtha January 20th 2012

On my first full day in Luang Namtha I pretty much did very little. In the afternoon I hired a bicycle and rode 4 km to the Lanten village of Ban Nam Di. I came across quite a few older women in traditional clothes making garments but felt a little awkward about taking their photo, so I didn't. I rode back to Luang Namtha along the same bumpy dusty road and stopped to take a couple of shots of the ricefields in the evening sunlight. Next morning Nina and myself hired a motorbike and rode the 60 km to Muang Sing. The ride passed by quite a few small villages and Nam Ha National Park. We didn't have a lot of time to explore Muang Sing so we pretty much had a late lunch and then ... read more
Scenery near Luang Namtha
Ban Nam Di village

Asia » Laos » North » Phongsali January 15th 2012

I woke up at 6am and had a quick shower and coffee before heading up to the main road with Nina to catch the songthaew to the bus station. We were joined by Jan from Holland who was also doing the 3 day ethnic hilltribe trek with us. The bus left at 7.30am and took just over 3 and a half hours to reach Boun Tai where we met up with our guide Bulad and jumped in a cramped minibus for another 2 hours. The four of us got off the minibus at a small Akha Mochi village situated on the side of a hill. All the girls in the village were dressed in traditional clothing which Bulad explained was due to the fact that they were celebrating their New Year. They seemed a lot more ... read more
Akha Mochi village
Akha Mochi village
Our living room in the Akha Eupa village

Asia » Laos » North » Muang Ngoi Neua January 11th 2012

A minibus picked me up at the guesthouse and then drove around picking up a few more passengers before dropping us off at the minibus station where I found the vehicle that was headed to Nong Khiaw. It was a very nice 3 and a half hour trip and surprisingly we didn't stop at a restaurant for lunch, which seems to be the norm in this part of the world. Once at Nong Khiaw we had just enough time to have lunch before hopping in a boat bound for Muang Ngoi Neua up the Nam Ou river. This trip took just over an hour and had some very nice scenery along the way. Muang Ngoi Neua is more or less a village on the banks of the Nam Ou river that is set up for foreign ... read more
Kids playing games in village near Muang Ngoi Neua
Muang Ngoi Neua
Boat from Muang Khua to Hat Sa

Asia » Laos » North December 22nd 2011

Well the last week has been pretty mental and non stop. We had a 2 day slow boat trip down the mekong river from Chiang Kong in Thailand to Luang Prabang in Laos. It was an absolute blast, the 1st day our boat was half empty so we basically had the run of it. Loads of beer in the sunshine, great people and spectacular scenery, couldn't ask for more. Day 2 was a little more crowded and after a bit of a standoff with the boat guys we eventually got on the boat. Luang Prabang is a beautiful little city in Laos with a bustling night market, lovely french colonial architecture and a couple of nice temples. We managed to find a great little bar on the banks of the Mekong which was basically a shack ... read more

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