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Asia » Japan » Hokkaido » Sapporo September 27th 2012

Encore une fois, bien le bonjour à tous. vous trouverez aujourd'hui quelques photos de notre visite au nord du Japon, sur l'ile d'Hokkaido. j'espère que vous apprécierez Phil... read more
Mont Asahidake
reflets et cheminées volcaniques
en montant vers le sommet...

Asia » Japan » Hokkaido » Asahikawa September 26th 2012

25 septembre 2012, Hokkaido Konichiwa! Après 10 jours à Tokyo (nous devions attendre notre passeport qui était à l’ambassade chinoise), nous sommes enfin partis en train pour l’Île d’Hokkaido, au nord du Japon. Pour parcourir les 800km qui nous séparaient d’Asahikawa, nous devions prendre 4 trains totalisant environ 11 heures de transport. C’était long, mais très efficace (les Shinkansen roulent jusqu’à 300km/h) et confortable comme voyage. La petite dame au comptoir a bouqué tous nos billets de train, de sorte que nous avions seulement 10 minutes d’attente (ou devrais-je dire de course!) entre chaque train. Notre voyage a cependant pris 14 heures, comme un des trains a dû interrompre deux fois sa route pendant plusieurs heures. Un des agents de bord a pris en note toutes les destinations des pass... read more
Parc national Daisetsuzan
Mt Asahidake, Daisetsuzan
Mt Asahidake, soufre

Asia » Japan » Hokkaido » Sapporo April 2nd 2012

I am actually partway though writing a proper, chronological blog entry, but I felt the need to interrupt my regular (if sporadic) musings to share one of my New Favourite Things. If you have lived with me, or known me in certain contexts, you will probably know that I like baths. Imagine my joy at learning that there was a traditional Japanese bath in the hostel I was staying! Imagine my disappointment and disgust when I learned that it was for MEN ONLY. I could shower if I wanted, but would have to pay. That was my third worst accomodation experience since leaving New Zealand, fourth if you count the plane trip over. Osaka redeemed itself by providing me with a bath at my next hostel. It was a bit scary the first time; there are ... read more

Asia » Japan » Hokkaido May 16th 2011

So the journey continues northwards towards Hokkaido and to temperatures 10 degrees lower than the main island via a rather long train journey which takes us through the Japanese equivalent of the channel tunnel. First stop on the itinerary is Sapporo, the prefectural capital and japan's fifth largest city. We were both pleasantly surprised at how cosmopolitan and lively the city was as I think we were expecting something a lot smaller given its location and pleased that it was easy to navigate around as it used a more western grid system. We had plenty of time to explore around the sights around Shapiro centre ,take a pleasant but bracing stroll through Odori Koen and sample some of Sapporo's famed beer. Given my slight obsession with visiting zoos in other countries (yes it happens every ... read more
Sapporo at Night
Cute Red Panda
Otaru Canal

Asia » Japan » Hokkaido » Sapporo February 16th 2011

In Tokushima, warmer days are signalling spring's return. But in Hokkaido, the northernmost island of Japan, walls of snow coat the rural landscapes as well as the skyscrapers of its capital city. Two weeks ago, a group of JETs plus Francesca, my sorority sister-turned-fellow-Asia-explorer, braved this frigid frontier to see Sapporo's annual snow festival: Yuki Matsuri. Alight with ice and snow sculptures, festival food and activities like ice skating, tubing and a giant ski-jump slope, the wintery city seemed to smile. In between festival exploits, I'd like to think I also experienced some of the distinct culture of Hokkaido and its native Ainu people. Before it became part of Japan, the island was a separate country with a history reminiscent of that of Native Americans in North America. In one Ainu shop, I learned to say ... read more
Snow Sculpture 2
Strange Bird Character
Big Air


Asia » Japan » Hokkaido » Sapporo July 26th 2010

From Sapporo, we took the local train for Iwamizawa, and got off at Shinrin Koen. It was raining heavily with strong winds when we arrived at the station. We found the bus stop which the bus for Kaitaku no mura would stop at, but we decided to wait for the bus inside of the station building. The bus arrived a little late because of the heavy rain. The bus ran through Nobori Shinrin Koen and bought us to Kaitaku no mura in ten minutes. Mark recognised the entrance building of the replica of the former Sapporo Station building, which was shown on the website. As soon as we paid for the admissions, there was a lady coming to me who asked if we would like to have a guide. She wasn't an English speaking guide, but ... read more
Former Sapporo Station
Barber in the 1920s
The 1920s grocery shop

Asia » Japan » Hokkaido » Asahikawa July 26th 2010

My mother was particularly keen on Asahiyama Zoo. She begged me to include the zoo and go there on a sunny day. The sunny weather came back on Friday, 21 May. We caught the limited express, Super Kamui at 8:34. The express train ran through the rural area where the farmers had planted rice plants. I had printed the bus timetable for Asahiyama zoo from the Internet. After arriving at Asahikawa station, we walked to the bus terminal 5. There was a long queue for the line for Asahiyama zoo, which has become one of the most popular zoos in Japan. We got on one of the local buses and it brought us to the zoo at 11 o'clock. Mark picked up the English map. We left my parents at the entrance. We started exploring the ... read more
Polar Bear
Spider monkey

Asia » Japan » Hokkaido » Toyako July 26th 2010

We took the 8:34 Hakodate bound train. The express train, Super Hokuto was running southwards for Higashi-Muroran, then it turned westwards and ran along the Uchiura Bay, known as Funka Wan. I explained to Mark that the coast line of Uchiura Bay was formed by the volcanic activities and Funka translates as eruption and Wan means bay. We got off at Toya and got on the Donan bus for Lake Toya. The bus drove through the zig-zag road along the mountain and went past the diorama site, which was made on the actual place where buildings and roads were destroyed by the Usu mountain's eruption in 2000, and it has been deliberately kept and displayed as a part of the exhibition of the Science Museum. As the bus approached the lake, we could see a fabulous ... read more
Yoteizan or Ezo Fuji
Showa Shinzan

Asia » Japan » Hokkaido » Hakodate July 19th 2010

Trip to Hakodate Having known that it would take over three hours by train between Sapporo and Hakodate, we had planned taking the 7:00 train for 23 May. We had a little snack with coffee at the hotel and took a couple of packets of bread and rice balls for us to eat on the way to Hakodate. The express train, Super Hokuto was running past the Uchiura Bay and Onuma Koen National Park, and brought us to the destination at 10:11. My parents had decided to join the bus tour departing from Hakodate station. We planned doing sightseeing independently using the tram and on foot. We bought one day tram passes at the tourist information centre and took the tram near the station. Goryokaku Koen We firstly headed for Goryokaku Koen. In contrast to the ... read more
Hakodate harbour
Hakodate Meijikan
Motomachi Park

Asia » Japan » Hokkaido » Sapporo July 19th 2010

Nakajima Park We got up at 8 o'clock on 18 May and started doing sightseeing at 9:30. We begin strolling through Nakajima Park. Typical Japanese cherry blossoms, i.e. someiyoshino seemed to have been out and we enjoyed looking at them. Nakajima Park was recently awarded as one of the 100 famous city parks in Japan, and the park possessed the tranquil ponds, winding streams, stylish sculptures, and various types of shrubs and trees, and it was home to many species of birds and wildlife. My parents planned strolling through Nakajima Park at first like us. We saw them in the park and my mother sketching. There were several fine buildings in Nakajima Park, i.e. Kitara Concert Hall, Planetarium, Literature Museum. While rambling along the brook, we found a very striking ultramarine blue mansion, i.e. Hoheikan. We ... read more
Cherry blossoms in May
Sightseeing horse carriage
Water Garden

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