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Asia » Japan » Aichi » Nagoya September 3rd 2010

YO :) I'm SO in Japan, and in case you can't be bothered to read on (totally understandable), I'm having a wicked time! it's now Friday evening and I've been here since Tuesday that's a good couple of days. and also i totally feel like ive been here forever already which must mean I've settled in?! The journey was massively traumatic since at Heathrow I was charged £138 for having a henchly overweight suitcase and no matter how many times I told him 'I'm not fat so it's unfair' he wasn't having any of it. Then it was an overnight flight and I didnt sleep a wink because the large Australian lady next to me was so grumpy that she killed all the excitement that was within me and I couldn't sleep. Then I got ... read more

Asia » Japan » Aichi » Nagoya March 14th 2010

Having arrived in Nagoya in the afternoon on 16 October 2008, we decided to stroll through the grounds of Nagoya Castle. Whilst walking through the avenue, we saw gardeners and planters selling bonsai pots, assembling the loops to present chrysanthemum, and preparing for chrysanthemum festival. It was mild, sunny, and pleasant afternoon. There were many types of shrubs and trees grown on the grounds of Nagoya Castle and we could hear birds warbling and singing tunefully among the bushes and branches of birches and oaks. We couldn't hear the traffics whilst walking on the woodlands. We found a number of old birches and oaks preserved on the site and learnt that they were planted by historical celebrities over 250 years ago. We rambled through the castle's garden, i.e. Ninomaru Garden featuring pine trees, teahouse, hedges, rocks, ... read more

Asia » Japan » Aichi » Nagoya February 13th 2010

Today is our last day in Nagoya. It was a quick stop but we got a lot in to one day. I had read that there was a big Buddha statue in the east end of Nagoya, and after some research, i figured out the subway map and which direction to go. I almost doubted myself for the fact that every person we talked to had no clue what we were talking about. As far as I knew, it was called the Topanji temple, which no one had the faintest idea of what we we saying, but even us mentioning a big buddha, they just shook their heads. Now I find it hard to believe that y'ou live in this city and are completely unaware of a giant buddha statue, more likely we were probably pronouncing ... read more
Bonnie lighting incense
Calligraphy pen

Asia » Japan » Aichi » Nagoya August 29th 2009

Port Festival (July 20th) Summertime is filled with hanabi (firework) festivals in Japan and on July 20th Simon and I geared up in our yukatas and headed out to watch some colorful explosions above the Nagoya Port area. The Hanabi at Nagoya port is supposed to be the biggest fireworks festival of the year in Nagoya. We got there very early to get a good spot and check out the area. Near the aquarium we found a rocking ice cream shop with 32 flavors of ice cream. Some were strange such as edamame (edamame are kind of like peas). When the sun started to go down tons of people crowded along the harbor near the aquarium to watch the display. The show was great and longer than I thought it would be. It was aso really ... read more
A group of friends
Nagoya Castle at Night
Dance! LOL

Asia » Japan » Aichi » Nagoya July 18th 2009

I’ve got a new home town! Nagoya, the 4th largest city in Japan in terms of population, is quite different from Marugame. There are skyscrapers, a library with English books, subway, buses, trains and even its own international airport. So many things to see and do: museums, a castle, shrines, festivals and events! I moved here before heading to China in June, but was sick and couldn’t do much for the one week I was in residence. I just arrived back in the city from Hong Kong on July 17th. What better way to enjoy the new city than attending a Sumo Grand Tournament all day on the 18th? ^_^ There is more to sumo than obese men in diapers hugging each other. First off the wrestlers are pretty flexible and strong. They exercise constantly. Secondly, ... read more
Not so full during the third string matches
Full house


Asia » Japan » Aichi » Nagoya June 14th 2009

Well, second day of Nagoya. The first day was pretty cool but there was some stress --- Jordan had no cash and couldn't find an ATM that worked, or we thought. The JP Bank (Japanese post office bank) is supposed to work with almost all American credit/debit cards, but he couldn't get money out of it for some reason. Well, I funded our day yesterday in hopes that he would find money today. We went out last night with his friend Scott who is teaching English here, as well as a lot of Scott's friends. It was pretty cool, Nagoya has good food. Misokatsu is awesome, as well as ebi furyaa. I love Japanese mayonaise. Best mayonnaise in the world, by far. Anyway, this morning we got up and the first mission of the day was ... read more

Asia » Japan » Aichi » Nagoya June 13th 2009

Ok, so being the mountains the last two days we definitely didn't have the internet. We just made it to Nagoya and we are back in business, so pictures will be up as soon as we put them on the computer. Not sure where the last post left off, but we stayed in Yokohama for a day and have some good pictures from it. We rode the biggest ferris wheel in the world, did a few rollercoasters, and then biked about 25 miles around the city. Yeah, 25 miles. It actually wasn't that bad. At night, there was absolutely nothing to do and we got frustrated walking around looking, so we just went back to the hotel and crashed. The next day we headed to Hakone. Took us a little while to get there (bullet train ... read more

Asia » Japan » Aichi » Nagoya June 13th 2009

Ok, as promised, here are more pictures.... read more
Ferris wheel
Ferris wheel
Biking around Yokohama

Asia » Japan » Aichi » Nagoya » Sakae January 4th 2009

Greetings and Hello. Its been 50 years since I have updated this. BUT I am back at it. I have tons of pictures. However, to save my sanity I will only post a few. So as many of you may have heard back at home. I am out here for an extended period of time. That being the case I have moved into an apartment. So I will post pictures of what my fine apartment looks like. Also I will throw in some pictures from Nikko. It is a wonderful place north of Tokyo near Utsunomiya. I was with some of my Japanese co-workers and they showed me around. It was a wonderful and cold trip. So with that being said, here are some pictures. Oh I will post a concert photo or two as well. ... read more
I was camera shy
Behold the Dragon

Asia » Japan » Aichi » Nagoya December 25th 2008

The parentals have arrived! I got to the airport and waited for them with butterflies in my stomach. I guess I was a little nervous because it had been exactly 4 months since I had last seen them (a record for me) and I really was anticipating their arrival. We reunited, we hugged, we got on the train. Since I have a great sense of direction (not!) , I managed to get us lost on the way from the airport to my apartment. I ended up getting us on a Rapid Express train heading north instead of southwest. Oops, my bad. I am used to being lost and not knowing where the hell I am, but my mom looked super worried--which is completely understandable. I mean, imagine setting foot in a foreign country you've never visited, ... read more
Nagoya Castle
Overlooking Nagoya
Nagoya Castle

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