Photos from Sulawesi, Indonesia, Asia

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Kids from Tembamba
evening on the beach
stunning sunset in Bolilanga
at one of the beaches
acting silly
Fort's wall
Labuanbajo, Flores
Tongkonan house, Sulawesi
Makassar, Sulawesi
Village near Rantepao, Sulawesi
Kususo village, Sulawesi
Kelimutu, Flores
Makassar container port, Sulawesi
Flotsum Pentai Bira East beach
Pantai Bira
Village, Toraja region, Sulawesi
Makassar, Sulawesi
Sulawesi girl
Gunung Kelimutu, Flores
Bajawa, Flores
Labuanbajo, Flores
Return from Rinca
The Maritime communities of South Sulawesi
The fields of Makassar
The Sun sets over Manado Dua, as we sail out to Siladen
Another fun if unsurprising dive comes to an end
One of the nice things about Bunaken are the Turtles
Danny on the Wall at Bunaken
flying dragon (Draco sp.) at Bantimurung
black-spined toad (Bufo melanostictus) outside the Sendy Inn
toad at Lake Tambing
Beautiful Fish Eye
Tarsier After Sunset
Nudibranch Love
Flambouyant Cuttlefish - tiny huh
Flambouyant Cuttlefish
Ribbon Eel - female
Blue Spotted Stingray
Juvenile Hairy Frogfish
Juvenile Hairy Frogfish
Marbled Snake Eel
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