Photos from Bunaken National Park, Sulawesi, Indonesia, Asia

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Beautiful Fish Eye
common lion fish
bubble coral shrimp
Photo 23
school of fish
school of fish passing by
poping out
nudibranch 2
night diving
nemo in love with my camera
yammi !!
walking around bunaken island
coral garden
View from the cottage...sweet
Cha Cha Resort Bunaken
twin spot lion fish
Bunaken 4
more turtle
turtle time
Bunaken 3
mini cuttle fish
Bunaken 2
the big one is the charge of defending the family out!
manado 2
sponge crab
low tie at Cha Cha
Photo 21
local fisherman & volcano
Bunaken village..that was a long walk
Photo 19
Searching for fish Bunaken
algua & vocano Bunaken
sea fans & wall diving
kids at the village
Photo 17
scorpion fish
just a few fish...
Photo 16
Photo 22
giant napoleon wrasse
Uitzicht van Lembeh op de havenstad Bitung
Bootreis naar Bunaken
Lembeh strait in de avond
symbiotic shrimp
pink anenome fish
sunset over the dropoff
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