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A short summary of my three nights in Singapore; it was amazing, spend a night at the airport the first night, went to a gourmet dessert restaurant with an Italian the second and the third was Easter celebration with some wine and my dear friend Irmante from London, who showed me the city through her eyes! So on the first of April Tatiana arrived from Bangkok and we met at the airport in Singapore... ...we arrived pretty late in Mumbai and it resulted in us taking a cab that was by far one of the sickest cabrides of my life and the impressions outside our window made this a head spinning journey. For almost one hour we raced along speople masses of people, noises, car honking, beautifully dressed women and more life in some streets than ... read more
Beautiful women
Tati becoming Indian :)
Taj Mahal Hotel

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"Slumdog Millionaire" or "Shantaram" can't do this city justice. How can they? My tourist brochure and guidebook both rightfully fawn over the city's stats and records. For instance, this peninsula city is the second biggest city in the world after Tokyo for population. Half of those, though, populate the biggest slum in Asia. Less than 5km from the slum is the most expensive house in the world. The city produces an unbelievable 40% of India's total GDP and is home to the flourishing art, literature, business and finance sectors of India, if not Asia. Bombay is as famous for her huge cinema industry as she is infamous for her crime. It's a city who's population has swollen beyond the perameters of human decency, yet continues to adapt, housing thousands of refugees and street families that arrive ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai » Colaba March 16th 2013

my very first trip to mumbai was also the first evening flight for me and the thrill of watching twinkling lights both during take off and landing when youre 12 years old was exhilirating. We drove to the Oberoi Towers and checked into two interconnected rooms and saw the queens necklace dazzling from below. It was so beautiful. The next morning I remember our parents ordering room service for us and there were chole batures and I do remember this warm feeling of love I felt for mum n dad as we embarked on our trip to europe and america. for lunch we drove down to malabar hills to visit an ailing relative and the family. I also recollect watching cable tv for the first time at the hotel and also spotting a celebrity in the ... read more
view of apollo bunder from the sea
mumbai docks
from the yacht club

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai February 22nd 2013

Day 32: Mumbai - With the realization that to really see and experience India, at least 1-2 similar sized trips would have to be made, so for that reason we made a decision not to spend much time trying to see sights but instead shop for souvenirs (turned out to be harder than previously thought).We arrived in Mumbai in the morning, although at a more respectable time. Our bus dropped us off on the side of a highway leading into the city, a little past the airport. The first couple of taxis quoted exorbitant prices but a third one to our great surprise offered to use the meter! The meter! It had been so long since I had seen a taxi use a meter, that I had totally forgotten about them. That said I was still ... read more
India -  (1581)
India -  (1582)
India -  (1583)


Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai February 22nd 2013

This is a little snippet of our time in India! ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai February 18th 2013

A Gateway to India Mumbai- Udaipur-Ranakpur-Jodhpur-Nagaur-Roopangarh-Jaipur-Ranthambore-Keoladeo-Fatehpur Sikri-Chambal-Agra-Delhi-Shimla-Dharamsala-Pong-Amritsar Mumbai (Bombay) 13th February 2013 A sombre cloudless sky greeted us on arrival in Mumbai, defused by localised smog laying heavily over the bay, but after the 1C and snow we left behind in the UK, the 30C of Mumbai is decidedly welcome once refreshed with a cool shower. There is safety in numbers, or so I've been told. That might indeed be true for wildebeast crossing the Serengetti, for vast flocks of birds fending off predators in flight or armies preparing for battle. Evidence, however, suggests it's not so much the roll of the dice but where you choose to roll 'em. Mumbai's 20.5 million people cram this city on the Bom B... read more
Dhobi Ghat
The true scale of life
Street kids

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai » Colaba February 12th 2013

When you've visited somewhere quite often, it becomes difficult to find anything very new to say about it, doesn't it? I've been to the hot and humid city of Mumbai (Bombay) four or five times, most recently in 2009 () when it was a convenient place to meet my young Rajasthani friend on our way south to Kerala. This time, it was a convenient place to start a tour to the north with my travelling companions, the , neither of whom had been here before. They like peaceful, wide open spaces and don't normally do cities, so I think they were a bit overwhelmed by it all. Well, this is one of the most heavily-populated metropolitan areas in the world with over 20.5 Million people crammed into it. To put this into perspective, that's ... read more
Recycling cardboard in Dharavi
A goat with admirers in Dharavi
Recycling oil cans, Dharavi

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai February 11th 2013

Rano holenie a sprcha vo vrelej vode,ta mi fakt bodla,bo v noci je tu riadna kosa. Izba bola uplne nahovno,presvitalo mi dnu svetlo,boli ocut same hlasy,ledvaj som zaspal. Recepcny este o 8/00 chrapali,musel som ich zobudit aby mi vratili pas,inac by som zdrhol zrejme bez platenia. Recepcny mi dal pas a zistoval ci som vlastne zaplatil izbu a furt studoval papiere,tak som sa priznal a zaplatil,i ked som nad tym vahal. Na ranajky som si dal 3 samosy,dali mi k nim aj chili papricky. Riadne stiplave, hned po zahryznuti mi vybehli slzy z oci a lapal som po dychu. Na bus c.125 som cakal neuveritelnych 40 minut. Furt dochadzali ine cisla,poradit nevedel nik ale najviac ma sralo to ich indicke cislovanie. Pri bus stanici som si vsimol KFC. Nabehol som tam,este len otvarali tak moc ochotny ... read more

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Do Bombaju sme dorazili o 8/00. Na zaciatku mesta bolo vidiet kopa chatrc a chudoby,cim sme isli viac do centra chudoba ustupovala ale bordel nie. Bus ma vyhodil 3km od casti Colaba a 4km od hlavnej zel.stanici. Vybral som sa pesibusom do casti colaba. Na chodnikoch sa prave umyvali indovia,ovsem nie vsetci,niektory uz ranajkovali resp este spali vo svojich pribytkoch. Na hlavnej ulici o murovane oplotenie uchytena plachta,z bokov drevenne desky a to bol ich domov. Uplna hroza. Niektory spali len tak na ulici ,len zabaleny do oblecenia. Fakt takyto bordel a chudobu som este nevidel. Nachadza sa tu aj jeden z najvacsich slumov na svete,kde robia cestovky vylety,veru tam sa nechystam kuknut. Len tak zo srandy som behol zisiti ubytko v hoteli,cena 3200rup,potom uz nasledovali jednoduhsie ubytka 800rup,dorm 250 rup ale bol full,dasli opat za ... read more

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