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Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai » Aksa Beach February 5th 2012

After a long, hot and arduous 11 hour drive we arrived in Mumbai. We stopped enroute at the only fully fledged western style motorway service station we would stop at in all India. Normally none of us or anyone in their right mind would be excited about stopping at a motorway service station, however ub this instance the Indian services gave the group their first opportunity (and last for a long time after Mumbai) to eat McDonalds. Predictably (myself included) we all ate at the golden arches, some going back for seconds. I ate a fiery chicken burger, fries and coke. I was disappointed, although not surprised, to see that beef wasn’t served here, strictly chicken and paneer only. My meal was like all McDonalds meals, shit. However, I did enjoy the build up throughout the ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai February 2nd 2012

Our last day started with my last dosa (thin, crepe-like) with curried potatoes, which I only just learned is called masala potatoes. It also came with a vegetable gravy. I will miss this breakfast. Plus I had smoked salmon and half a bagel – can’t pass that up. We walked across the street to the Gateway of India. L__ wanted us to hustle but even she couldn’t resist another picture. I got some good ones of the gate and the Taj, both Palace and Tower. Past the Gateway was the jetty for tour boats. L__ rented one boat for our group alone, to be able to control the timing of our leaving (before too many other tourists arrived) and returning (in time for our lunch reservation). Our destination was Elephanta Island and the temple caves. The ... read more
Elephanta Caves
Marriage of Shiva & Parvati
Taj Mahal Palace

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai February 1st 2012

Today the first part of our tour was on the bus, trying to see the historic buildings from British times through the windows. The sun was almost always in the wrong position to take photos, and we could only see bits of the buildings. Frustrating, even though our guide was knowledgeable and interesting in how she introduced the sites and their architecture. Most significant was the last cast-iron buildingin Mumbai – the hotel that refused entry to the “original” Mr Tata, Mumbai businessman, because he was Indian. He got his revenge by opening the Taj Mahal Palace, open to all. Six rupees per room then. Our first stop was at a Jain temple. This one was quite new, with part still under construction. A few weeks ago the historic temple was closed to tourists, because a ... read more
Jain Temple
Hanging Gardens
Dhobi Ghat

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai January 31st 2012

We had a late start: only a one-hour drive to the airport and an uneventful flight. Our arrival at the very modern Mumbai airport was also easy. On the road I was in for a shock! The pollution here is multiple times worse than in the other parts of India we have visited, although smog is persistent all over. We drove for a while through congested traffic. Near the airport are the infamous slums, which I photographed from the air – just like in Slum Dog Millionaire. The colour is deep brown and no light seems to penetrate the covered corridors. Considering the monsoons, having contiguous cover doesn’t seem unreasonable. The huts occupy roadsides and any “spare” land; but, away from the airport there are virtually no slums on our route. Buildings are of all qualities ... read more
Art Deco
Taj Mahal Palace Hotel
Mumbai street

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai January 22nd 2012

Namaste! As usual, I feel like I could take one day here and fill an entire blog with the minute details, the people I met and the things I saw, the food I ate and the sounds I heard, but in the interest of time (and in the interest of people ACTUALLY reading my blog and not falling asleep), I will try to provide a big overview of everything that happened while in Mumbai, another city that is on my “Favourites” list. Mumbai began with a 24-hour train ride from Bangalore in Sleeper class, which is my personal favourite train class because you get to see so much more – and, obviously, we were a bit of a curiosity for some leering men, especially when we busted out the travel Scrabble board, but it was worth ... read more
Tea at the Taj!
Stealing bread


Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai » Bandra January 21st 2012

I arrive in Mumbai and the first thing I notice is the abundance of kites in the sky! The 15th January is a National Kite Festival across the whole of India and what a spectacle! Swarms of children & adults alike cover rooftops and parks and the sky is filled with bright paper planes. I arrive at my guesthouse to find it's not exactly in the busy central location it had made out in the Lonely Planet book, but only 50rupees in a taxi down the road from India Gate, it could be worse. I have a walk around the Cordoba area but soon tire of the Market traders selling more shit i don't want... Especially the guy who follows me for about a mile down the road banging a small drum "madam you want drum, ... read more
Sunset at Chowpatty
Kite Flying
Chowpatty Beach at Night

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai » Aksa Beach January 19th 2012

A city of contrasts. Skyscrapers stand next to stately Victorian buildings. Slums scattered throughout the city providing homes for many.The law of the jungle prevails when it comes to traffic control with the horn being the most vital piece of equipment required. Everywhere is busy and hectic and yet despite what appears to be organised chaos the city is at the heart of the drive forward by India. Tomorrow we retreat from this hive of activity and head for Kerala... read more
Lynne and Susan
John and Lynne
Victoria Railway Station, Mumbai

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai January 15th 2012

Second update from the land of diversity. Some new discoveries: - we love ladoos (Indian sweets, the ones we love with Sesame) - too short jeans shorts and hole in 'the area of the bootay' might be fround upon (at least it attracts some intrigued eyes) - argue with taxi driver over 10 Rs (= 14 cents) might not be worth the trouble (especially not in unknown dodgy area) - Chalo is the best word ever. - love the areas Colaba, Churchgate, Fort, Bandra, Kalbadevi and Kala Ghala. Since our last entry we've basically had an overdose of impressions. On Saturday we had a full day of guided tours, first in Mumbai in the morning, and then on Elephanta Island in the afternoon. On our city tour we had an amazing guide called Dilip who was ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai January 13th 2012

So we're alive. After a long trip with several discoveries: 1. LDN Heathrow has some happy mice who live in a hole under one of the carpets in Cafe Nero, terminal 4. 2. Sleeping in a nursery room is better than sleeping in the same hall as mice. 3. We love Air India. Just LOVE Air India. 4. Not everyone is trying to rip you off, but yes, most people do have a second agenda. ... we finally arrived in Mumbai late at night, January 11th. We'd already booked a hotel for the night, which they had let go (and now they were fully booked of course), so we just took the first best thing we heard of. This turned out to be a very expensive solution to our problem. Of course we tried to negotiate, ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai » Juhu January 6th 2012

06/01/12 Ok so I arrived in Mumbai yesterday around 2am after three flights and about 32hours of travelling. It was pretty harrowing leaving the airport laden with heavy bags and a severe lack of sleep and walking out into hundreds of faces all staring back at me, brandishing signs for local taxi companies and hotels. I scanned the crowd for a board with my name on it but could not see it anywhere. I was exhausted so I sat in the midst of it for ten minutes or so and attempted to gather myself. I took another walk around and found a young indian guy wearing a black and green checked shirt, who held a sign with something similar to my name on it. 'Lauren Huges' and Anjali Inn were printing on the board. I followed ... read more

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