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Asia » India » Maharashtra » Lonavala July 1st 2013

The year 2000 December I landed in Mumbai weighing all of 36 kilos, exhausted and stressed with Kolkata. I managed to find a paying guest accommodation in Bandra and then a job developing business for a medical import and export organization. The next year in February we drove down to Pune for some meetings with doctors. I remember being very impressed with the expressway and it was a lovely drive round the Ghat section of the Western Ghats. A couple of meetings, a quick lunch and a visit to Jehangir hospital and we drove back. A very exhausted me almost went off to sleep during the drive before being deposited near my paying guest accommodation. I believe the expressway is far more advanced now and Pune has developed into a hub. I do wish to go ... read more
Aamby Valley Cottages
mall at koregaon park

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Lonavala February 17th 2013

Late Saturday evening, we (My wife & I) decided to go for a trek on Sunday. Rajgad and Visapur were the options. I had already been to Rajgad 3 times. So Visapur it was! I looked up on net for some info. But most of them were long and descriptive blogs. I was looking for specific details. Hence this blog. We trekked and had a lot of fun. We missed a couple of times. But this blog is only about specific details :) Maybe I will write a detailed one when I get some time (I have been writing blog on my year long travel for two years now). There are different routes to go to the top. I will only describe the one I took So here goes: A couple of things before you go ... read more
View from the top
View from the top
Window Viewing

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Lonavala June 26th 2010

I managed to get myself into a wonderful 6 week residency course at Lonavla in Maharastra. Harish, the owner of Kaivalyam in Munnar had suggested that I do the course as he had completed it some time before. And that’s why no one has heard from me for so long! I have been totally consumed with study, study, study. Wow, what a course. The subjects covered were at university level - Structure and Functions of the Human Body, Ancient Yogic Texts, Yoga and Mental Health, Values Education, Yoga and Physical Education. Not to mention 3 - 4 hours of practical yoga each day. I LOVED IT. The girls were great and they treated me just like one of them even though I was old enough to be their mother. I also surprised everyone by doing very ... read more
Waiting for yoga class
Some of my lovely Indian friends.
Getting ready got the official photograph.

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Lonavala September 6th 2006

After the final yoga session, I took a wander into Lonavala to buy snacks for the 12-hour journey to Goa. We then got our minibus at 12:30 for our train at 3:00, so spent a while sitting at the station, which wasn't as busy as I'd expected, but had a fair amount of beggars, child street-performers, and food-sellers, by whom we were all harassed a fair bit! The train arrived on time - listen up UK train operators: if a less developed country, with older trains, can manage it, why can't you? - and we boarded once we'd been shown to the right carriage. Our guides nearly took us to the wrong one, and I wouldn't have liked trailing through the train with my huge pack! The journey itself was surprisingly comfortable, in 3AC class (3-tiered ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Lonavala September 5th 2006

I woke up at 7:45, as late as possible before the morning yoga session - the girls have the worst of it, yoga at 7am! Afterwards I skipped breakfast as I had booked myself a treatment the previous day after my massage . . . an enema . . . it was certainly an experience . . . I went to the small room where the treatment would take place. I lay on a small wooden bench, and was asked by the therapist to lower my shorts and part my cheeks, which I nervously did, ant to try to relax, which I tried to do, although the anticipation of what was coming next wasn't exactly condusive to relaxation . . . The therapist then inserted a small yet uncomfortable plastic nozzle, before opening a tap on ... read more


Asia » India » Maharashtra » Lonavala September 3rd 2006

After a really good sleep, and another warm-cornflakes-and-curry breakfast, Kristian and I went to the Cyber Cafe at Hotel Kumar. We waited for 45 minutes after the posted opening time, but despite being assured three times by staff it would open "in 5 minutes" the guy with the key never materialised, so we had to abandon the plan and go back for the bus to the Ashram - which was actually only 5 minutes away. On arrival I checked into the room I'm sharing with Keith (small and simple - the room, not Keith. He's not simple) we had very bland vegetarian lunch, then were given information on the daily schedule and the health treatments available, including massages, saunas, mud treatments and enemas! I fancied trying as much as possible - they're sooo cheap - but ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Lonavala August 30th 2006

Slept very well last night - it rained eavily, and loudly, which was very soothing! Got up for breakfast of cornflakes with warm sweetened milk (just not the same), rice dumpling/pancake things, and a spicy curry sauce. Yum! We had another chat about the projects, in particular the teaching (rough summary - assisting the teacher = run a class of 20-30 students!) and were also shown a strange combination of origami skills and quick sketches of Indian animals. I suppose if all else fails and the children start rebelling against the hopeless English teachers, as a last line of defence we've got something we can show them . . . "OK children - lets make paper aeroplanes! No? OK, I'm going to draw on the board - can you tell what it is yet?" Methinks not. ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Lonavala August 29th 2006

I surprised even myself last night - woke up at 3am, cold! My hips had gone stiff and ached like mad - I feel 60! So I threw my Virgin flight blanket over my sleeping bag liner (Thanks again Mr Branson) - I'm not getting under the covers in a double bed with a strange guy, I wasn't up for rooting around for my sleeping bag, and there's no way I'm turning the A/C off! Woke up at 8:30 when Kristian opened the curtains with blatant disregard for my eyesight, and went downstairs for breakfast - an experience, it was pilau rice, spicy re-fried vegetable rice (which I'm sure was on the menu last night . . .), curry sauce plus bread and jam. I had a spoon of rice to save face, and filled up ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Lonavala October 8th 2005

It was the autumn break in our girls’ school, which brought us to Mumbai on Saturday, the 8th of October 2005. We left for Lonavala (a sleepy resort in the Western Ghats) that same day in a Toyota Innova. The ride was comfortable and the road great. Actually the road was unbelievable and I often found myself ranting about it! You could for a moment forget you were on the Mumbai - Pune highway and instead talk yourself into believing you were on a long drive through Ohio or Pennsylvania! The hilly terrain was similar except for the fact that highway drives in autumn in the north eastern United States were more breathtaking as the leaves on the deciduous trees would change into vibrant hues of color and their owners would be at their flamboyant best. ... read more
Western Ghats , Lonavala
Karla caves, Lonavala

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