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Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor February 13th 2006

I was glad to leave Bangkok after a few days and see pastures new. Caught the early morning bus from Bangkok which took us to the border, where we stood around in the scorching heat passing through various checkpoints. Once over the boarder we were shuttled to another bus and piled aboard, our luggage piled high in the aisle. Within half an hour of boarding the Cambodian bus we broke down, due to overheating, a new fan belt was sent for. The journey from Bangkok to Siam Reap was due to take about 12 hours, an ETA time of 8pm. By the time we stopped for some food it was already 11pm. Next we got a flat tire, and guess what, no spare. Cars were sent for from Siam Reap as we waited around in the ... read more
Siam Reap

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor February 12th 2006

I am not sure what we expected from Cambodia. The French influence is very clear (well you would have to be stupid to miss it when the women almost beat you with Baguettes until you relent and buy one). Having left a paradise island to stepping into (literally) open sewers, dirty roads and begging children gave Lara "culture shock" for the first time since we have left. It was short lived but it took a couple of hours for us to get used to our new "home". Siem Reap is actually all about Angkor and the temples. The town is very run down with little to see or do other than the bars. There is a small strip which has been turned into a mini Khao San Road with loud western music blaring from every door ... read more
The majestic Angkor Wat
The Majestic Angkor Wat
Inside Angkor Wat

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor February 10th 2006

It's Friday, February 10 and there is a lot to share about my last two days in Siem Reap and the temples of Angkor. I've seen some amazing temples and had a few insightful and interesting conversations with foreigners and locals alike. What are the temples of Angkor? As a brief background, the temples of Angkor are a group of temples built from the 9th to 12th centuries by the Khmers. Angkor was the capital city of the Khmer Empire, the strongest empire in southeast Asia for hundreds of years. At its peak, Angkor is believed to have had a population of 1 million people. In 1431, the Thais partially destroyed Angkor and the Khmer court relocated to Phnom Penh. The temples were left to the elements and became overgrown by jungle. In the 16th century, ... read more
Ta Phrom
Bayon temple

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor February 10th 2006

Well we just finished off two days exploring the Temples of Angkor, and its pretty know except for the constant begging and the landmine victims..besides that its a pretty happy we are going to the landmine victim museum and maybe visit a school here…here are some highlights of the last couple days… Temples: Well the temples are really cool, and there are lots of them, in two days we visited about 11... we now have a ton of pictures and video of temples that we will never ever look atagain….so the temples are big and really amazing.. at one temple complex they was 3000 monks and nuns hanging out. swimming, cleaning..smoking..very weird…found out it was a once a year festival attended by monks from all over Cambodia…they called it Monk-a-pa-looza….it was really cool ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor February 9th 2006

In which The Busters continue to absorb Cambodian culture... Tez has decided to skip a day of temple exploration and, instead, take a little "me" time and get a two hour massage. Over breakfast he encourages us to join him but the thought that I might catch even a glimpse of Joe or Tez's ageing, naked bodies is more than mortal man was made to endure. Joe is naturally embarrassed about his once rock hard triathlete's body having changed into the soft, white, chubby thing it is today, so he chooses to skip the massage as well. First, though, we get 1990 to drive us into town so we can change money at the bank. Tez is drawn to the Boom Boom Music Room where you can buy cheap songs for your Ipod. These guys actually ... read more
A tree grows in Bantaey Kdei.
Drink break near the royal pool.
The spirit of Cambodia.


Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor February 8th 2006

Just outside of Siem Reap you have the largest religious buildings in the world set over a massive 27km, There are numerous temples running into the dozens but the we decided to concentrate on seeing just four one which featured in the Tomb Raider film. Well words can't really do the place justice not having been to the Pyramids in Egypt I can only guess and say for this scale of temple it must be well on par with them easily the scale is huge and the detail in the reliefs are amazing. I will let my pictures do the talking but needless to say it is a breathtaking site to visit that does blow you away. The next we visited the landmine museum which was fascinating in such a stark contrast that so many people ... read more
Inner Temple
Angkor Wat
Angkor Wat

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor February 6th 2006

You know, friends, as lead singer of that world class pop/rock combo The Fluffy Boys I am often called on by the boys in the band to share microphone duties. Now even though this is massively unpopular with our fans I am almost happy to let one of the lads take lead vocals for a song or two. Which brings me to this blog. Opening up my email the other day I found a message had dropped through that electronic portal from Singapore. It's probably just Buster Crawford-Smith congratulating me on another excellent blog, I thought. But, no. Instead I found this piece you are about to read. There was no explanation, no instruction, no message - just the heading "Notes From A Buster's Diary". Well, I thought, this must be shared with the world. And ... read more
Tez leaves no place unBusted.
There's no B, U, S or T in FEAR.
The Fluffy Boys

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor February 5th 2006

I woke up at 3am with an awful stomach discomfort. Started throwing up until there was nothing left in my GIT, couldnt puke anymore even tho I forced myself to. Then, the purging took over thru to the next morning (am still having diarrhoea even tho been back in M'sia for a week). I haven't been eating hawker food since I left Laos, so I pindowned the source to the probably contaminated spider I ate at a Phnom Penh market. But the onset for food poisoning is usually less than 6 hours, I only started having the symptoms after over 12 hours, so maybe it was something else I ate (at a decent restaurant!!) after the spider. I think I'll probably die if I had ingested Cambodian hawker food. If you think the roadside/mamak stalls in ... read more
Superbike !!
Sunset at the mountain temple Bakheng
Herds of pple at Bakheng

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor February 4th 2006

We have three days to explore the temples of Angkor and Gordon (the guy who runs the guesthouse) suggests we get going early and hit Angkor Wat first. Most people like to see it for the first time at sunrise. While we are eating breakfast an American guy with a beard like Abraham Lincoln also suggests we get out there early and go to Angkor Wat first. He claims that Angkor Wat "kicks ass". He then takes one look at our sandals and tells us we are mad if we don't change into more appropriate footwear. The Busters take all this advice on board and after our breakfast, a few cokes, a banana or two and an extended wait for Joe and Tez to have a bowel movement we are ready to go. We have hired ... read more
Standard Buster Pose
Tired Buster

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor January 28th 2006

Phnom Penh - Siem Reap Up at 6.00am, downstairs eating breakfast at 7.00am. Dara adds up our bill and gives it to Tez for his perusal. We can't help but notice that Wilson has slipped his laundry onto the group bill. There is some discussion over this but Kitty Master Tez deems it appropriate and we cover the $2 cost. Today we must leave Phnom Penh for Siem Reap. A van picks us up from the hotel to take us to the bus station. As we pass the Foreign Correspondents Club a little tear comes to my eye as I remember my fellow Busters sucking on their cocktails like a couple of ageing ladyboys. Farewell FCCC! Our bus is clean but a little cramped. A Cambodian girl acts as a steward/guide handing out meals, drinks and ... read more
Tez responds
Joe and Jeffso on the bus to Siem Reap
Tez on the bus

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