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Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Kabale June 23rd 2013

Hello, We’d had a busy 10 days in Uganda so far with Hugh and Becky and their North Uganda Outreach Project ( delivering 79 Sawyer water filters (, 485 AFRIpads sanitation pads ( and 80 pairs of Flip Flops in the Pader and Agago Districts, and visiting with St Jude’s and Gulu Youth Football Club in Gulu. And now we were leaving Gulu (and George which I was very sad about) for Kabale and our friends at KIHEFO ( (which I was very happy about J) Tuesday 18th June 2013 – Gulu to Kampala We had a long drive back to Kampala so were up early again. I wa... read more
Random roadworks in Kampala
Kampala sunset :)
Roadworks en route to Kabale

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala June 19th 2013

Well it has been just over a week since we have had internet access so this could be a long one..buckle in for the ride or jump out now! As I write this first part of the blog we are on the overland truck heading to a small town called Eldoret in Kenya and aiming for Kampala in Uganda so please forgive me if the spelling is a bit rough as the roads in Africa aren't exactly smooth. Wow the last week has gone back in a flash. When we last posted a blog we had just arrived into Nairobi and had met up with Anita and Ryan and had checked into a really nice place called Wildebeest Eco Camp on the outskirts of Nairobi. This place was set up with permanent large private tents with ... read more
The Elephant keepers, Sheldrick Centre
Big enough to help himself
Cooling off with an assisted dirt bath

Africa » Uganda » Northern Region June 17th 2013

Hello, After a successful week in the Pader and Agago Districts distributing Sawyer water filters (, AFRIpads sanitation pads ( and Flip Flops with Hugh and Becky and their North Uganda Outreach Project ( we were back in Gulu... Friday 14th June 2013 – Pader Town to Gulu continued The drive back from Pader Town to Gulu wasn’t too bad although the road had changed because of the rain... it wasn’t muddy but it was much bumpier; Drew was poorly but he somehow slept through most of the journey. We were driving along merrily until we saw a commotion ahead and thought there must be an accident. It turned out to be two lorri... read more
Hugh and Samuel at St Jude's
Drew and I with some of the St Jude's children
St Jude's Consolation Home children

Africa » Uganda » Northern Region June 13th 2013

Hello all, So, we were back in Uganda and had driven from Kampala to Gulu where we spent a couple of nights recovering from the flight and stocking up on supplies. Now we were heading further north to Pader Town, where we’d be staying, and Agago District, where we’d be distributing the Sawyer water filters, AFRIpads re-usable sanitation pads and durable Flip-Flops. The Sawyer water filters ( are a fantastic innovation. In the UK, as in much of the developed world, we can access clean, safe and drinkable water at the turn of a tap and rarely need to be concerned about the source and reliability of the supply. In much of the developing world, Uganda included, it’s not so simple. As visitors to these countries we have to buy and drink bottled water and if ... read more
A short walk to get water...
...still walking to get water...
Finding water!

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala June 9th 2013

Hello all, Almost a year to the day since we left Uganda, Drew and I were heading back! We spent 6 or so weeks there last year, making many friends and experiencing first-hand the needs of the amazing people that live in such a beautiful yet disadvantaged part of our world. It was tough, physically and emotionally, but we left compelled to do what we could to support the communities we met. The reasons for their disadvantage are complex and whilst we knew we might not be able to change the world, we thought we could try to help some people – every little bit helps! On the 1 May 2012 Drew, his sister Hannah and I left Australia for Uganda. We spent our first few weeks with the Kigezi Healthcare Foundation (KIHEFO), a small grass ... read more
The KIHEFO twins, Vanessa and Purity, in 2012
Drew, Hannah and I with the Kabale footballers in 2012
George, Drew, Hugh, Moses, Jen, Becky and I in 2012


Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala May 18th 2013

Did someone say gorilla trekking? Well, if I must… We drove to our campsite on the shore of Lake Bunyoni in Uganda, set up our tents and went for a swim in the lake. Next to the platform where you can dive from is a tree with a rickety platform at the top, maybe four metres high. Clemens, the only German on the trip, somehow managed to convince me that climbing and jumping from said platform would be a sensible idea. I put my bravado down to there being girls in swimwear present, or perhaps the general excitement of being in Africa, but it was the one and only time that I jumped from it. Looking back at the platform after my jump, as someone else climbed it, I was witness to the tree shaking like ... read more

Africa » Uganda April 14th 2013

About five days ago we arrived in a place called Lake Bunyoni (apparently Uganda’s deepest lake) and pitched the tent. Thankfully we arrived relatively early and there was no rain, so we were able to get the tents up in the daylight and without getting soaked... The camp was beautiful. We put the tents down the bottom near the water, but the bar etc were all high up with views across the lake. Unfortunately though the campground was a bit swampy and after a night’s rain, I found my tent inundated with ants (my creepy-crawly nightmare) and moved it up higher on the hill to dry, before wet-wiping it raw. Luckily the sun came out and dried everything but still…yuck! For our first full day we got up again ridiculously early, but for good reason. Two ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Western Region April 12th 2013

Vendredi 22 mars : Le transport des UN vient me chercher à mon hôtel à 4 :15 AM. Rendu à l’aéroport de Kinshasa à 6 :00Am. Petit déjeuner; un croissant, une barre de cochemolat et un chip au ketchup. On décolle vers 11 :00. Direction Entebbe en Ouganda pour 2 semaines de vacances. Arrive à Entebbe. Première douche chaude en près de 4 mois ! Excellent repas à l’hôtel; potage à la citrouille, salade, poulet, riz, pomme de terre et légumes. Il y a des supermarchés ici. J’en profite pour m’acheter du yaourt, du cochemolat, des biscuits et de la lecture. Samedi 23 mars : Excellent petit déjeuner; bol de céréale avec du lait frais ! Une autre première depuis 4 mois ! Toast au beurre de peanuts et à la confiture, melon d’eau et crêpes ... read more
arbre 2
arbre 3
bikini et décolté musulman

Africa » Uganda April 4th 2013

Just completed a recent motorbike adventure around the second largest freshwater lake in the world. Riding around Lake Victoria took me and a few good friends through Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. The planned 3 day adventure turned into 5. Starting in Kampala, Uganda; we headed East riding through Jinja to the border with Kenya. We crossed into Kenya at the Busia border crossing. Rain caught us shortly before leaving Uganda, so we reached the border soaking wet. Borders are always a hassle in Africa, so we hired an “agent” to help us clear our motorbikes and get through the proper channels. Once we cleared our vehicles to leave Uganda and we exited Uganda, we then headed to Kenya where we obtained visas and cleared the bikes to enter. The whole process took over an hour and ... read more
The road ahead
Riding next to the Serengeti
Sunset in Tanzania

Sorry, this blog post is long overdue. I’ve been here for almost 3 months now… time is just flying by! I’m still having my ups and downs about being here, but the ups totally outweigh the downs. I’ve learned so much about myself and just non-nursing things (like farming, business, and setting up a co-op, things that I would never have looked into myself but find very interesting.) I’ve learned about the nature of people, how I like to work, qualities needed in a good leader, and how to really work as a team. How I don’t need to rush to move on to doing the expected things in life, because they’ll come when they’re meant to. This knowledge has mostly come from the other volunteers, all of whom are absolutely amazing, smart, talented ... read more
Henish and Keith dressed up like the girls
Joe teaching first aid
Dinner at Clouds resort

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