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Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg » Sandton November 16th 2013

In Johannesburg we were spoiled by our friends Klara and Alex. They have a beautiful home with a garden to envy! The temperature was much cooler in Johannesburg and was a welcome break (at least for me) from the hot and humid Accra.... read more
Vertical garden
Alex and Kwesi "working" in the kitchen
Klara, Alex and Kwesi - and the Pi!

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg November 12th 2013

A topic that has been on my mind recently is the idea, or rather I should say act, of immediacy. I believe if we live our day to day lives more immediatly we will lead peaceful, more fulfilled, happier, appreciative lives. Here's why. We often hear this idea, this way of life, expressed with great gusto; Be here now, Live in the moment, Tomorrow is not guaranteed, You only live once. How often do we actually apply the action of these ideas, the act of immediacy, into our every day lives though? When you are with friends or family, at work or school, how often are you on your phone? How often are you day dreaming about vacation or the weekend? When you are eating lunch how often are you thinking about what to have for ... read more
writing on temple at Burning Man 2013

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg » Sandton October 22nd 2013

Final day Arrived in Joberg and had dinner with Jake , Steve , Suzanne and Don And Holley. All were tired after 4 days of 445 wake ups. Now heading for London as trip winds down... read more

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg » Sandton September 22nd 2013

Arrived in Joberg early Friday am after 2 long overnight flights with brief stopover in London. Stayed with Jake , Suzanne's dad, who was a wonderful host for 2 days in Joberg. Lunches at the Bryanton and Johannesburg country clubs. Watched a South African wedding and cricket match. Dinner with neighbor Mavis who cooked a Welch Shepard pie. Car tour of Joberg with Jake-realized we were not in America. All the nice houses (white) surrounded with 10 foot walls and barbed wire. Driving on left side of road is a new experience-we will get to try that for ten days later on. Today traveling from Joberg to Dar Es Salaam, then Kilamajero by plane, then brief drive to hotel in Arusha. Should arrive around 7pm at Hotel Arusha. Up early for bush plane flight to Kotagende ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg September 12th 2013

yes i did. that’s the answer from round 1 of the south african adventures if u missed it. yes i survived the bunjee jump + then we reminisced about how brave + awesome i was with mark, mary, milllie + lyn (owners of the b&b) in front of a cosy fire, a beer or two + an incredible meal to match the conversation. we then travelled on to tu casa in east london which is a mexican style accommodation with indepth political + religious conversation over breakfast with owner helena vd ham + her mother. we then zipped up to the wild coast where we had been given contacts (roger, karin, tessa, pete galloway) who work with a fascinating bunch of old medical school mates working with + around the local hospital. zithulele hospital is a ... read more
loz n environmental shower + toilet block
siyephu + grandkids


Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg August 15th 2013

A quick 2 hour turn around in Sydney wouldn't be complete without an episode with the security guards. For some reason unbeknownst to us, and never divulged, the camera bag was scanned and held as a suspect. As we stood waiting, we watched the clock with growing angst, wondering why nobody was actually searching the bag, but instead it sat on the sidelines whilst every other passenger in line behind us had their luggage screened and cleared. Eventually Mark asked if we could take it, and from a bit of miscommunication, reached over the glass to retrieve it. This, although probably not the safest option, was the right thing to do! Our camera was scanned again and then handed back to us. Qantas food and service, by the way, is brilliant! We were kept well fed ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg August 4th 2013

As is customary with our holidays we thought we should add a final word. Some people will see this as an exec summary of all we have done, but I always think of it as a bit where we can add our feelings about the trip, or adventures as some of our family think of our holidays. This was always going to be very different to holidays we have taken over the past few years; the first half of the holiday was taken up with reinforcing the link between Berkhamsted, the school at which we both work, and Sandi Senior Secondary School in the Eastern Cape. But this link has allowed to us to experience things we would never have had the opportunity to do if Meg had not stepped forward to be the link coordinator ... read more
Gravel Roads and Big Skys
Inspirational Quote
Mandela House

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg August 3rd 2013

Our holiday is winding down now so in a break with tradition we are going to combine the last two days in our blog, mainly because we spent most of day 13 on the road, much of which was flat fields with not a lot to comment on. However, despite roadworks, we made good progress to Johannesburg and even managed to navigate our way through the city, having missed our turning off the ring road. The hotel proved a vast contrast to our previous stops, being filled with beautiful well-dressed residents - we must have looked like the country cousins, turning up in the dusty pickup truck into the plush resort. We spent the evening wandering around the local streets before finding somewhere to eat in the evening, at a plush little restaurant not far from ... read more
Shanty Town
Mandela House
Hector Pieterson Museum

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg May 19th 2013

OK well now that we are finally on the road this should the start of many blogs to come. This will depend greatly on wifi and Internet availability as we go through various countries. But first things first...we started off in Auckland with an early rise on Saturday morning to head to the airport and had an uneventful flight through to Johannesburg. The flight from Sydney through was 14 hours which we spent snoozing and watching the latest movies compliments of Qantas. Arrival at Johannesburg at about 4pm on the same day and we have made our way to the Garden Court Hotel safe and sound. To catch up on jet lag it was an early night into bed and today we plan to have a relaxing day around the hotel to catch up with a ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg » Roodepoort February 15th 2013

From the previous entry: “From Nasca the road went on to Lima, where we arrived fairly early in the afternoon but had to spend a good time looking for a decent priced hotel.” Lima proved to be the end-station for us in South America. At least as far as our traveling is concerned; not the end of our troubles though. After all the things I didn´t like about South America: the rain, the insects but above all the corruption, thieving and fault-finding, the pettiness and intolerance, topped by the sheer indifference and incompetence of forwarding personnel to get our car into a container and send it off to Durban. I´ll come back to that. But before I do, I must admit we saw interesting and beautiful things as well and we look back at fabulous experiences. ... read more

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