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South America » Peru » Loreto » Iquitos November 6th 2013

Hey all, I nearly wept as I left Taraoto, i have come to love it so much! The skies were weeping though... so much they nearly cancelled my flight. I made it, however and am enscoonced at Casa de Clarita in Padre Cocha. It is wonderful living so close to nature while I am here. There are screens on most of the windows but no glass so you hear everything, including the dogs and the roosters at 4 am. We haul water into the house from a spring in the yard. The water table is very high here. We do boil it and I love that Clare keeps a thermos of hot water at the ready for tea and washing. The toile is a very nice outhouse with buckets of water for flushing...never put TP in ... read more

South America » Peru » Loreto October 13th 2013

Hola Mi Amigos y Amigas! Well here I am again, in Iquitos, Peru, the largest, wildest, most chaotic and wonderful inland port in the world, accessible only by boat or plane. Flying in to this place is stunning, seeing the Amazon river snaking through the jungle landscape like a giant cosmic serpent, feeling the blast of 90+ % humidity and the smell of an environment which a combination of jungle and airplane fuel hit you when you get off the plane! I have spent over 3.5 years out of the last 8 here to study the wisdom of plant medicine with some amazing Maestros here and it is just so good to be back in this place. People here remember everything which ever happened down to the tiniest details and my driver, my porters, the people ... read more
A gorgeous Amazonian evening
Just a little tributary of the Amazon
happy in the jungle

South America » Peru » Loreto October 9th 2013

Hello all my beautiful friends! Here I go off tof the Amazon.S'more of the highlights I have in front of me include being in my own Rambo with only a screened wallbetween me and all! Of thejungles at night. Working with local curenderos in the junglefrom the Shipeebo tribe and touring gardens. I will be visiting the Paititi Institute, a permaculture fdeep along the Amazon and Anaconda Cosmically retreat center as they have an amazing wealth on medicinal plant knowledge and they may let me work with them. Thank you again for helping mefeel ok financially with this journey! Now Ijust need to get comfortable with the jungle! Blessings and light my loves, Robin... read more

South America » Peru » Loreto » Iquitos August 14th 2013

We fly 4 hours north to Lima, the capital of Peru, than 2 hours more to Iquitos. The weather has changed dramatically. It is 30 degrees with 90 % humidity. Abreast the Amazon River, lying just below the Equator, Iquitos is surrounded by The Amazonian Rainforest. Only 120 meters above sea level. The largest city in the world only accessible by boat or plane; it has a population of 450,000 hot blooded locals. With a mix of Columbian, Brazilian and of course Peruvian backgrounds. Tuk Tuks dominate the streets, with fewer cars and the odd bus which have to be seen to be believed. The traffic is best described as Asian; speed, skill and prayer necessary to negotiate the streets. The smiling, laughing people spill from every house, shop and bar, adding colourful life to this ... read more
our group
The Amazon

South America » Peru » Loreto » Iquitos » Amazon Rainforest August 13th 2013

De retour en ville, le petit groupe que nous sommes va se prendre une bonne bière. Après réflexion, nous décidons à l'unanimité de reconduire une expérience dans la jungle, mais cette fois dans une famille. Une agence propose ce type de séjour, à la base pour 500 soles, mais après âpre négociation, nous l'emportons pour 300 soles. Nous prenons donc le bateau le lendemain matin, pour nous enfoncer encore plus profondément au cœur de la jungle. Arrivée à San Antonio, petit village très typique, dans lequel on compte une salle de classe, une petite église, une minuscule boutique et plusieurs maisons, le tout en bois. Notre guide/hôte Gilberto n'a pas tout à fait fini la sienne à laquelle il manque les murs, mais l'essentiel est là : nous vivrons ici à la dure comme nous le ... read more
 Début de la session pierre-feuille-ciseaux


South America » Peru » Loreto » Iquitos » Amazon Rainforest August 11th 2013

Iquitos - Ron '....I was watching a pirahna swim along the edge of a straight razor......swimming back and forth, back and forth....' Adams! Patch Adams! Everyman wants a mission in his life. I was holed up in this god-forsaken town at the edge of the jungle...Pucallpa...waiting for mine, subsisting on platanos and guinea pig, just counting the days till i could get back into the midst of it all when the orders finally came! Sheeeeeeet! Adams! I was to be transported downriver to the edge of the known section of jungle in order to search him out. Sheeeeeet! He's pissed off a lot of the higher ups that they would go out of their way this much to get him! I boarded the old rusty tin can that was going to be 'home' for the next ... read more

South America » Peru » Loreto » Iquitos » Amazon Rainforest August 5th 2013

A l'arrivée dans le port d'Iquitos, le bateau galère pour se rapprocher de la rive, on nous fait alors descendre en passant par un autre bateau, sur un chemin fait de tonneaux. Moto-crotte jusqu'à l'hôtel, qui dispose d'une piscine et d'une salle de bain privée : bonheur ! On sort ensuite manger un bon burger, et à la sortie du resto, une armée de rameuteurs d'agence se rue sur le petit groupe de touristes que nous sommes, jusqu'à s'embrouiller entre eux pour s'attirer nos faveurs. On trouve rapidement une agence qui semble correspondre à nos attentes : séjour aventure dans la jungle avec machette et camping sous les arbres. Le lendemain matin, nous allons poser nos bagages à l'arrière de cette agence, dans laquelle règne une ambiance très « parrain ». L'un des lieutenants nous tient ... read more

South America » Peru » Loreto » Iquitos July 21st 2013

Longing for some warm beach weather and a change of scenery we have changed our original route and made a sizeable detour into the Amazon in Leticia, Colombia; on the tri border with Brazil and Peru. From here we will head to the Caribbean coast and finally warm up. Leaving Paracas, the sky was still greyed out with the humid misty fog that had been with us since getting down to Sea Level. It was a 4 hour bus ride to Lima, the shortest bus trip in recent memory, and it wasn't long until we hit the outskirts of Peru's sprawling capital. We stayed in the suburb of Miaflores, Lima's most affluent area near the beach. Apart from housing Peru's elite, it is also gringo central with expensive hostels and restaurants aplenty. Despite being a bit ... read more
House in Iquitos
Kids playing football in Iquitos
Our transport across the river

South America » Peru » Loreto » Iquitos » Amazon Rainforest June 26th 2013

Day 3: On our third day we headed up stream 2 hours with a packed lunch to head deeper into the jungle than before, our day started off well with our first sighting of the day being a beautiful mumma sloth with her baby clinging to her stomach. We saw more monkeys on the way, iguanas and some flying Tucans and macaws. When we arrived at our spot for lunch the clouds we coming in dark. Our guides cooked up a feast over the fire just in time for a torrential down pour. We had become accustomed to the tropical showers but this was something else! We put our crappy disposable ponchos on and tried to wait it out, Meanwhile our rice had turned to soup! Soon it was apparent it wasn't going to pass. We ... read more
Swimming in the amazon
Giant Lilly pads!
Another stunning sunset over the amazon river

South America » Peru » Loreto » Iquitos » Amazon Rainforest June 23rd 2013

So I'm now months behind on my blog due to having my phone stollen with all my entries so bare with me while I try and catch up! The Amazon Jungle There were many choices of areas in which we could stay in the Jungle throughout our stay in South America, we decided however on Iquios, the largest city on earth inaccessible by roads. The option for reaching the city was a one hour flight or a 8 day boat ride up the amazon river. We decided on the flight however I'm unsure it was the safer option, star Peru's planes were some of the oldest and rickety id been on! The views below however were spectacular, vast Amazonian rivers snaking their way through lush green jungle as far as the eye could see. On arrival ... read more
Large tiger cat fish
Danel and the local children

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