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South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco June 25th 2014

wunderbar, so eine nacht im bett! wieder einmal wissen wir die vermeintlich einfachsten dinge sehr zu schätzen! ein entspannter tag in cusco beginnt mit contemporary art. unsere liebgewonnenen vorarlberger freunde treffen wir zum gemeinsamen mittagessen und anschließend ergänzen wir unsere machu picchu erfahrung mit dem entsprechenden museum. der überteuerte eintrittspreis macht sich jedoch bezahlt und wir sind froh nun noch mehr über die ehemals wichtigste inka stadt zu wissen. das wetter ist uns immer noch wohlgesinnt und so kann der restliche nachmittag gemütlich bei kaffee im sonnenschein verbracht werden. ich kann euch heute leider wirklich keine großartigen geschichten erzählen, weil einfach nicht viel passiert ist. das ist auch gut so, weil ich mich nach machu picchu fast etwas reizüberflutet fühle. so ein langweiliger tag ist auf reisen geradezu goldwert. manchmal. ... read more
street girl
inka memorial

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco June 20th 2014

heute machen wir es uns noch einmal gemütlich, bevor es im zelt auf den inka-trail geht. in vorbereitung für den marsch besorgen wir nicht nur ausreichend süßes und nüsse am markt, sondern auch sonnencreme und insektenspray. das ist gar nicht so einfach in peru, denn das apotheken-system ist ein gefinkeltes! schwieriger als substitol in österreich zu bekommen, ist es hier sonnencreme zu kaufen! zuerst muss ein verkaufsgespräch mit einer der zahlreichen verkäuferinnen, vor ihren versperrten glasschränkchen, geführt werden. anschließend geht es zu einem anderen schalter zum zahlen. hier wird ein hochoffizelles papier mit stempel überreicht. weiter zum sicherheitsglas-geschützten dritten checkpoint, an dem das offizielle papier geprüft und mit einem weiteren stempel versehen wird. die “heiße ware” sonnencreme (oder jegliche andere creme!) wird schlussendlich im sackerl ve... read more
mercado san pedro

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco June 19th 2014

On our last morning in Peru, we slept in and took our time repacking suitcases for the trip home. After breakfast and checkout, we stored our luggage with the hotel and headed out on foot to visit Sacsayhuaman (for pronunciation imagine a drunk slurring the words “sexy woman”). As we walked out of the hotel it was clear there was something going on. The streets, which had previously been full of speeding cars (pedestrian crossings have been a bit like a video game, but with only one life) and many police directing traffic, were completely filled with pedestrians. As the narrow street opened up to the Plaza de Armas (main square), there were people in costumes and uniforms, and all manner of outlandish brightly colored and shiny decorations, mostly with religious overtones. We had unwittingly arrived ... read more
Cusco, viewed from the overlooking hill
Remains of the wall
Alpaca on the hilltop

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco June 18th 2014

unser erster tag in peru überrascht mit einer neuen parade! hier wird weniger gestreikt und mehr gefeiert als in bolivien. peru ist ruhiger, teurer, zurückhaltender, sicherer, sauberer. direkt am hauptplatz, wieder mal ein plaza de armas, werden riesige heiligenfiguren auf den schultern schwitzender junger männer und unter kapellen-musik in die kathedrale getragen. wir wissen leider nicht genau, wozu, aber das spektakel inklusive tanzender masken und geschmückter lamas, ist sehenswert! der eingang zur kathedrale wird polizeilich gesichert wie die staatsbank - soll ja niemand auf die idee kommen, der heiligen anna (hier besonders verehrt) zu nahe zu treten. in glitzernden roben und von “fliegenden” engeln umgarnt werden auch zahlreiche marien, heilige martins und heilige cristobals durch die riesigen kirchentore getragen. zeitgleich tanzen kostümierte und maskierte männer und bu... read more
mama cusco
corpus christi

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco » Cusco June 13th 2014

My last day in Peru started with a morning hike outside of Cusco for the Incan fortress of Sacsayhauman. This hike was wonderful. You climb out of Cusco for maybe 20 minutes, and for the last half follow a stream that falls down from the steep terrain. It was also a beautiful day. The main reason for this hike is to see the absolutely massive rocks at Sacsayhauman. The Inca's were somehow able to move massive boulders and place them perfectly together. I know this might not sound impressive, but you have to realize that the Inca didn't have a lot of technology. They basically had to use sheer muscle power and grit. And I always find it crazy that when the Spanish invaded, the Inca mainly threw giant rocks at them. Just think about that ... read more
View Over Cusco
Nice Countryside
Near the Top


South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco June 12th 2014

A nice easy day today, meaning that I didn't have to rely on any form of transportation except for my own two feet. Just walked all day between most of the main sights in Cusco. I started at Cusco's version of an Incan Sun Temple, the Coricancha. This place was honestly just a sad sight. It was a great Incan Sun Temple, but because it was covered in gold, the whole place was stripped by the Spanish. As if to make their dominance obvious, they then literally built a church right on top of the ruins. So it's the shell of a once remarkable Incan temple covered by a pretty mediocre Spanish church. This actually reminded me a lot of the Mezquita I saw last summer in Cordoba... where a mosque is merged with a church. ... read more
Coricancha Courtyard
Garden at Coricancha
Right on Top

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco » Cusco June 11th 2014

Left Aguas Calientes on the morning train back to Ollantaytambo. A nice easy ride, but, since there's only one track, there was a lot of sitting and waiting for trains to go by before you could continue down. In Ollantaytambo, I grabbed my big bag from my hotel, and Cesar was actually waiting right outside. He drove me back to Cusco in like an hour and a half. One nice, brief stop along the way was an animal preserve just over the pass from Pisac. This awesome little place had native Andean animals, but the coolest I thought (mainly because they're the rarest) were the Andean Puma and the Andean Condor. The pumas lurk in the mountains of the Sacred Valley - but in their enclosure they looked just like big cats, and were gladly sleeping ... read more
On the Road
Close to Cusco
Macaws at Preserve

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco » Cusco May 18th 2014

After a breakfast of hot donuts drenched in hot chocolate sauce, we loaded our bags onto the boat. We had an hour and a half boat ride to Puerto Maldonado. The water is a thick brown and looks like hot chocolate. The river side is green upon green with so many types of trees and plants everything begins to blur together. These boats are probably 40-50 feet long, very shallow, canopied in the middle and can carry 20 of us with ease. So they don't go very fast with a medium sized motor on the back. We have to step across the bows of 4 other boats with our bags, when we dock. We've gotten good at balancing over the past two weeks. We take a tuk tuk to the airport and arrive 3 hours early ... read more

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco » Cusco May 17th 2014

In the morning, we all left for Cusco. The busses here run an hour late. We share the aisles with chickens in bags and the sound of chicks. It's a comfortable ride and we get to stop half way and buy rice and chicken from road side ladies for 2 dollars. We arrived in Cusco in the mid afternoon and went searching for hostels. We split up to try different areas looking for cheap and clean. We ended up close to the town centre with 5 to a room and shower attached. There was a courtyard with bar and travel company, the bar is where breakfast was served. Next, we needed to find food. We consulted the guide books and found a nice place with a menu de dia for 17 soles, only about 6 dollars, ... read more

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco » Cusco May 17th 2014

Hola from of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen. I took the bus from Ica to Cusco and it took around 17 hours. I booked myself in the VIP section of the bus so that I could have a good nights sleep. My chair was huge and there was no chair next to mine (and no screaming children..hooray!) I had a personal screen with internet and films in English. This is the life! The VIP section costs probably five pounds more..think I will travlel like this more often! My journey was comfortable and as I approached Cusco I could feel the altitude. My breathing started to get deeper and I had a little bit of tummy ache. I caught a taxi from the bus station after haggling with him to lower the price ... read more
Traditional dress
Guinea Pig!
Heating the cocoa beans to make the chocolate

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