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We bought a three day pass for skiing and so unless there is a massive dump of snow in the next few days, today will be our last one skiing. We got up in time for the gondola opening at 9.30amonly to be told they had opened early today and would be closing early too. As we weren't the only ones who didn't know this was happening there was still hardly anyone up the mountain this early. The first couple of runs we did were a bit icy but there wasn't anyone else on them which made up for it. We did the same run a couple of times over and the conditions improved every time, until we were actually really enjoying it. Then we stopped for a coffee. The cafe had fabulous views and yummy ... read more
A submarine for the submarino
Mamuschka window
Fountain in shop window

We skied again today and had a much better time than yesterday. We managed to get on the snow earlier even though we left later. Win, win! It was a little icy, but if you chose the right path there were some lovely parts. We started on a different part of the mountain, going up a different lift from the village. We still didn't like the trail down to the lower lift that takes you to the very top and so we ended up going back over to where we started yesterday. As usual when skiing, Toby insisted we could go down a run that looked easy. Fiona, who isn't as good a skier, knew it wouldn't be easy but he insisted and after she had several falls he had to agree with her that it ... read more
Warm trees, warm heart?
St Bernard
The Andes

As a family with children whose ages are wide spread, the sports we have enjoyed the most are those which are individual but can be done together. This includes scuba diving and also skiing. We were really looking forward to skiing in Argentina and had really only come to Bariloche for the snow. We were expecting spring conditions, but Barliloche has a reputation for lots of snow and lots of snow for a long time. This was to be our second ski trip this year as we skied in Vermont, USA at the start of the year. Unfortunately when we were in Vermont they had the worst season for many years and there was practically no snow. We felt like history was repeating itself as there was hardly any snow in Bariloche and we were told ... read more
Harriet on the top of a cathedral again
Fruit and brownies to dip in fondue
The road to the ski field

If the same thing happened everyday, life would be monotonous. Variety truly is the spice of life and we are so glad that we can experience different places, cultures and people as we travel. Our holiday so far has consisted of plenty of sunshine and high temperatures as well as diving to the depths of the sea. The contrast then had to be cold and mountainous. Today we flew to the Andes for a spot of skiing.As we are late in the ski season we had chosen Bariloche. This is a little town in the south of Argentina and the ski season is supposed to last until the end of October. The town itself is famous for chocolate, St. Bernard dogs and ice cream. All good reasons to go to visit in our opinion. We took ... read more
Bariloche civic centre
A submarino
View to the west

After the snow hardened up I decided to hit the park and try to do some rails. After a sweet boardslide to rib-grind I had to take a week off the board completely, then another week of pretty light riding. A lot of backgammon and ping pong was played, along with a couple good parties. Here’s some downtime pictures!... read more
Snow Day
Snow Day
Hashbrowns and Chicken


South America » Argentina » Río Negro » El Bolsón August 5th 2012

The snow in Bariloche was getting pretty terrible so Owen and I went to Esquel to try out Cerro La Hoya. We met a couple skiers at the hostel who said the best way to get to the hill was to hitchhike. The alternative was a 60 pesos bus ride, which didn’t sound nearly as cool as hitchhiking. The hill was icy and they had the backside of the mountain closed because there weren’t enough people around. So we went and checked out the local watering hole, and accidentally missed our 9 AM bus. Esquel – 1 : Alex and Owen – 0.... read more

You never know how much you miss the green lushness of NC until you haven´t seen it for awhile and then BAM, there it is in front of you after so many weeks-months-years on the road. I have felt this familiar sensation of appreciation for my home state many times, though usually from an airplane. On Monday, I was welcomed into the arms of the most beautiful place I have ever seen, and let me tell you, NC has some catching up to do. Bariloche and its surrounding environs hold for me what are the holy trinity of outdoor loveliness: greenery, super tall snow-capped mountains and WATER. There is glorious, sparkling blue water everywhere you look. I don´t even need to leave my freakin´hostel room to see the water. It´s right there. After 3 1/2 weeks ... read more

After a week at the hostel I made a few friends and we decided to find an apartment. A couple I met started asking around and found this amazing place. Sick view of the mountains, tons of room for all of our boarding gear and only about $225 Canadian per month for each of us.... read more
Awesome View
Dining Room/Owen's Room
Mine and Steve's Room

South America » Argentina » Río Negro » El Bolsón July 5th 2012

There’s a small town about 130 km south of Bariloche called El Bolson. We’d heard a lot about it and decided to go check it out. We took a bus, which ended up taking about 4 hours because of the weather, but it was a good chance to check out some awesome mountain scenery. The town was pretty laid back compared to Bariloche. We spent the next day hiking Cerro Amigo and checking out the town, then headed home to Bariloche to find some more snow!... read more
Photo 31
Photo 32
View from the bus

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