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The first thing I noticed in Argentina was how much of the language I could understand. Here the accents are one hundred times better than in Chile. Seemingly overnight I have become nearly fluent. Yes, I am still far from mastering the verbal part of the language, but now I can understand almost everything that is directed my way. This only boosts my confidence. In putting a new langauge to practice confidence is often half the struggle. The bus ride over the Andes Mountains to Bariloche was not what I had expected. We did not go on any trechorous switch backs through snow covered mountains. Regardless, it was still a good ride. Most people would dread the fact that nearly every other day they have to get on a bus ride ranging from three to twenty ... read more

South America » Argentina » Río Negro » Viedma May 8th 2011

We have left the busy City of BA behind us, having received our certificates on Friday to confirm our 80 hours Spanish completed! We went out for a meal to celebrate on Friday night with Eric and Claudia, our classmates of 4 weeks (we were the only 4 left from the original 8!!). Finally had the Argentinian Steak I've been waiting for - it was amazing and washed down with a very tasty Argentinian Malbec! We left Elsa just after 7.15 to hail a cab (after having a last happy hour at our bar of course!) and got to the bus station just after 7.30pm ready to board our double decker for Viedma. We had paid a bit extra (approx £50 each) to get the fully reclining seats. There were 9 of them on the ground ... read more
Muriel presents us with our certificates
the class of 2011
Wendy in the classroom

Our journey into Argentina began much as any other (journey, that is, neither of us having been there before) – a long walk to a quiet bus stop in the cold grey light of a Chilean dawn. Even I was cold, but not as cold, perhaps, as the shivering puppy curled up in a plant pot at the terminal. I suspect the drive up through the Lakes District to the border was beautiful. Not sure though – we were both asleep for a lot of it. Once we started to hit the mountains though, we were wide awake. The landscape changed as the rolling hills of Los Lagos started to give way to more mountainous terrain. We were once again crossing the Andes, and it was spectacular. Glistening blue lakes flanked by wooded slopes, leaves turning ... read more
hedging your bets, Bariloche
Lago Nahuel Huapi, Bariloche
Lago Nahuel Huapi, Bariloche

So yesterday was pretty much a wash since we checked out of our hostel at 10am and couldn’t go to our new hostel until 3pm. We sat in a bar and drank a lot all afternoon, hence the barrage of social networking and the semi barbaric blog entry from yesterday. Although that first picture of me on the blog from yesterday is a horrible but great one, after taking one of the worst shots of tequila I have ever taken in my entire life, I think my face says it all. We had some empanadas after our booze fest and headed to our new hostel and we all passed out and slept for like five hours until around 8pm or so. Joey and I went down to the common area and had some beers which were ... read more
Bariloche...Again 031
Photo 33
Photo 34

South America » Argentina » Río Negro » El Bolsón April 24th 2011

´Reko´ is a Mapuche word meaning ´clear water´, and it is the name of my home for the next month. I arrive after a jolting taxi ride along stone tracks to find a nine year old boy brandishing a saw blade - enter Apollo, a mini overlord with the intelligence and audacity to preside over all volunteers that enter his home. His father and uncle, Gerardo and Gabriel, ten years ago exchanged their Buenos Aires existences for a life of clothes manufacturing in India and bio-construction in Patagonia. The current project is the taller; sitting in the shadows of the Andes, where leaves on every mountainside are now turning from green to an almost blood red, this ark like structure will eventually be used for the manufacturing of solar instruments. The roof is midway through its ... read more


Last night was a wild time. SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS. We got iced by Joey at MALABAR. Brett fell down a couple times. He may have slept on the floor in our room for a while. I ate a pound of ravioli by myself at 6am. WE ARE NOT ROLE MODELS. Happy Easter. And.....I AM NOT GOING TO URUGUAY BITCH!!!... read more
Bariloche Wild Nights Brett 042
Bariloche Wild Nights Brett 043
Bariloche Wild Nights Brett 044

Not much new to report here. We went to the bar two nights ago, a place that Joey used to go to with some craft beers. We had a couple there and the alcohol content was so strong I got a pretty solid buzz and when we went the next bar I got drunk quickly. The bar was called Wilkenny and it’s a popular place here in Bariloche for tourists and locals. We got there at like 2am and there were many, many hot girls there, though they all appeared to be around the age of 20 which I am not complaining about however it makes a man feel old. We did some dancing and Joey and Brett had some moderate success, I however was too fucked up and had to take myself out of the ... read more

We started our trek towards the mountain and the Refugio (the place high up on the peak where hikers can stay and cook and have a warm place to sleep) around 11am. We wanted to get going a little earlier than that however as usual we were kind of tired and sluggish and didn’t do too much towards getting going. We waited for the bus for about a half hour until I asked where we should go to catch the bus and we were told that it was four blocks away from where we had been sitting like idiots for the last half hour! So we made our way down there and waited another forty minutes or so for the bus which finally came to take us to Villa Catedral, which is the jump off point ... read more
Patagonia, El Catedral and the Refugio 012
Patagonia, El Catedral and the Refugio 013
Patagonia, El Catedral and the Refugio 014

We arrived in Bariloche, Argentina around 2pm and the weather was noticeably colder than we’ve been used to. I had to put my winter hat on and everyone at the bust station was wearing coats and scarves. When we were coming in on the bus the first thing I noticed and immediately said to Brett was how beautiful the scenery was and honestly, this may be the most beautiful place I have ever been in my life. The mountains are vast and huge and covered in snow. The city itself is set on a lake that is surrounded by mountains on all sides as well as forest and the air is just cleaner and easier to breath here. We took a cab from the bus station to our hostel that Joey had booked for us; he ... read more
Bariloche, Argentina 013
Bariloche, Argentina 014
Bariloche, Argentina 015

South America » Argentina » Río Negro » El Bolsón April 14th 2011

"Anathallo - Dokkoise House" "Anathallo - Hanasakajijii" The only difference between hippies from Argentina and Canada is their native language! They look the same, dress the same, act the same and smell the same! I found it strange that El Bolson, a self proclaimed refuge from the hectic world for hippies, has yet to ban plastic bags. El Calafate and El Chalten both have banned plastic bags from their grocery stores. What's with that El Bolson? I thought hippies praised mother earth? Come on, get with it! Perhaps you can swap out plastic bags at the SuperMercado's in exchange for a joint and a home made bar of soap! Now how hippie would THAT be?!! Jokes aside, I loved El Bolson. It was always on my radar as I made my way up the Route 40. ... read more
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