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South America » Argentina » Río Negro » El Bolsón December 7th 2013

Wednesday 4th December (Odyssey Day 26) This morning we drove out to Cueva de las Manos (Cave of hands), which was about a couple of hours away. Half of the drive was on a dust road and really steep slopes. When driving over that sort of dirt track, billows of dust come into the truck through gaps around the door and stairs. We have taken to blocking the gaps with scrap pieces of cardboard to keep it to a minimum, and wearing scarves to cover over our lower face. What we could see of the valley below us was beautiful though, with the Pinturas River winding through. The famous artwork is on the walls of the cliffs, under overhangs which shelter them from the elements and keep them in good condition. There are lots of coloured ... read more
Cueva de las Manos
Cueva de las Manos
Gauchito Gil Shrine

South America » Argentina » Río Negro » El Bolsón April 6th 2013

I finally made my escape from Chile. Chile didn't make it easy though. Throughout my time there I ran into Easter weekend, infrequent bus schedules, and a tourist season that was winding down. But I also came across great scenery, wonderful people, and a few cool new experiences to add to the list. I'd say overall I'm just disappointed I didn't have more time to spend in Chile, exploring the Careterra Austral. And there's a lot more Chile I didn't see, so I'd love to come back. At the same token, it's time to go back to Argentina. And I've made a rule that while in Argentina that I must eat steak, or ice cream, or both every single day. This is a good rule. I was headed to El Bolson, but of course it wouldn't ... read more
Frosty Peaks in Esquel
Lookin' good
Many Quilmes' later...

South America » Argentina » Río Negro » El Bolsón April 4th 2013

This updated is for all you Claire followers! What happened to Claire? What caused her to miss the trekking in Torres Del Paine in Chile? We all know it clearly wasn't my super company that turned her away, no one would ever run from that!! And for the record Justin, there is no baby ( though we often talk about the food babies growing in our bellies) Ah, so much to tell Let's take a step back in time to when it all started...... I arrive late into Buenos Aires(BA) on 2nd march as my first destination and Claire is the friendly face at the hostel. We have a late dinner, gossip, head to bed with grand plans for the next day to head to the famous San Telmo market held every Sunday!! So far, all ... read more

South America » Argentina » Río Negro » El Bolsón March 14th 2013

We were back to a familiar place that we both loved. A place with, as the title says, shed loads of mountains, lakes and right in the heart of it all a huge 3000m volcano. Pucon was the towns name, and familiar well because it has a landscape similar to New Zealand and a town not dissimilar to an Alpine one. The overnight bus ride flew by and the jet lag was almost gone. What were 4am sleep times had now become 12pm, and our bodies were finally accustomed to the other side of the Pacific Ocean. What we were not prepared for was to be locked of of the hostel for 2 hours in the cold conditions of the Chilean Lake District. We found the place by 6.30am and it wasn't until 8.30am that we ... read more

South America » Argentina » Río Negro » El Bolsón March 6th 2013

Bon le titre est un peu trompeur car je n’ai vu des sangliers qu’au début de la balade, mais c’était pour changer des lacs et des oiseaux déjà vus. En tout cas ils étaient bien occupés à chercher des truffes ou autres et ne m’ont pas entendue au début. Donc Lago Puelo est un lac à 15 km de El Bolson et je dois dire qu’il est joli comme tout, peut-être parce qu’il était baigné d’une lumière spéciale ce jour-là avec les nuages sans cesse poussés/ramenés par le vent. Je peux vous dire qu’il n’y avait pas un chat, et personne à la playita d’habitude prisée j’imagine, faut dire que ça soufflait fort. La balade dans la forêt était aussi étrange, avec pour seuls bruits les arbres qui grincent comme une vieille armoire. Ce parc national ... read more


South America » Argentina » Río Negro » El Bolsón December 22nd 2012

Wie geplant sind wir also zur gekuerzten Nahuel Huapi Traverse aufgebrochen. Irgendwie haben wir die erste Tagesetappe unabsichtlich etwas verlaengert, weil wir den Anfang des Wegs nicht so richtig gefunden haben. Also haben wir einfach einen Weg genommen, der in die gewuenschte Richtung ging, in der Hoffnung, dass es dann passt. Dabei haben wir gekonnt immer wieder einen Mountainbike-Trail erwischt und sind froehlich in irren Schlanglinien durch's Unterholz gestreift. Nach 3 Stunden sind wir dann das erste Mal erfolgreich auf den richtigen Weg getroffen :-/ Aber egal, die Berglandschaft mit dem grossen Lago Gutierrez war wunderschoen. Je hoeher wir kamen, je kaelter wurde es, und ab ca 1.500 m schneite es. Wir waren froh, als wir das winzige Refugio Frey erreicht hatten, das von 2 jungen Kerlen im Klettererformat betrieben wird. Der Schneefall wurde dichter, auf ... read more
Lago Gutierrez
Papa Noel?
Gutes Wetter zum Aufstieg

South America » Argentina » Río Negro » El Bolsón August 5th 2012

The snow in Bariloche was getting pretty terrible so Owen and I went to Esquel to try out Cerro La Hoya. We met a couple skiers at the hostel who said the best way to get to the hill was to hitchhike. The alternative was a 60 pesos bus ride, which didn’t sound nearly as cool as hitchhiking. The hill was icy and they had the backside of the mountain closed because there weren’t enough people around. So we went and checked out the local watering hole, and accidentally missed our 9 AM bus. Esquel – 1 : Alex and Owen – 0.... read more

South America » Argentina » Río Negro » El Bolsón July 5th 2012

There’s a small town about 130 km south of Bariloche called El Bolson. We’d heard a lot about it and decided to go check it out. We took a bus, which ended up taking about 4 hours because of the weather, but it was a good chance to check out some awesome mountain scenery. The town was pretty laid back compared to Bariloche. We spent the next day hiking Cerro Amigo and checking out the town, then headed home to Bariloche to find some more snow!... read more
Photo 31
Photo 32
View from the bus

South America » Argentina » Río Negro » El Bolsón April 2nd 2012

I start with an apology for the delay since my last post. The reason, for those who don't know will be revealed in the next few posts, but as I have been encouraged to continue with my blog up until the fateful day, I shall. San Carlos de Bariloche was not in fact closed at all. Come the late afternoon when I decided to go for a walk it was open for business. Being a Sunday this was perhaps unusual but San Carlos de Bariloche was a tourist town and they were clearly out for your dollar. The Swiss influence did not extend just to chocolate but to skiing and San Carlos de Bariloche is a popular destination for the Argentines. One of out group thought Prince Charles had visited many moons ago - PD - ... read more
Los Alerces National Park
Lago Futalafquen

South America » Argentina » Río Negro » El Bolsón March 16th 2012

We arrived in El Bolson around noon Wednesday (March 14th) to clear skies and beautiful temperatures (I´d guess high 70´s to low 80´s). By this point, we´ve established a routine. Try to get information from the bus terminal. If information isn´t available there, find out where the tourist information office is and head there. The information we typically look for is: 1) Where are the campsites and which are the cheapest (or hostels, but lately we´ve just been camping), 2) What are some of the recommended things to do around town or nearby - we typically know what we want to do, but it is always good to get more input, 3) How do we get to the next town we want to go to - sometimes the bus terminals aren´t easy to come back to, ... read more
El Bolson from Cerro Amigo
Bridge to campsite
Lago Puelo

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