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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Rotorua March 15th 2012

Happy Birthday, mal wieder 28 geworden, vielen lieben Dank fuer alle Gruesse und Wuensche! ....der Sommer ist rum (hatten wir eigentlich richtig Sommer in diesem Jahr???)...wie auch immer, wir sind fleissig unterwegs von einem Kletterwettbewerb zum naechsten und Linus gibt sich alle Muehe, um einen Platz auf dem Treppchen zu erklimmen. Er war nun schon Erster in seiner Altersklasse in Rotorua und hat nun den dritten Platz in Taupo belegt. Wow. Demnaechst gibt es noch einen Wettbewerb in Tauranga...... read more
ich, Linus, Tim, Russel, Liv
Linus dreht durch
"im" Rad drehen

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Rotorua February 26th 2012

Februar - Schule beginnt wieder. Zumindest Grund genug fuer mich zum Jubeln! Linus beginnt seine 7. Klasse auf der Mittelschule und Tim geht nun schon in die 5. Klasse. Seit Monaten erzaehlt Linus schon von seinen Dreadlocks oder Rastalocken und jetzt, so hat er entschieden, ist es soweit. Am letzten Wochenende vor Schulbeginn soll ich ihm die Locken zaubern. Wir haben uns also mal wieder ein Wochenende lang nichts vorgenommen, zahllose Videos ausgeliehen und Utensilien fuer seine Haare besorgt. Ich plane so einen Tag bis ich fertig bin mit dem dreaden. Die Jungs sind guter Dinge, solange Linus still sitzen muss, heisst dass, sie "muessen" Computer spielen oder TV gucken. Samstag Morgen geht's los, ein letztes Foto mit glatten Haaren und es geht an's Haare einteilen. Nach einer Stunde (!) beginne ich mit dem dreaden. Nach ... read more
das ist Sommer!

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Rotorua February 20th 2012

Who'd have thought it - something that can beat cheese? Something that can beat freshly baked bread? That thing is out there - and it's white water rafting! OK, I know that they're all not in direct competition with each other but hey, I never thought I'd find something I liked just that little bit more... The day didn't start so well - the tourist office told me to be ready for 9am to be picked up, but it turns out I was due in reception at 8.30am. Not the best start, especially when it's the rafting company owner that has come to pick you up. Feel I'm going to be thrown into the waterfall later...but turns out Steve is lovely. I know - a Steve who is a nice bloke. Never thought I'd find one ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Rotorua February 20th 2012

This past week we had our bridging cultures program through AustraLearn. The majority of our days were spent in Rotorua. Here we had an adventure day (I went white water rafting and rode in an OGO), we went caving in Waitomo, and we had a community day (planting trees at Hannah's Bay with a nearby 6th grade class. Each of these days were absolutely amazing. For rafting we went down the highest commercially rafted waterfall in the world at 7 meters or about 22 feet. When we went caving we repelled down a 60ft drop (as well as other smaller ones) and crawled/walked/climbed/squeezed through the cave. The community was also super fun because we got to spend time with some of the local kids. They were all super cute and two of them asked me why ... read more
Rafting down the 22 ft waterfall
Maori village
OGO group

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Rotorua February 18th 2012

I headed out of Taupo early, as I figured if I hung around too long, I'd be unable to resist the urge to throw myself out of a plane. Not that it's the fear that gets me, because it's not. It's the sheer cost - you're looking at the best part of £300 for your 5 minutes of fun including a handful of photos. If you want your own video, it's more again. It's all the fault of the exchange rate - would have been much more palatable a few months ago but now, with the rate at an all time low, it's just not do-able. I'm missing out, yes, I know, and everyone I've spoken to has said the same, but frankly, I'd rather keep the money and spend it on one of the following: ... read more


Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Rotorua February 10th 2012

Well, we arrived safely in New Zeland without any hiccups. The jet lag wasn't even that bad. We spent our first few days in Auckland, which is the biggest city in New Zealand. The weather has been beautiful- upper 70's and sunny. This is pretty typical weather this time of year, but the locals tell us they've had a terribly cold and rainy spring and summer so far. We'll give kind of a play-by-play of our trip so far, not super detailed yet and spelling may be incorrect- our internet access is limited so I'm typing quickly. Also, we're having an issue with uploading photos but we'll try to put a few up as soon as we can. We rented a little studio apartment in downtown Auckland that had everything we needed. It took us around ... read more
Our little studio in Auckland
Waiheke Island
Casita Miro

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Rotorua January 9th 2012

Drove up to Rotorua this evening for the Maori Experience at Takami. Consisted of the traditional Maori welcome (very scary!),village visit complete with activities,the Haka followed by a hangi (maori feast). All very enjoyable. Sat at the dinner with a couple of Aussies. The guy that Rae had her picture taken with told her that he'd watched Braveheart last night: Freeeeeedommmm!... read more
Maori village
Rae's new bosom buddy.......
The Haka

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Rotorua January 8th 2012

...wer hat die Sonne gemopst??? HM? Da haben wir nun endlich Sommer, die Jungs haben groooossssse Ferien und ich zwei Wochen Urlaub und es regnet und regnet und regnet wie aus Kuebeln (oder wie man hier sagt es regnet Katzen und Hunde). Meine Urlaubsliste war sooo lang, ach was habe ich geplant und auf tausendundeine Liste notiert und jetzt ist alles im Eimer. Sehr ernuechternd. Ja auch im Paradies ist nicht immer alles in Butter. Aber man muss das immer auch positiv sehen - wir haben fast jeden Tag ausgeschlafen (bis zehn oder elf!), keiner hat gedraengelt "Fertig werden, wir muessen los, der fruehe Vogel faengt den Wurm!". Die Wuermer waren schliesslich den ganzen Tag draussen und sind in den Pfuetzen abgesoffen. Die Jungs hatten keinen Grund zum meckern "och schon wieder wandern, wohin denn diesmal, ... read more
nach 2 Stunden Waldgrenze erreicht!
weiter bergauf... Aussicht

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Rotorua December 29th 2011

Rotorua was a compromise. I was more intrigued by Dunedin’s old European style buildings, those wild penguins on the beach and perhaps a quick visit to Cadbury museum to buy NZ’s original chocolate for my dear husband. But one discussion leads to another, and I’m willing to scrap Dunedin for Rotorua. Some say life is full of compromises. I’d say – you can’t win them all (if you want everybody’s happy; or at least, kinda happy). And the most efficient way to cramped NZ’s highlights in 2 weeks is to fly between the 2 islands. So we flew to Rotorua from Christchurch. Air NZ check in was sooo cool! From start to finish you can just do it yourself. (note: for Singapore Airlines, although you online check in, you still have to talk to the officer ... read more
Rotorua Museum - somehow felt like it has "Bavarian" feel to it (?)
Bwaaaaa!!! @ Rotorua, NZ
Devil's Home (?) - it's all about branding

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Rotorua December 11th 2011

LEFT KEEP We’re renting a car in New Zealand. We’re about to drive on the wrong, I mean left, side of the road. Kristy drives first. We’re caravanning with Jill, Katie, and Angee. I’m navigatress and I hold the map(s) firmly and keep them in my lap or in my hands throughout the entire driving time. There’s some major stress, confusion, and even one near mishap. But otherwise we get into the groove, more or less. When Kristy makes a left turn and goes on the right of a car in the middle lane instead of on the left, she justifiably declares she’s done and turns the wheel over to me. (Don’t worry, it wasn’t as scary as it sounds. It was into a parking area anyway.) I admit I’ve been a bit excited-nervous to drive ... read more
Lake Tarawera
First night camping!

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