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March 14th 2010
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Wilson's PromWilson's PromWilson's Prom

View from our Hike to the top! Well worth it!
Arriving in Melbourne, we were welcomed by my lovely parents! What a treat to see them half way across the world! Over several prior phone conversations, I convinced them to travel ‘our way’ so they rented a camper van and off we went. We spent 6 days on the Great Ocean Road before we parted ways. To our surprise, the week started out with an extreme heat wave of 40 degree weather, and ended with some nights getting to about 8 degrees! They have some seriously crazy weather over here! During the time with my parents, I discovered a truly amazing fact about my dad: he is the energizer bunny on high speed!! Always wanting to walk, drive, sight see, and never sit down! 7am to 9am… or longer if we would allow him! It was a fun 6 days, but we were exhausted by the end! As they went back to Melbourne and on to Tasmania, Dave and I continued driving to Adelaide, this time taking our time and relaxing along the way. Once in Adelaide I met up with a friend from home. We traveled back towards Melbourne together stopping at his friends wedding on the way! An Australian
Coffee Stop!Coffee Stop!Coffee Stop!

One of our favourite road trip activities was stopping at neat little cafe's along the way for coffee
wedding is very similar to our Canadian traditions, just with far less ‘organized table games’. It was a very small wedding, and aside from the bride and groom, I’d say we were like celebrities, since we are from Canada! After the wedding we continued on and I met up with another friend in Melbourne, spent 4 days there, and finally flew back to my beach home the coast!
Overall, an amazing trip, but I was happy to see my own shower and bed again at the end of it!

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More exploring!More exploring!
More exploring!

Climbing in the rocks to find some shells!
Otway Tree top walkOtway Tree top walk
Otway Tree top walk

Looking down from the top of the look out tower
Cape BridgewaterCape Bridgewater
Cape Bridgewater

Australia's only land seal colony
Cape BridgewaterCape Bridgewater
Cape Bridgewater

Cave's along our drive!
Princess Margret Rose CavesPrincess Margret Rose Caves
Princess Margret Rose Caves

We drove a little further to get a tour inside a cave!
It's not snow!!It's not snow!!
It's not snow!!

Look closely to see the pink tint of the dried up salt
Horse Drawn TramHorse Drawn Tram
Horse Drawn Tram

We took a ride on Australia's only still running horse drawn tram
Meeting up with Alan!Meeting up with Alan!
Meeting up with Alan!

Exploring Joanna beach at sunset

19th March 2010

You are right - from your mum's blog it seems like he is go go go! She must be a whole lot slimmer after all the hiking and climbing. Glad you are having a good time. Must not be too long now before it is back to school? Looking forward to seeing you in a few more months Love ASandi

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