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August 17th 2010
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Well, I've had some ups and downs since i've moved to Australia. Leahanne and her roomie Karen were so awesome for letting me stay with them as long as I did but it was time to move on. I found a backpacker apartment to move into in the same area as Leahanne. It's an agency that has a couple of apartments and rents them out to backpackers and puts small groups and singles together. So, I went to check them out and while they aren't the greatest of places it will do in the meantime.

Because it's winter these apartments aren't full at the moment. I moved in on Monday to a 2 bedroom apartment. am in the larger room which has 3 single beds in it but lucky for me, no one else is in the room with me yet. Two Irish girls from Cork live in the smaller room so all together there is 3 of us but could be 5. The beds are not so comfy as they aren't spring mattress' but just foam like hostel beds. The best thing about this place is it's location and we don't have any bills to pay on top of our rent. It is quite expensive to live in Australia i'm finding but this apartment at $170 per week is cheaper then a hostel and less people to share with.

I've taken some pictures for ya. The two girls I live with are from Cork which is where I lived for a few months in Ireland and we get on great. They are really nice girls but they are heading out in a week or so to finish up some traveling before going to SE Asia and then home.

At the moment jobs are few and far between here in Melbourne so I am contemplating moving over to Perth where there appears to be more lab jobs and it's warmer. I'm giving myself another week or two to make a final decision so I will keep you posted!

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19th August 2010

work in perth
hey hun been reading your travels all the time just never got the chance to reply, i have a cousin travelling who's just left perth and there is a lot of work up there she had no problem finding work for the 4 months she was there and it pays a bit better than sydney and melbourne as well though its still pretty expensive rental wise.have you gone down to the 12 apostles yet? or gone on a wine tour bender on a weekend great craic for not that much cash

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