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July 27th 2009
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Wet started the day early with a quick trip out to the beach. Then some breakfast and a swim in the pool. Rachel taught mum how to use a snorkel.

Then we had a snack and went out to a crocodile farm and park. There they raise crocodiles a little like we raise cows or pigs for the leather and meat trade. We arrived just in time for a tour of the farm part and so saw the various ponds where they raise the crocodiles, from eggs to about 3 years old. We learnt all about the ins and outs of crocodile farming, collecting the eggs is the most dangerous and the females defend their nests with avengance. In the wild only about 1 in 100 eggs makes it to a mature crocodile.

Then we went on a wetland boat ride and met a lot of crocodiles close to. He fed a couple of them with a long pole, and they could jump pretty high! Then onto a snake talk with a couple of snakes being shown. We then finally managed to see a cassowary - we'd seen signs all over the roads saying beware of them, but never come across one.
Then it was back to the amphitheatre for the crocodile attack show, where a keeper hand fed a large crocodile, and even got in the water with it. The crowd were all pretty impressed, he even played tug of war with it, like we do with our dogs!

Then we went for a walk around the rest of it and saw some huge crocodiles that were basically being kept there as they had become a nuisance somewhere. One was named after the last dog he ate for instance!

We also saw some of the smaller fresh water crocodiles and a few other reptiles.

Then back to the villa for some more snorkel practise - Simon excelling in his ability to sing through it as he swam up and down the pool!

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