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December 22nd 2008
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Okay, let me see if I can remember the order of why it took my 2 days to get home…

Sunday, Dec 21:

5:30 am I leave my apartment

7am I board a flight from Greensboro, NC to Charlotte NC

11:30am I board a flight to Albany, NY

2:15 pm I arrive in Albany but am not able to land, and am therefore shipped to Philadelphia, PA. City of brotherly love my behind.

3pm After a half an hour on the phone (while waiting and not moving in a line for customer service) I get a flight that night through Washington, DC to Albany again. I decide to check out rental cars just in case. After taking 2 different shuttles I determine that rental cars are WAY out of my price range and return to the airport.

5:45 (the time of my rescheduled flight to Washington) I’m still waiting in a line that is hardly moving since US Airways has cancelled about half of their flights. I miss mine. Ive been back and forth between 3 different counters/ lines 6 times thanks to the directions and lack of help from the staff.

6:15 I’m rescheduled for DC leaving in 30 minutes. I decide to skip dinner and run.

6:45 I’m on my way to DC. We land.

8:00 I have 45 minutes to get food. California Tortilla- don’t ever do it, no matter the hunger. (We’re halfway through the story now) They move my gate. We’re waiting to board. The pilot renders the plane unsafe. We move again.

9:00 We should have boarded by now. I’ve met up with a lot of people who were on my original flight from Charlotte. I have my first meeting with the Hansen family (a group of crucial characters later on). There is too much fuel on the plane since it was originally going to FL. More delay

9:45 The cancel flight 1920 to Albany, NY. I almost have a meltdown. There are no more flights out of DC until tomorrow.

10:30 After talking with several different groups about what to do, I settle in with the Hansen family from Lyon Mt. They hear my story and we all book flights into Montreal for the next night. Alyssa is studying in DC so she helps us get a cab and a hotel and we check in around midnight.

1:30 We finally go to sleep.

Monday, Dec 22nd:

12:30 We get to the airport for our 3:45 flight. The first line we go through, the woman is in training and won’t help us because of how screwed up our situation is.

1:00 We get into the LONG line. It moves quickly.

2:30 We meet Ethyl Q. (God bless this woman abundantly), our travel agent. She gets to work.

3:50 Ethyl has us all booked on a direct flight to Albany. We almost had to split up, there was almost no flights, Mike (the dad) almost caused me, Lois (the mom), and Ethyl to have a meltdown. I set things straight. We eat. We go through security where I meet a gorgeous Marine.

4:45 We board the plane.

4:50 The stewardess has an announcement. She needs people to give up their ticket. I shink into the seat next to a grandmother reading “Twilight”


7:00 The Hansens have rented a car, and we load up.

9:00 I arrive at home, dropped off at my door by some of my new favorite people.

That’s the fairly accurate account. 36 hours from the time i boarded my first flight to Albany. Yikes.


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