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February 6th 2011
Published: February 12th 2011EDIT THIS ENTRY

Our flight back was at around 11, meaning we had to get up around 8.30 to get a cab/shuttle at 9.30. All was fine, and we arrived with time to spare, and the flight was on time and went smoothly. I slept some more on the plane.

We arrived and caught a cab from JFK to our hotel which took about 20-30 minutes. We were able to check in straight away, and our room was quite big! And we’re pretty much right in Times Square!

We caught the subway down to Wall Street, and on the way one of my straps on my bag broke!! We had a look at the New York Stock Exchange building in Wall St. Took a few photos, then headed to have a look in Century 21. Whilst it’s fantastic because it’s so cheap, it takes forever to get served… I had to buy a replacement bag, and I found a really nice one in about 10 minutes, and it took around 40 minutes of waiting to actually pay for it, it was a killer!!

From there, Carl and I went to Maccas for dinner. This one was kinda cool, and even had one of those ticker things – which had news and entertainment headlines flicking across it!

From there we headed back on the Subway to Times Square, stopping at Walgreens to get mixers for the alcohol we bought, and then headed back to our room to watch the Superbowl!

We missed the National Anthem, but saw the rest… Though the game to me wasn’t all that interesting, it was more the ads that were hilarious. There were a couple with Eminem that I liked, but my favourite was one for a phone company, featuring Ozzy Osbourne and Justin Beiber… It was making fun of Beiber which I loved =P

The half time entertainment was quite good, even though it sounded pretty terrible! It was the Black Eyed Peas, and they did a huge megamix of their songs, with special appearances by Slash and Usher. There was also about 500 dancers which were over the entire ground. The choreography was brilliant!

After Super Bowl it was time for bed!


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