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March 7th 2009
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This morning, Sarah and I got up early and took a little drive south. This was a special trip to go to Kansas, which is my 49th state, and the only one I would have missed. Since we were only an hour and a half away, we knew it was worth it, although Kyle told Sarah she shouldn’t let me win. Sarah also has 49. Craig allowed us to go because he knows what it’s like to be short just one, though he’s missing Hawaii, and I doubt the Choir will be going there anytime soon.

Sarah even bought me ruby red slippers to wear (see photos- they’re quite fantastic.) Craig told us that it was supposed to storm on our way (there was a pretty fantastic storm last night), so we were hoping for a tornado. We listened to the soundtrack for Wicked, which is a musical based off The Wizard of Oz. It rained a bit on the drive, but pretty uneventful. We got out and I jumped up and down in Kansas and then we took a few photos at the sign. Oh, and I also found a dime, so I made money in Kansas. Missouri was

With my new dime and ruby red slippers!
on our way to Kansas, and Iowa was on the way back.

We headed back to Omaha and picked up the others, grabbed lunch, and hit the road. I slept pretty much the entire drive to Iowa. Mail came! I got 3 new books to read, which means I can finish this one. The kids were all in the pool, so I went to take pictures. Jordan was swimming with them and throwing them and jumping in with them on his back and things. Sarah joined in too. Just watching made me tired, and I was glad I’m not an uncle- kids expect more from them, like to be strong and invincible. Good thing our uncles are actually strong and invincible.

Kyle and I went to dinner while Sarah and Dana joined the kids at the Chinese buffet. Just sort of veging and hanging out until I fall asleep, which could be at any moment.

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Jordan completely covered in children

The kids helping Auntie Sarah float

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