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May 5th 2012
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Suffragette statuesSuffragette statuesSuffragette statues

5 in total...but this was my favourite
Another walk around Ottawa this morning. A beautiful city with olde world charm in parts. Walked around Houses of Parliament, Government House and went to a local market. Nice morning.

This afternoon had a short drive to Montreal in Quebec and can certainly see and hear the French influence (main language spoken), signs in French and the old buildings look European (as least what I imagine to look like in Europe). Another walk around the old section and found an 'artistes' street. Nice not to spend a lot of time on the bus. Montreal is just as pretty as Ottawa once you get past the Industrial part of the city that you drive through to get downtown. Visited a store that sells Maple syrup and other products - had a few taste tests. They often use maple syrup instead of sugar.

Ok...strange thing happened to me today...but not sure what actually occured. I went to the Ladies Washroom and was know...doing what you do in there. Anyway, a French speaking lady came into the next cubicle & I am not sure but sounded like there was a male voice in there somewhere too? So, all of a sudden...and
Ottawa Parliament LibraryOttawa Parliament LibraryOttawa Parliament Library

Only section of the original building saved from a fire...beautiful
I am not kidding...there was a gush of ....something...all over the floor and splashing up into my cubicle and over my shoe and trouser leg. It was so couldn't have been pee...could it?? I am talking lots of liquid (clear - I think). Sadly, this is a memory I will take away from Montreal with me...LMAO. Couldn't wait to get back to my room to get changed. What was bizarre was that nothing was said as it was no blaspheming or shocked sounds. Thought it might have been a bottle of water being dropped but didn't hear anything clang. Its a mystery (and perhaps it's best left that

So, that's it. Of to dinner at a steakhouse shortly.


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Coming into MontrealComing into Montreal
Coming into Montreal

Signs in french.
Montreal Montreal

Beautiful building

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