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Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid April 20th 2014

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid March 31st 2014

We arrived at Madrid this morning following our overnight flight from Miami. Everything has gone well with the journey so far. We have about three hours from landing to when the flight to Tenerife leaves. We have boarding cards for the next flight, but do not yet know the gate numbers, only the area that it will leave from. Getting there entails going out of the secure area and back in again. Not sure why we have to do this, but at least we did not lose anything this time. Once we arrived at the area of our next flight we checked the departure board to find that our flight did not yet have a gate allocated. We were now about two hours from our flight, so thought that after a quick coffee we should be ... read more

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid February 28th 2014

The first of many pleasurable travelling days commences today that will take us into early April. We need this break, although it was only nine months ago that we did another month long holiday elsewhere in America. Thank you to our local friends in the village for taking us to the airport. We had an early morning start today and were collected from home at 8.00 am sharp. They took us to Tenerife North Airport for our relatively short flight into Madrid Barajas Airport. Alas, the flight was not a good experience. Note to self – Always try and avoid sitting next door to the complaining passenger from hell. The said British passenger found some chocolate on her seat and moaned about it for all of the flight to everybody. Any reasonable person would have just ... read more

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid February 10th 2014

Made it to Madrid where I have a lay over before heading on to Costa Rica. It's overcast, but at least the airport is pretty, with it's wavy wood lattice ceilings. I fought with a vending machine but eventually managed to convince it to give me a bottle of water. It may have been out of pity, I'm not sure.... read more

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid January 19th 2014

Better late than never. I’ve been so busy on this trip that I haven’t had time to post anything to my blog. This trip is a little different than the last as I decided to take a tour instead of going by myself. It has its’ pluses and minuses. On the plus side, I always have someone to talk to and eat with. On the minus side, you don’t have much free time and you go where they take you. I’m fortunate to be travelling with a great group of people, most of which are from Australia. I might return home with an Australian accent. Our guide is very knowledgeable but his voice lulls me to sleep! We started our trip in Madrid. I have to say that I wasn’t all that impressed. Madrid could have ... read more


Europe » Spain » District of Madrid January 5th 2014

Spending Christmas in Madrid? There is much to explore, to discover, and to enjoy, while homebased in the capital. Homebased In Madrid I should get a prize for visiting so many belens (Nativity Scenes) and riding on the Navidad Bus (NaviBus) passing Madrid streets decorated with Christmas lights. Christmas here in Madrid is all about Nativity. The Infant Jesus. Bethlehem. More than Christmas Trees, many Spaniards decorate their homes by reserving a space within the house for their belens. Basic setup includes the Infant Jesus, Saint Joseph, Mother Mary, an ox and a mule. The more elaborate setup includes the Three Wise Men or 3 Kings, and whole villages around the manger in Bethlehem where Jesus was born. The December 25 celebration is all about Nativity and there's no Papa Noel or Santa Claus bearing gifts ... read more
My Favorite Nativity Scene
Meet Caspar
Puerta de Alcala

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid December 1st 2013

I do not know the difference between a mercado and a palenque. Back home, we say palenque. But whatever and however it is called here, I am truly fascinated by the mercados of Madrid. Shopped there, dined there, spent many hours there. I remember last year when i came to live with my niece here for nearly 3 months. I would go to the market to buy dinner and soon enough made a few favorite carniceria and pescado y mariscos stalls, drooled on jamon y quezos, claimed a stool to start a desayuno habit of ordering my favorite simple breakfast of tostada con tomate y café cortado. You bet I promptly acquired a daily habit here. The 'Real' Palenques Mercado de Maravillas is just a block or so away from homebase. The lady manning the stall ... read more
Goose Eggs
Mercado de San Miguel
Mercado de San Anton

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid November 22nd 2013

Še vedno sem v Madridu in ni videti, da bo kakšen premik, no razen še bolj na zahod in bolj na toplo. Ste me že večkrat vprašali, pa kaj ima takega Madrid, da ostajam? Barcelona ima plažo, Berlin je zanimiv, London je kul in dogaja, zakaj ravno Madrid, pa še kriza je, pa smeti ne pobirajo, pa Madridčani niso najbolj hiter narod, pa marsikaj ti gre na živce, pa službe ni, pa... Mogoče ker sem že dolgo tukaj, ker mi je španščina domača, ker ne slišim 'nimam cajta', ker je družba bolj pomembna kot služba, ker imam rada sendvič s kalamari in ker je življenjski stil res živahen. O ja, mi gre na živce in znorim, ampak tudi uživam sto na uro. Z Madridom imam stalno ljubezensko-nestanovitno razmerje, ki ima svoje vzpone in padce. Vestno ga ... read more
Razstava o peklu!

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid October 30th 2013

Off early to the airport to make full use of the VIP lounge, got the usual interrogation by the security check in agents! No need, do we look like terrorists? Ok Alex's beard may be a bit suspect and I guess I can be threatening when I want to be! Ate our way thru the free food in the lounge and treated myself to a bloody mary the headed for the gate, breezed past most of the passengers with our premium service option shame it didnt go as far as letting us sit in club or first! Nice modern aircraft with IFE in seat backs, spotted the cocktail menu but stopped myself just in time, we had a long day ahead! Great flight, hundreds of movies to choose from and nice food, passed by pretty quickly ... read more

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid October 29th 2013

Delayed flight, freezing in Madrid, well at least compared to Almeria, found hotel courtesy bus and managed to avoid all contact with driver who coughed and spluttered all the way to the hotel,didn't fancy catching any lurgy before the holiday even started! Lovely hotel, massive modern rooms , (Crowne Plaza) Alex took himself off the gym, I waited patiently to go to the bar. Hit the bar, nice dinner and a massive G&T, ended up with someone else's bill happened to be cheaper than ours so took it!... read more

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