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January 22nd 2010
Published: January 22nd 2010EDIT THIS ENTRY

Hola! Estoy en Barcelona (prounced BarTHelona here...lol). We´re actually writing you from the same restaurant we wrote at in 08. Remember the entry about our hellish trip from Interlaken, Switzerland to Barcelona? Yep, that was written in this very seat! This restaurant is amazing. It´s called Ovni & is basically a Soup Plantation, but for cheap! We paid 6€ each for all you can eat salad, pasta, pizza, & dessert. Yes please!!

Today we started walking around 10 AM and just pretty much never stopped. We stumbled upon La Citadella & Gaudi Cascada which were two things we somehow missed the last time we were here. We plan on walking around a little more tomorrow, maybe taking the train somewhere, we don´t know yet. Ship will be here on Sunday!!!

Spanish people are much more laid back than English people. The pace in London was insane; it was impossible not to feel in the way of somebody while walking down the street. Here it is much more relaxed. We watched some old men playing ping pong on the beach & watched the waves come in & out. There were also rows of men playing dominos along the water, arguing in Spanish & acting tough against eachother. It was very cool & the type of thing that makes me wish I was a bolder photographer who would take photos of them. Our hostel is right on the beach...we´ve stayed here before but it´s nice that there are pretty much no tourists except us.

Okay time to go! Stay safe in that crazy weather all you San Diegans! We know we´re missing out when every single facebook status is about the weather! We´re enjoying blue skies & temps in the mid 60s here. Hope you all are well!!


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