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Europe » Netherlands » Zealand » Breskens August 16th 2013

We left Oostende, Belgium at 1PM and made our way to Breskens, Netherlands. We had hoped to make it to Vlissingen (Flushing to us English speakers), but we saw that we would need to go through a lock and bridge and understood that the last opening was at 7:30PM. It appeared as if it would be tight to make it across to Vlissingen so reverted to our plan B and headed to Breskens instead. Others had told us it had a good sized marina there. Janice’s motto for this trip is “better safe than sorry” so the decision was made. We found out later that the information about the last bridge opening in Vlissingen was not true, but it didn’t matter – we made it to the Netherlands during the 2013 sailing season! It has been ... read more
Sure is Flat
Lighthouses Only Up High?
Sunset at Breskens Marina

Europe » Netherlands » Province of Groningen » Groningen August 15th 2013

It's always funny to notice the differences between Belgium and Holland (despite the fact we're neighbors). Especially when you're travelling with kids, these differences are quickly noticed by the little ones. It's very nice to see their amazement. For me it's one of the things for which we travel, namely discovering new things and cultures. One of the things that's quite typical for Holland and can't be found in Belgium (as far as i know), is the "Kroket uit de muur". In fact, these are vending machines where you can buy hot snacks like croquettes, burgers,... These are quite popular. Another difference is the huge amount of cyclists in city-centers. It's nice to see that in cities like Groningen, there is so much attention to environmentally conscious traffic. In Belgium you will find much more cars ... read more
Kroket uit de muur
Belgian fries

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » De Koog August 13th 2013

Na enkele fantastische dagen op 2 Deense campings was het bijna tijd voor het Scandinavisch afscheid. we reden naar de meest zuidelijk gelegen Deense camping om zo van onze laatste kronen af te geraken. Aangekomen moesten we spontaan de wenkbrauwen fronsen toen we een verlaten receptie aantroffen en de melding dat we ons moesten aanmelden aan het aangrenzend hotel. Zo gezegd zo gedaan en het inchecken verliep daar inderdaad vlekkeloos. De camping zelf had een opvallend lage bezetting en een afgeleefde speeltuin. tot groot jolijt stootten we plots wel op een binnenzwembad, waar we door de lage campingbezetting helemaal alleen gebruik van konden maken. Toen ik de dag erna ging afrekenen en bleek dat ik slechts 160 kronen (22euro) moest betalen was deze camping al bij al toch een meevaller. Ons nieuw doel om onze reis ... read more
Camping Nienoord
Zwembad Nienoord
Het typisch deens springkussen

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » The Hague August 4th 2013

Our last day in Holland and I am feeling quite sad. Might very well be a rough day for Clive tomorrow when we actually step on that train and leave this magnificent country. Am I biased? Absolutely! We spent the day in the city walking around . . . and around . . . and around . . . Do you think we could find that pancake place where we had lunch on our first day in The Hague? We did a little more shopping. Okay, a lot more shopping. Treated myself to an ice cream (comfort food) and stopped and ate it at a monument just outside the Palace. I was hoping King Willem Alexander might come out and beg me to stay. He didn't . . .... read more
The Hague
The Hague

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » The Hague August 3rd 2013

Fairly relaxed day today. Have been having a few 'issues' with my hair so decided to try out a Dutch hairdressing salon. Colour and cut in a trendy, upmarket salon $120.00! Ridiculously cheap compared to back home. Everything is cheaper here . . . but then the average wage is considerably less too. Nel had arranged for my cousin Jon to visit in the afternoon so on the tram we went once more to Nel's place. (We have become tram catching experts.) It was wonderful to see Jon. At 75 he is the eldest relative on my Dad's side in Holland. He had with him the album he had put together of his visit to Australia in 1997. Some of the photos were hilarious! People change a lot in 16 years . . . thank goodness! ... read more


Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam August 2nd 2013

Remember a couple of weeks ago I had some fun at the expense of my German friends? Specifically, I blogged about their inability to break rules. I have another example. I boarded the Ice Train this morning, bound for Frankfurt. There were exactly 6 people in the first class car. There were 96 seats. I was sitting in a non-reserved seat when a German lady approached. She produced her ticket and nicely, but firmly requested that I get my butt out of her seat (she must have just purchased her ticket, because the seat was marked "un-reserved"). Anyway ... I complied ... but as I was relocating, I looked around and thought "what does it possibly matter? There are 90 empty seats in this car, why did she go to the time and trouble to move ... read more
Ice Train Interior

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam August 2nd 2013

Renting a car and driving the big, the not so big and the very small streets of a country is one of the best way to visit a country, if you can do it with one of your good mates it's magic, in our case, a bit insane, not to say terrifying. This is the tale of two dudes in their mid-twenties driving across Holland. Before you start strolling down, please remember we were in Amsterdam ...and this is more or less the story of what we remember of our time in this beautiful city. First-of-all, Holland is an amazing country. The countryside is simply stunning. Going around the vast flower field and around the windmills on a bike is an amazing experience. It brought me back in time and remind me of the long bike ... read more
luxury transportation
the cat loves beer

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » The Hague August 2nd 2013

The weather for our visit to Scheveningen could not have been more perfect. Clear blue sky and a forecast of 33 degrees which, by Dutch standards, is a very warm day. My cousin Nel collected us from our hotel and we took the tram, which I will say again is 'the' best form of public transport, to this lovely little seaside resort. Scheveningen is just a 15 minute tram ride out of The Hague so we were there in no time . . . along with the rest of the population! Air conditioning is not a given here so for some its the only way to get some respite from the heat. The changing climate has its effects on the rising of the Scheveningen sea level so to ensure its survival a government project was launched ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Delft August 1st 2013

We took the tram to Delft today. (The tram system in Holland is absolutely brilliant.) Delft is just 12kms from The Hague and is a beautiful, beautiful little city. It's medieval structure has been preserved unbelievably well. It is also the home of William of Orange, Johannes Vermeer and of course Delftware! We followed an historical walk trail which took us to The Oude Kerk, (Old Church) built in the 11th century and the The Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) built in the 14th century. The Oude Kerk is the final resting place of the famous Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer and the Nieuwe Kerk is the final resting place of William of Orange. We visited the Markt (Market), walked along the canal lined streets, crossed many of Delft's iconic bridges and admired the traditional Delft houses. We ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » The Hague July 31st 2013

Managed to find our way into the city without getting lost this morning. It's literally 10 minutes from the hotel so I don't know how we managed to get it so wrong yesterday. Well yes I do but I made mention of that yesterday! Strolled around the city and picked up a few essentials. Found a Vodaphone shop so that I could purchase a SIM card for my phone that I can use throughout Europe. We purchased a TravelSIM in Perth that we thought would do the trick but I wouldn't recommend them. Not user friendly. The process to call and text is just too complicated. Stopped at a flower stall and bought a bunch of flowers for my cousin Nel who we were visiting in the afternoon. Flower are ridiculously inexpensive here. A big bunch ... read more
The Hague
The Hague
The Hague

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