Groningen, The question I think of now if you don't really care that you don't know where you are. Are you really lost at all?

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August 31st 2010
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I went for a skate to explore Groningen in the evening. When I say explore that actually means wonder aimless until I became hoplessly lost well after dark (it's holland you can do that it safe really

The question I think of now if you don't really care that you don't know where you are.
Are you really lost at all?

I'm leading a charmed life over here so many positive unexpected opportunities keep coming my way which I'm trying that my intuition feels good about.
For example I got to ring clock tower bells just by being in the tower at the right time, place and day without organising it just happen out of the blue It was a celebration of liberation day for Groningen dating back 500 ago.

Holland is great the people are friendly and I feel much safer here. I'm staying in Groningen in northern holland which is a nice student city with a good local skate cutlure I'll be staying here for a bit. I'm a making friends quickly. Soon I check out city hall so I can find how to work freely here.

Some new friends suggest I try for a job at the local Australian themed bar called Pacific and my new sk8er friends has put in a good word for me and so later down the track I should be a fosters pouring punk in Groningen NL .

Apparently the boss is getting ready to fire some slackers, what luck.

I check out new skates yesturday though I'm extremely fussy when it comes to sk8s. I want them to be Comfortable, reliable, good value, use features and with a little protective casing and/or wears points

Finally they kind of have to look sleak and sexy.

Oh dear, I sound like a woman describe the ultimate pair of high heels ;O. Well they do make me 3 or 4" taller

I'll just have go to Armsterdam to get what I want. Note they a better skate shop there I'm told and I sure will entertain me even with out skates P

I check out city hall they were pretty surprise that a young guy from Oz was wanting to just live and work without study offically in Groningen. What they don't know is I am an ambitous self-educator.

I'm finding where the local dance classes are will be trying salsa and west coast swing. There are heaps of dance party and concerts going here being a student city. there is one this weekend call the beachparty where the turn the local football stadium(the Euroborg) into a fake beach like own fake beach in south bank back in Brisbane.
I will go to that for sure


1st September 2010

Fun Times
Hi Chris, It sounds like your having a blast and living the dream. Hope all is well. Take lots of photos. Talk soon Sara :)

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