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Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam July 13th 2013

1:30 pm And thus begins our tour. My friend Roxanne dropped me off outside the church where we were meant to be meeting our bus, at the time we were meant to be meeting our bus... And there was no bus. So we waited. The time arrived when we were meant to be departing in the bus... And there was no bus. So we waited. Fortunately it was a lovely, sunshiny day, and waiting around outside was not that much of a hardship. The bus finally showed up about 20 mins late. We shoved our stuff underneath and we were off! Sadly. This means that our trip to the Donut Mill in Red Deer may be curtailed and/or skipped entirely. Sadness. 9:30 pm somewhere over Labrador, according to the satellite map thingy on the plane. So, ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam June 30th 2013

I rode from north France to Amsterdam today it was a nice ride little cloudy but no rain and smooth riding. I was following my GPS as always and it told me my destination was like 1/2 mile short of where I was going so I had to do the whole lost tourist drive. But it was a small back road so there was nobody behind me so that made it less stressful. I found the Hostel and parked my bike and checked in. Now this was my first hostel experience so I had no idea what to expect, like NO idea. But it was cool they had a full kitchen area so you could go buy groceries and make your own meals. And during breakfast time they have the stuff out so you could make ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam June 25th 2013

Tulips, Clogs, Dykes, Windmills, Tall People and the colour Orange. This is exactly what came to mind of the Netherlands before I had even left Adelaide. Just simple obvious stereotypes, which to be fair are stereotypes for a reason, because some some extent they are true! But lets say Amsterdam, I will guess that your mind has already ventured off into the world of their red light district. Prostitutes, Pot, Alcohol and lewd behaviour. Yes, it does exist, but there is so much more to the capital city than just that. It is a place of history and beauty. Arriving in a city that has fascinated me for so long the day after I first landed in a new continent was something exciting and almost daunting. Alain de Bottom talks about perception being better than reality, ... read more
Amsterdam Canal
Red Light District

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam June 18th 2013

Woke up in the morning and saw all the guys made it back from Amsterdamage. It had been a long time since I was high and combined with the alcohol from last night I expected a bad hangover but I only had smoke floating in my head and no headache. Learned that morning everyone got back OK but we had some bad reactions to the drugs from last night. Still had the 1/4 of the space cake in my pocket so reminded myself to eat it or get rid of it before I got back to London. Got a ride into the city to Mike's Bikes where we would get a bike tour. The Dutch are crazy for bike riding and you can see by the huge bike garages and the number of riders. Our group ... read more
Dam Square

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam June 17th 2013

We were heading to Amsterdam that morning so we left early and made our way to town where we had a cuckoo clock and beer stein demonstration. Wanted to get a Beer Stein but 280 Euros was too much for me. We had a bit of time in the little German town which had been flooded a few weeks earlier. I ended up buying a teddy bear as a gift. The drive to Amsterdam took the rest of the morning and into the afternoon and for the first time on the tour we stopped and ate at Mac urs (Macdonald's). I took the opportunity to grab a few happy meal toys as gifts. Kate told us about Amsterdam which she had been to many times now and warned us the nickname was Amsterdamage both for the ... read more
Cheese demonstration
How I saw the world


Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam June 7th 2013

People told me that I should really get some sleep on my first day of arrival... Of course, I didn't fully listen. Therefore, today I slept until 1:30 pm! I was so angry at myself bc my original plan was to get going at 9 am. HA! I finally left Irina's flat around 3 and got to Central Station a little before 4. I was STARVING! There are so many delicious food choices around Amsterdam, and if you know me well, you know I cannot ever make a definite decision, especially when it comes to food... Probably because I love everything! at this point, i had tunnel vision for something phenomenal to eat. Amongst my search, I notice a blonde hair guy wearing a UNC basketball jersey. I just couldn't ignore him, so I blurt out- ... read more
Hot dog grot!
Rene's crossianterie
The Dam

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam June 6th 2013

Lets start from the flight from DC. United Airlines.... I love your prices but you would be so much better if you gave me about 2 more inches of leg room and not a frozen meal as my inboard dinner. Anywho, I was luckily paired to sit with an Amsterdam native who was also 23. He is in the process of gaining his "clinicals" (i think) in psychology and a DJ on the weekends. So we instantly hit it off bc we both had something in common = music, duh ;) he gave me some great advice and suggestions as to what to do during my trip! Etc. it really blows when you are next to someone who is 1) sneezing/coughing, 2) rude 3) not outgoing- and he was none of those so he met my ... read more
Near Central Station
First Dinner
Witte Antionette

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam June 6th 2013

Our plane from El Paso set down in Amsterdam on June 6th. While we had planned only a few days here, we soon decided that this most hospitable city of bicyclists transporting everything from cellos to as many as 6 children at once (one on mom's back, another on the handlebars and 3 in the front bucket), glorious parks filled with children at play and seniors taking in the sun needed a few more days. In addition to taking canal rides through the city, making a de rigure stop at the Houseboat Museum (to compare and contrast our Sausalito days on the water) and hanging out at the local Kafe-hauses, we chanced upon the "Sauna Deco." New friends at a coffeehouse could not understand why we would go to a sauna on such a perfectly beautiful ... read more
& more canals

Amsterdam was a trip. No pun intended. This place is like you are in a giant sized play place. There are millions of bikes around, lots of canals, city parks where people are tripping on shrooms and smoking or eating pot, tulips everywhere, boats, and lots and lots of drinking. My first night there, I had a bit of trouble (seems to be a theme for first days in new countries) where I was trying to find my hostel (Amsterdam Hostel Leidseplein) located on Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 79. So this was the first time I was trying to dissect compound words within words to understand what I was looking for. Since Leidsedwarstraat ends with "straat" it means street. So every time you run into a big word, you have to sit there and tear it apart to ... read more
MJ- Outdoor park
Redlight District

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam May 29th 2013

It was finally time to get our big backpacks out again! We made plans to spend a few days in The Netherlands enroute to our three week stay in Tanzania. Arriving in Amsterdam in the wee hours of Sunday morning was as if we had just arrived in a ghost town – barren streets lined with neo-gothic architecture; the odd broken bottle on the cobblestone as evidence of the happenings the night prior. With all of the locals seemingly still recuperating it seemed an appropriate early morning welcome to the party capital of Europe. In our tedious search to find accommodations that would allow us to get a real feel for the city without completely busting the budget we were rewarded by finding a private B&B in one of Amsterdam’s infamous houseboats. With the UNESCO World ... read more
Cyclists Passing Through the RijksMuseum
Holocaust Memorial
Dutch Windmill

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