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January 4th 2006
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Just checking in real quick...

Made it to Maastricht. Had a delay on my flight to Seattle, Didn't sleep in the airport, slept 1/2 an hour at Seattle, slept 3 hours on the plane, so in the last 40 hours thats how many hours of sleep? I feel foggy. Plane ride was good, long, sat with a friendly older Czech/Italian guy who told me about his dentist appt he's going to Europe for, and why he doesn't like Germany and why pizza is good. Had a beautiful view of Amsterdam flying in, sun was just starting to light the sky and all the city lights were glowing. We came down through the clouds, and so one minute its just dark outside the window and then the city lights started fading in and then it was all there, looked beautiful, wished it was light out so I could see it better. Didn't see much of the city, just went from the airport to the train station, which is right under the airport, oh the customs guys went through my bag. Bought my train ticket and the guy tells me that my train leaves in three minutes, and oh guess what I have to change trains like three times. Oh goody, thats not complicated at all. I managed it quite well though, one train was a close call, almost got my suitcase/bag stuck in the door. No one checked my ticket for any of them, I really have no clue yet how their train system works. Seems to be pretty easy to use though, to find the train to take you where you want to go. Took a few pictures but not a ton. Anyways I'm in the library in Maastricht, I forgot to write down Joel's address and so I had to look at the email he sent it to me in. He doesn't get into town here til the 10th; was going to be the 9th but his flight from Thailand (spent holiday there with friends) got delayed a day. Theres tons for me to do and check out til he gets here though... Beautiful city. Old buildings and cobblestone and stuff, its beautiful. Anyways, I don't think the library staff will appreciate me sleeping at their computer terminals, no matter how cute my accent may be, so I'm going to scoot over to Joels house and meet his roommates! Will add more later, and some pictures (if i can figure out how to do that on these computers, eep)
(see mom? I'm alive!)

in need of sleep,

PS everyone I've met so far speaks English, yay! No sign language for me!


4th January 2006

Maybe I should host a lecture on why Italy is bad and how Italians need to put more cheese on their pizza. :p mmmm pizza
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4th January 2006

Glad you made it safe
I'm so happy that you made it there safe...miss you out here...but glad that you have most of the things planned for your trip...please do send pics of what you are doing and cool things that you see....I will talk to you later hunny
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