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Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City April 21st 2014

Welcome to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and its Capital Luxembourg City ! Despite of its relatively small size - 2.586 square kilometers for 500 000 inhabitants - the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is an authentic state with a rich and eventful history. Located in the heart of Europe, between France, Belgium and Germany, it has contributed to the great European évolutions. The eventful past of the Grand Duchy is a real condensed of the history of Europe. In the Middle Ages, its Princes wore the crown of the Holy Roman German Empire. During the more recent history, its fortess was a major goal in the dispute between the major powers of the time. Before finally gaining independance in the 19th century, the Luxembourg belonged to a succession of Counts, then the Dukes of Luxembourg, then ... read more

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City November 18th 2013

Greetings from Luxembourg ! My name is Karim, I am 46yo, a Hotel GM and I live in Luxembourg. I am French and I have worked in hospitality for the past 24 years and my job took me in places as different as New-Zealand, Australia, Canada, England and more recently Luxembourg. I love travelling and discovering new exciting places and learn about their History, traditions and People. A little anecdote is that I was lucky enough to live in Summer for a few years as I worked in south of France from March to October and in Russell, Bay of Islands, New-Zealand from October to March. Since then, I must admit that "old winter" came back to me... My interests include travelling at home and abroad, creating miniatures on a 1/12th scale - mostly with the ... read more

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City » Walferdange November 4th 2013

Luxembourg 2 November 2013 The day started with rain…..and a very soft, boggy campsite which was about 14 kms out of the city of Luxembourg. We (I) had parked on the grass as we had parked before we met Martin the owner of the park. Tom tried to drive it off the grass in the morning but after 2 gentle attempts to move the motor home, including me driving and Tom pushing, he decided to get some help. Two campers who arrived after us on the previous night had parked next to the entry of the park, on a hard surface, as they had been to this camping site before and knew that after the 1 November you don’t park on the grass because the area gets so much rain. One guy was from Belgium and ... read more
Bock and Petrusse Casemates in Luxembourg City 2 Nov 2013) (13)
Bock and Petrusse Casemates in Luxembourg City 2 Nov 2013) (3)
Bock and Petrusse Casemates in Luxembourg City 2 Nov 2013) (4)

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City October 4th 2013

Mannheim was an easy tram ride from our Campground on the Rhine River. This area was a victim of severe flooding during the winter. All of the campground and parks in the area were severely underwater as the picture with Guy measuring the level on the electrical box shows. The campgrounds on these rivers have to prepare for annual flooding and so have much of their equipment elevated as high as possible. So we took our scooter to the tram station, zipped into the city and found a very busy and fun-filled city on this Saturday. Biergartens, marching bands, stage bands, weddings, dog training programs, etc. Kept us busy and then of course we had to see certain areas of the Old City and the market places. By getting all day passes, we could use any ... read more
bridal party, Manneheim
camped at the Mosel
Elephants for charity, Luxembourg City

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City » Walferdange September 28th 2013

Heeey travellers what's up? Did you heard about Luxembourg? Maybe yes, maybe not. But that's very normal. Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries in the world. If you cannot escape the wanderlust like me, and you don't have unlimited holidays, you will probably take your car and drive to the closest country. During the week I was thinking " hmm I never went to Luxembourg, why not this weekend". After driving for 2 hours, I parked my car at the free "park & ride" parking and took the bus to the centre. When you don't know the city, of course you will go directly to the "Tourist office" to get the free city map. The first monument that I visited was The Gëlle Fra war memorial which means "Golden Lady" or the ... read more
View on the Constitution Square
Grand Ducal Palace
The Casemates


Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City September 17th 2013

Luxembourg is a country that I have never been too, and I decided to visit Luxembourg City for the day. My thoughts were if I liked enough that I may come back in the future for a longer stay. I researched just a small bit, and the photos that I saw were stunning. I was hoping I could find the same sights to view with my own two eyes. Luxembourg is the world's second richest country, behind oil-rich Qatar. Luxembourg seemingly has a more down-to-earth approach to wealth. It's largely dependent on the banking, steel and industrial sectors and is a world away from the the mega-yachts and jet-setting celebs of its Riviera counterpart - Monoco. To get to Luxembourg City from London, I had to make a stop in Brussels, Belgium. I would have loved ... read more
Europe - 2013 849
Europe - 2013 855
Europe - 2013 769

Europe » Luxembourg September 3rd 2013

I left Europe for Asia in October 1996. I had a good education, a pretty solid Economics degree from a top European University...some savings from working all over Europe and Africa for Club Med while being a full time student in Belgium...I was ready for an adventure...that I was sure would last at least for few weeks or was, 17 years ago... Back end of July, I did something that made Leslie laugh a big one! I moved back to my parents...with my two kids and we registered again as Europe! Yes, can't tell you how much fun Leslie, papa is moving back to his much fun! No I didn't lose my job, no I haven't changed my plans...and no, I'm not in the middle of a middle-age why than....well...simple! Disclaimer....I ... read more
Just the other side of the France...
Luxembourg...and the elephants...
Happy little girl...

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City August 22nd 2013

We are so close to Luxembourg that it would be crazy not to take the short drive and add another country to those we have travelled to.We are not sure what sightseeing there is to do but there has to be something different to add to our memories of this trip. After being out for longer than we anticipated yesterday we thought that starting out earlier today would mean we might get home a bit earlier. The area we are staying in is very quiet and peaceful and the forest gives one the feeling of it being eco-friendly.However,the same cannot be said for some of the surrounding towns of Amneville and today as we headed north towards Luxembourg we came across a town with an unfortunate name in Uckange and another ugly blot on the landscape.What ... read more
Luxembourg architecture
Railway viaduct over ravine,Luxembourg city
Monument of Rememberance,Luxembourg

Europe » Luxembourg » Vianden August 2nd 2013

Carl likes caravans. A lot. He's 28, not 58, so this came as quite a surprise. So we booked a static mobile home on a campsite near Vianden in Luxembourg for a couple of days. It's surrounded by gorgeous hills and countryside, so it was more than ok with me. Buddy piped up with the question, "What language do they speak in Luxembourg?". The answer is both French and German, which is fairly confusing, as one shop assistant will speak to you in French, the other in German, and two cafes side by side will be one with everything in French and one with everything in German. I wouldn't like to be drunk in Luxembourg. Some people also speak 'Luxembourgish' which is a terrifyingly confusing mash up of both languages. Which, of course, is what the ... read more
Vianden castle
Vianden castle
Vianden castle

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City July 23rd 2013

An overnight train to Paris, a morning train to Metz, and an afternoon train to Luxembourg had us arriving in Luxembourg City around 1:30pm. We got to our hotel and sat down while waiting to check in when we heard a man yelling outside, next a man Usain Bolt style sprinted past while the older gentleman ran behind him, he had been mugged. Hmmm... Not the best first impression of Luxembourg or the area that we were staying in. We were in desperate need of showers after the extremely sweaty day before in Toulouse followed by a long night and day on trains, so we grabbed a quick kabob and falafel to eat and headed back to the hotel for showers. We got in on a Sunday meaning that the entire city is shut down for ... read more
Pont Adolphe
Gelle Fra Memorial

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