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Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Lucca February 16th 2008

(Walk on the Walls) Our first "day trip" out of Florence took us to the medieval Tuscan town of Lucca (west of Florence, before Pisa). The historic part of the city is completely walled, although the "walls" are so wide that it is almost like a park with a tree lined "street" around the city. We saw kids playing soccer, and locals jogging or reading the newspaper on one of the many benches. We walked around for 2 (of 3) miles, enjoying the sunshine and singing random songs from musicals. I guess the streets and trees reminded us of Sound of Music (though set in Austria), good thing there weren't too many people around. I am sure people thought we were just culturally confused when we tried to react the Beatle's Abbey Road cover on ... read more
The Top of the Wall
Apartments inside the Walls
Roommates on the Walls

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Lucca February 11th 2008

This weekend 6 of us traveled to Lucca, which is known for its food and its great wall! I left early Saturday morning and rode the train northeast for about 2 hours. Lucca was absolutely beautiful, very different from Siena, the city is surrounded by a massive wall which was turned into a park in the 18th century by Napoleon's sister. Saturday we checked into our hostel then walked around the very small town making sure to visit all of the Romanesque Cathedrals (see pictures)! Then we grabbed a sandwich at a little cafe and rented bikes. We rode our bikes around the top of the walls, each lap taking only about 20 min. (see pictures). At around 8 p.m. everything in the town closed, before we had a chance to get dinner, so we found ... read more
San Giovanni Cathedral
Inside San Giovanni
The Duomo

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Lucca December 4th 2007

My parents (Big Mike and Rosie to everyone here now) came in for a week in November '07. I don't know how we survived the week, every night another dinner and another bottomless bottle of wine...At the end of the trip we headed up to Bagni di Lucca to say hi to some of our cousins and catch up a little bit. ... read more
Mom and Dad
Ermano and family

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Lucca October 30th 2007

So, woke up and it was POURING. expected to view things little greyer than usual.... and I didnt bother to change my plans to go to Lerici since, I would be the same if I went anywhere else anyways.... So, got on the train to Viareggio..... then had to wait an hour for the train to La Spezia....which happened to be delayed for 45 mins!!!!! ARGH... all this waiting time!!!!!! (well..i guess its good.coz i can be out of the rain?? but...its cold..) Finally got on the train and got to La Spezia...and changed on a local bus to Lerici. Got there!!!! nothing was open!!!!! no fish!!!!!!! the pouring rain...I didnt wann hike up that castle!!!!!!! All I wanted, was some fresh fish meal...have a nice relaxing day... and every restaurant opened didnt serve fish.... ... read more

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Lucca October 2nd 2007

And the good times continue. i have not been digilent at posting comments, but as you can imagine, i have better things to do. We spent 4 days in Florence, rained a bit but still got to see all the big sites we intended. our bike ride in tuscany was a bust due to the rain, storm, thunder, lighting, and hail. but the entire group was taken wine tasting, olive oil tasting, toured a castle, as well as had lunch with as much wine as we desired. And when i saw the roads we were supposed to be riding, i was relieved. Florence is fun, reminded me of San Francisco - the shopping, troppo caro! I ve yet to locate the apostrophe on the italian key board, and shift is different and the at sign (which ... read more


Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Lucca September 26th 2007

Spent a couple of nights in Lucca. I really like it here. The old town still has the walls right the way round it, and it seems like they really keep out the hectic bustle of modern life. Went for a walk around the top of the wall yesterday and its amazing the difference between inside n out. Outside seems like any modern town, traffic, noise etc, and inside is completely the opposite. V little traffce, cobbled streets, much more relaxed! Needless to say, I haven't ventured outside the walls at all! Spent yesterday sightseeing but at a very chilled out pace! Went up this tower with an amazing view of the city. Went to see this fantastic Pallaza which used to belong to the guy Pfanner, who was an Austrian bloke who first introduced beer ... read more

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Lucca September 24th 2007

Breve pausa di un mese in Italia. Il 9 ottobre riparto per il Brasile. Mentre viaggio alla media di una cena al giorno per vedere gli amici, ho gia pronti i due fogli necessari per avere il visto permanente in Brasile: carichi pendenti e antecedenti penali. Domani sono a Firenze a farli timbrare dal consolato Brasiliano. Di questo periodo italiano, cosa posso dire? ...oltre al piacere di rivedere un pò tutti, forse potrei pubblicare una guida ai ristoranti lucchesi. Dunque venerdì ero al Gabbiano in Darsena a Viareggio con ex-colleghi fiorentini: una cena-garanzia con antipasti (buoni), carbonara di mare (il piatto per cui vale la pena il ristorante), e frittino con insalata (buono e non unto). A chiusura gelato al limone e conto di 30 euro a testa. Vino e acqua della casa compresi. Sabato ero ... read more

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Lucca September 24th 2007

Hello! I think the last entry was down in Cagliari, Sardinia. I stayed there for one night - it was pretty good. Found a really good internet cafe where you could get a beer and an hour online for less than 5 euros, AND I found a chinese takeaway! I've really fancied an indian or a chinese since I've been away (takeaway that is!). I think i had the equivalent of Chow Mein and Chicken in Black bean sauce. mmm :O) Spent the next day there sightseeing...walked for miles! Found an amazing old library full of books from the 1600s - I know I probably sounda bit of a geek for saying this, but found them really fascinating. The guy showing me round got one or two out to show me (- you weren't allowed to ... read more

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Lucca August 18th 2007

Trouble in the Homeland August 18, 2007 In previous blogs I made mention of August being the vacation month of all of Europe…well we got stung by this in my ancestral hometown of Lucca. My grandfather, Paul Selmi, emigrated from Italy in 1911. He was born in Lammari, Italy right outside the ancient Roman city of Lucca. We decided when planning our Italy itinerary (planned on the fly in Croatia on the beach) to include Lucca. My good friend Katherine recommended it and her taste is beyond reproach so combined with our heritage and need to be in Tuscany on August 18th, off we went after Vernazza. We left the US with no accommodations other than 4 nights in London at the start of our trip. I was so hesitant about this…but was reassured by many ... read more
Lucca 2
Lucca 3
Lucca 4

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Lucca July 3rd 2007

almost a year ago, i have heard an American guy saying "i love Nairobi. it's the only place in Africa you can find Oprah's magazine..." it was the first time i understood the idea that people have different reasons to like places. i liked Nairobi because it had films, supermarkets and pavements.... I believe that people have different reasons to hate towns too. I hate Firenze. now, you will all stare at the e-mail and say: what??? is she crazy???? Firenze is great. well, it's beautiful. but it has a stick right up her ass. it's like she says: i knew i am beautiful, so i can be as hot as an oven, packed with tourists, have lousy food (o.k. theice cream id good but - at 40 Celsius and 95% humidity - who can even ... read more
Lucca Torre
I'm on the tower
Lucca's gardens

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