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Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Milan May 20th 2013

After many hours of traveling, I can barely type, think or do anything but my Italydance. Just this moment I'm inspired by a glass of 2009 La Querciola Barolo. Sleepiness comes over me in waves crashing and pummeling me like the ocean. Now off to a family trattoria, La Spigola, recommended by the kind clerk here at BioCity hotel. Will report later.... read more

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Milan May 12th 2013

Today we went to Lake Garda. It is a beautiful lake that looks over the mountains (and behind those mountains are the Swiss Alps). It also has a castle that has a draw bridge! We went on a boat ride across the lake and then from there we headed to Milan. We saw the Duomo Cathedral and went window shopping. We are all quite tired today but tomorrow we get to relax on the beach at La Spezia. Ciao!... read more
Lake Garda
Lake Garda
Lake Garda

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Milan May 9th 2013

Ciao !! Have arrived here Thursday 9th May after a very long flight!! Wonderful view flying into Milan over the snow capped Dolomites - awesome view! Managed to coordinate my way on to the train at Malpensa airport to Milano Centrale.. then managed to follow my map to the hotel where I am now waiting for my room. Will head off soon to do the Leonardo tour!! 22 degs here and wonderful!! Catch you all later!! Ciao!... read more

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Milan May 9th 2013

Now 9.30 and just arrived back to the hotel after an exhausting afternoon! The whole tour experience was amazing and to actually stand in front of the Last Supper and know that you are standing in the same room as Leonardo had been, is quite an experience. Because they are trying to retain the fresco without having to touch it up too much, you go through three chambers which are climate controlled to help maintain the atmosphere. It was truly an amazing work of art - along with all the other pieces, Botticelli, Raphael, Titan..... Stayed with two other ladies who I met that are from QLD and are actually leaving to go to Paris tomorrow - we found a bar and had an aperitif and free tapas which is offered for happy hour! My tour ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Milan May 7th 2013

Well now Tuesday and one more sleep!! Packed - unpacked - repacked - unpacked....Hate this part of it!Weather will be mixed - starts coolish and by June will be quite warm.Have had a great weekend of enjoying company of many people who mean a lot in my life - we all had a ball! Will miss you all while I am away, but will remember the fun we all had last weekend. First stop is Milan - arrive there Thursday morning 8.30 am - then full into it. Have a tour organised for the afternoon to the Leonardo Da Vinci gallery and the Last Supper. looking forward to that so much. Will check in after I have been there to share the experirnce with you all. You can message me on this site at PRIVATE MESSAGE ... read more


Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Milan May 1st 2013

So now 2 weeks becomes 1 week - I don't think the excitement has hit me as yet... maybe when I close my suitcase it will feel real!! When I get ot the Airport... and check in.. and use a gift given to me ! A complimentary access to the QANTAS club lounge!! Way to go!... read more

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Milan March 25th 2013

Forsa Italia!! Being a huge football fan, my impressions of Italy has always been of their famous football players, and their solid rock defence, especially in the successful quest for World Cup success in 2006. Big names like Pablo Madini, Alexandro Nesta and Gianluci Buffon come to mind. Fast forward a few years later and mixed experiences will shape my impressions when asked about this much-raved country as a tourist destination. Honestly, going into Italy after unforgettable times in Switzerland is always a challenge for the former to live up to expectations! We were looking forward to Italy for a few reasons. One is the highly rated trip to Venice. Another will be to see iconic monuments such as the Leaning Tower and the Colosseum. And of course, to also try their world-famous Gelato. Okay, this ... read more
High-end Shopping

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Milan October 12th 2012

Milan Milan, everyone seems to dislike it, but we liked it. Our hotel, which was near the centre, couldn’t find our reservation, sent us to another hotel (it’s a chain) in the sticks. Still it was 4 star and nice. So we hadn’t had lunch as Alitalia’s in-flight service is non-existent (unless you call 5 mini biscuits service) so we wandered and the only thing we could find open was Tizzy’s NY grill. We had some yummy burgers (not very Italian of us) and wonderful Chianti and a chat to the owner Tizzy from New York. Afterward, we caught the metro to central station to buy our tickets to Venice, then went back to the Duomo and walked around. The next day (yesterday) we went to the Duomo, which is a very grand cathedral ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Milan October 10th 2012

Rest day today, enough said!... read more

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Milan September 22nd 2012

I freaked out a little, hoping that no major issues would come up today on my way to catch my flight in Milan at 4pm. So, I woke up super early and caught the 5:46am train from Riomaggiore that would take me to Genova. I had studied the train schedule we had take a picture of in La Spezia until I felt comfortable with my plan. However, because it was so early, the ticket station was not open and a couple of Austrailian guys waiting across the tracks told me how to get over there. When I got on the almost empty train, I chose my window seat and waited to explain to the conductor. A conductor never appeared. Cool! Unfortunately, because it was such an early hour, I didn't get to see all the incredible ... read more
Milan train station
Milan train station
Milan airport

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