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Europe » Estonia » Tallinn September 23rd 2013

Tere! Welcome to Eesti, that's how you say Estonia in Estonian. Here is where the next stage of my trip continues. The main reason why I chose for Estonia is because a cousin of mine is currently here for a couple of months on an exchange program. Besides, I've never been to the Baltics yet so I took advantage of the opportunity to visit. I left Iceland back to Italy where I spent one night near Milan at a friend of mine, Gabriele, who I haven't seen for 5 years. We went to Como Lake with another friend I haven't seen in 5 years, Matteo. We were all in Darwin, Australia in the same hostel for some time. In the evening we had a bbq with some other people. The next day I flew with Ryanair ... read more
Tallinn, Raekoja Plats
Tallinn, Aleksandr Nevskij catherdral

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn August 14th 2013

14/8 I arrived in Tallinn last night after the 6 hour bus ride where and all I ate was a dry packet of noodles that I had in my bag from the train ride. It took me an hour to get the hostel, I got on the wrong tram at the bus station so then got one back to the station only to get back on the same one- I think I needed some sleep. Tallinn is actually a very small city and you could walk from one end of the city to the other in that amount of time. The old town is fairly touristy (which I didn't expect) because there are quite a few big cruise ships that go around the Baltic Sea and stop in the cities. This meant that people were walking ... read more
Soviet Cafe
The old town

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn July 28th 2013

Tallinn, the home to 400,000, is the capital of Estonia and has developed into a hot tourist destination focused mainly on its fully functioning old town. Keith thought the medieval hype, with people dressed in costume, cheesey, and wouldn't take any photos, saying he wasn't inspired, but I found it fun to wander through the courtyards and passages and look inside the more interesting shops. Disappointingly, the magical symbols store was closed when we passed by but the ancient apothecary was interesting and the museum of torture instruments, which mostly featured variations on tearing, puncturing and burning, were enough to make the most rebellious citizens toe the line. Outside the old town one can get a better feel for Tallinn's recent past by the abandoned Soviet buildings, some abandoned, some still in use, and some totally ... read more
Seaplane hangers
Tallinn factory
Hydrofoil ferry dock

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn July 19th 2013

Sorry about the lack of photos, but we don't have any way to connect our camera to this tablet. Lee has taken several hundred photos but you'll have to wait until we are home to see them. Tallinn is a very interesting city to visit, especially the old medieval part. Our hotel, St Olav, dates from the 15th century, so full of history and interesting architecture, including sloping floors (not in our room) and uneven walls. You might see some on the hotel website - it's worth a look !!! It's right in the middle of the old town. Luckily our room was not on the street frontage, so no trouble with noise like in St Petersburg. Like Finland and the other 2 Baltic countries, their history is a story of occupation by other nations over ... read more

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn July 6th 2013

Another hard night on the sofa bed,we wished we had read more closely about the bed in the apartment before we booked it on Air BNB and another night to go. It is hard to know what the time is when we wake up without looking at a clock as the dawn comes so early and for the last week or so the sun has been up and shining for some time when we have opened the curtains. We had found bacon at the supermarket when we arrived and so we have another breakfast of eggs and bacon this morning which always sets us up well for the day. The planned walk today is amongst the sights of the lower Old Town and we set out mid morning taking the same route from the apartment which ... read more
Casino and cinema building on the edge of Old Town Tallinn
The restaurant we celebrated my birthday at
Classic view,Old Town,Tallinn


Europe » Estonia » Tallinn July 5th 2013

The BBA V2 needed to slow down a little and today was to be the day.Not too much, but just enough to restore some energy.And in the process of doing so we could catch up on some administration including clothes washing as we had a washing machine in the apartment to give the clothes a good doing over. We have really been blessed with wonderful weather and we just hope that it continues.Being inside seemed a bit of a waste but administration needs to be done every so often but we do plan a walk out this afternoon to look at some of the sights. Being on the 5th floor of an apartment block there is no outside washing line(not even one like the pulley system we had in Pula,Croatia)but the apartment and we assume all ... read more
Jail doors exhibit,Museum of Occupations
Head of Lenin,Museum of Occupations
Picture of Brezhnev,Museum of Occupations

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn July 4th 2013

Today we reached the apex of the BBA V2,well at least as far as latitude goes.Tallinn is situated at just below 59 30' and to add to this momentous occasion we also bought up 13,000km in Cindy. The weather pattern remains favourable and we had another fine and sunny day ahead with temperatures in the mid 20's and with the absence of any wind to speak of and lack of air pollution, you get the full benefit of the warm sun when you are out in it meaning its hats on when we are outdoors. We reckon the landlady was still suspicious of us doing a runner without paying as she kept on appearing from nowhere as we loaded up the car.We only took the microwave back to the car when we noticed she was across ... read more
Caravaning Estonian style
Gretchen down at the lakeside looking for Russia
This man has a job ahead before winter

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn June 11th 2013

Many of the guide books give Tallinn taxis a bad wrap. They are rip-offs, and sneaky with it. Not all but many depending on the company one chooses. CS and PP don't use taxis much anywhere but we have to report the one we got from the ferry terminal to our hotel, Radisson Blu Olympia, from the queue and therefore a random selection, was swift, direct, efficient and cheap. The hotel is bigger than some we have had on the trip - 28 floors. We were on ten, which we discovered in the mornings was a bad place to be. The lifts could not cope with the traffic and we were unable to cram ourselves into several downward travelling cars. Just as well we have no trouble with ten flights of stairs! This little 'toy town' ... read more
Tallinn old town
Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
Another church spire

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn April 13th 2013

Actually there is a common theme to my recent blogs...merchants. On the Silk Road we followed merchants over land. In the Baltics we find the Hanseatic League, the merchants of the northern seas. Moving merchandize had always been easier over sea than land...that's why the Silk Road was abandoned when the sea route between Europe and Asia was found. Earlier in my life I learned that the cost of shipping from England to Boston during the age of sailing ships was cheaper than the cost from Boston to only 30 miles inland. That's quite a difference, and the merchants of the north had it nailed. I also learned that the best time to travel the Silk Road...we had delightful sunny weather the entire three not the best time to visit the Baltic Republics. 9 April ... read more
Riga Old Town
Riga Old Town
Vilnius Old Town

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn April 7th 2013

Sunday- 7 AM- We boarded the S.S. Superstar (actual name of our ship) very early Sunday morning for our day trip into Estonia, the 5th country on our trip in just over a week! The entire old town of Tallinn is a UNESCO world heritage site and is one of the best preserved medieval cities in Europe. Walking through the gates of the old town transports you back in time. The cobbled streets and multitude of guild houses, merchant halls, and churches tell the story of a city that has been conquered many times but never destroyed. We began our walking tour with our local guide. She pointed out quirky details in local architecture and strange stories of traditions and people of Estonia’s long history. A large group of us ate lunch in a traditional Estonian ... read more
Aerial shot of the old town
Cozy cafe culture
Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

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