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Europe » Bulgaria » Sofia City » Sofia December 12th 2013

Woolly says – Fully charged and a lovely breakfast of boiled eggs consumed we headed out into the freezing temperatures to find Ollie. With only a few minutes to the ferry poor Ollie didn’t even have a chance to warm up before we were leaving Cannakale and crossing the Dardanelle Straights to the Anzac region of Turkey that we were going to pass for the second time without visiting. We will get there in the future. Woolly is correct (for once) in that we do plan to cover this region more fully in the future but with freezing temperatures and with time against us we could only wave as we passed. The last time we were on the ferry to Eceabat we were basking in the hot sun with shorts and t shirts the order of ... read more
Hmmm will this be enough!
Sitting on the Dock of the Bay
Driving through Bulgaria

Europe » Bulgaria » Sofia City » Sofia August 18th 2013

So, after a sleepless and chaotic night in Edirne I arrived in Sofia at 06.00. I must admit that I didn't feel quite alright in the city at the wee hours, it stank of urine pretty much everywhere and I'd heard some horror stories about the area around the Central Bus Station. Anyway I met a nice Bulgarian traveler who got me up to where I could meet up with my host Georg. Georg is a sweet guy that lives with his wife and son not far from the Central Bus Station. I went in and took a shower, brushed my teeth and charged up my batteries before we headed out together, our goal, Rila Monastery! Now came one of the most interesting, albeit also most frustrating experiences of my life. Rila Monastery is located about ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » Sofia City » Sofia August 15th 2013

Sofia was neat, a small city for a capital city but still pretty cool. There is graffitti everywhere, even in the nicer areas. Not a whole lot of historical sights though, we managed to find the largest Sephardi Jewish Synagogue and a few old government buildings. There is this giant hot spring under the city and the water flows up through fountains throughout the city; there is one popular spot that ppl will bring their water bottles and jugs to fill up for drinking water. You can drink the tap water, but this spring water is really good! Its very warm, but sweet too. We filled up our water bottleswith it and then grabbed ice cream. We spent sofia with 2 guys from Holland and an Austrian, Karel, Faije, and Nikolai. Wedecided to get our own ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » Sofia City » Sofia August 8th 2013

When I planned our couples trip, my male asked me to organise it with the sky as the limit. I figured if we were going to fly into Macedonia we may as well visit the surrounding countries as well. Luckily I found the perfect man that likes exploring as much as I do. We crossed the border into Bulgaria in the late evening after our day spent caving in Macedonia. Our first experience in Bulgaria, at a restaurant, was an interesting one because no-one there spoke any English so we almost had to guess what we were having for dinner. We had free entertainment as the group next to us was quite drunk and were trying fruitlessly to stop the rain getting on them. They had constructed a rickety shelter out of pool umbrellas over their ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » Sofia City » Sofia August 8th 2013

This entry...and may be one or two more...may be exactly what you were not expecting to read...because simply like me...what do we really know of Bulgaria, or it's capital Sofia? Which bells is Bulgaria ringing for you....the mafia...few gypsies...or if you have lived too long like me in Shanghai....way too young gorgeous apprentice models who can say their names...and hold a glass of champagne...but not really more... Well...Sofia is not's not even close to that image let me take you to a trip...I had no idea I would take...on a beautiful two days of summer... But first, a little note to my friend Nick in Montreal....time is changing fast, and the train ride had nothing to do...with the nightmare I was actually expecting. Loaded with drinks...and after a last beer on the terrace right ... read more
Presidential change of the guards...
St Alexander Nevski
A full morning riding bikes...with cool people...


Europe » Bulgaria » Sofia City » Sofia June 11th 2013

Sofia Bulgaria 9 to 10 June 2013 We crossed the Serbia-Bulgaria border with no problems. Our passports were stamped out of Serbia and then paid our 5 euro road tax for Bulgaria and we were on our way. The roads were good between towns but through towns were atrocious. We were given the GPS coordinates for a new Van Park near Sofia, by the last Park Manager. When we arrived, we found lots of Motor homes parked, some owned by tourists and some by the business which we drove in. We learned that there were no showers or toilets and was 12 kms from the city centre. We decided this was not for us so went into the city and stayed at the Sheridan. Bulgaria is yet another eastern European country with a rocky history so ... read more
National Theatre Sofia Bulgaria (7)
Govt Office at back of Sheraton Hotel (1)
Sheraton Sofia Hotel see our motor home in LH corner

Europe » Bulgaria » Sofia City » Sofia June 2nd 2013

Bulgaria is the 50th country I have visited. I am not taking any of this for granted, I understand how fortunate I am. While in Bulgaria, I got to meet the patent drafting team that Sunjay started in Bulgaria. They are really a great bunch of people, so hats off to Sunjay and all the work everyone has done. We went over some practical patent priority law problems that are quickly becoming more relevant as the AIA is implemented and then we went out for dinner and a walk about the city. I was sad to say goodbye to the team. They were really fun people, and so funny. Presently, I am on the train traveling from Sofia, Bulgaria, to the beach in Bulgaria at Varna. Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria, and Varna is on ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » Sofia City » Sofia April 13th 2013

Another overnight train took us into the heart of Sofia. This time round, there was minimal fuss on the train as we slept throughout the ride after a fulfilling day in Belgrade. The sight that first caught my eye has to be the snow-capped Vitosha mountains in the background. Reading up on Sofia city before arriving has set my mind on making my (and our) way up to the top. Honestly, what's more soothing to the mind than to have nature at the doorstep of a bustling capital city! After 2 weeks of exploring cities, this is the perfect retreat for us. And I knew that I've always missed hiking and scaling mountains since high school days. Fun Facts Upon reaching the main station, we bought tickets for the connecting trolley bus bringing us into the ... read more
Celebration with Mojito
Clean and new train station
Friendship bands

Europe » Bulgaria » Sofia City » Sofia June 17th 2012

As I flew from Dubai to Istanbul we flew over Saudi Arabia, part of Iraq, and part of Syria. A few things crossed my mind: First, I knew I was looking down on one of the most dangerous places in the world. Within the land I was able to see there was a civil war that had been going on for years, a fragile democracy that wasn't able to protect its citizens from violence, and enough oil to run the world for the next 100 years. That was just to the right. To the left there were military forces killing its own citizens, a crackdown on western media, and a huge human migration heading to Turkey. Secondly, there was so much history I had to fly over and not get the chance to see because the ... read more
View of Istanbul
Hagia Sophia 9
Hagia Sophia

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