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26thMarch – Rodney Bay Marina, St Lucia Happy Birthday Phil and Happy Wedding Anniversary Bren and Eliza!! I made chocolate brownies in celebration. Had to motor most of the way as the wind was right on the nose, and how lovely to enter the marina. It’s a very large, well protected marina....and Boomerang is here. Went out for Thai dinner at a restaurant that is part of the marina complex. Had a lovely evening then the boys, Debby and I left John and Phil still celebrating. The next day Phil was very ‘tired’ and ‘dehydrated’. Hmmmm 27th: Boomerang boys stayed over the night. Took them out for pizza and icecream for dinner and then relaxed back on board with a movie. A very pleasant night. 28th: Late breakfast waiting for boys to wake up then took ... read more
pizza for dinner
...and ice cream
time for movie

25thMarch – Soufriere St Lucia 39nm, big day sailing, had to dept early (0730) had to motor up the side of St Vincent but were able to sail once we cleared the headland. Once again, on the nose, bashing into it. Had to motor again once we got in the shadow of ST Lucia. WOW the pitons are just amazing. Soufriere is just the most amazing anchorage. A very stunning place. We took up a mooring as you must as it’s so deep and were just in awe of the Pitons. There were quite a few large cruise sailing ships there (including the one Fiona Lloyd is going to work on) Cleared in to ST Lucia here no problems. Out on the boat was just lovely, but ashore was a different story. We didn’t get a ... read more
The Pitons
Soufriere Bay
Happy Birthday Brownie

To say that Saint Lucia, the Helen of the West is "simply beautiful" is an enormous under statement. Saint Lucia's beauty encompasses not only its awesome terrain, lush green landscapes and the spectacular World Heritage Pitons but the wide variety of scenery from north to south and east to west. I will attempt through my blog to give a sense of what the island is and what its people are like. Enjoy it and you are most welcome to contact me or comment as you like. I was privileged to have been born on this jewel of the Caribbean which changed hands between Great Britain and France in earlier centuries fourteen times, before been finally ceded to Britain. Because of its strategic importance in the extended European conflict for the New World, it conjures up images ... read more
Stunning Reduit Beach
The spectacular Pitons

Tel que prévu, nous quittons les Saintes le matin du 28 mars. Le corps mort est lâché à 7h00 sous un beau ciel, Lady M et Tenace sont également en route. Nous passons entre les îles de l’archipel des Saintes pour remonter un peu plus vers l’est et ainsi avoir un angle plus grand avec la direction du vent pour traverser en Dominique; nous savons qu’Absaroque préfère cela… Lady M ne peut pas sortir sa GV, le chariot d’écoute a roulé sur le pont! Ils devront faire la traversée sans GV… Un vent de 15n au 135 (annoncé : 10n au 80…hemmm) et une mer plutôt calme, de 1 à 3pi mais du sud-est (annoncé : de l’est) nous accueillent pour le début de la traversée. Vers 10h00 le vent revient à 10n et nous sortons ... read more
Nos amis de Tenace
Mon capitaine de retour au bateau
Nos amis de Coulicou….

Not too much to say about today ... except that it was a very early start, not as hot as on previous days, and didn't go to plan :-(... read more
Rather like walking in the Lake District, but hotter, more humid and slightly more of a rain forest setting
La Pointe


After yesterday’s treat, I was planning that today would be more relaxing. So, after a lovely lay in, the morning temperature demanded that I was up, showered, cooled and in breakfast by 08h00! Refreshing watermelon and fresh pineapple, and cool tamarind juice preceded a cheese and onion omelette, all washed down by coffee. My transport arrived shortly after 09h00 and we set off across the island to the Atlantic coast, climbing through the rain forest before dropping into the (relative) coolness of the East Coast. Just over an hour after leaving, we pulled off the main road and arrived at the Mamiku Gardens. The Historical Gardens are set in 12 acres of natural woodland and are considered to be the best in the Caribbean. A series of different gardens are hidden throughout the forest, and contain ... read more
Bird of Paradise
Cat's Tail

How lucky can one man be? Here I am on a tiny Caribbean Island (27 miles x 14 miles). The sun shining, the temperature is into the middle thirties, and I'm visiting a Jazz Festival. What's more, I've had two weeks of jazz in the sun and tonight is the last night. Even better, Brian Culbertson is on stage. Even even better, I was treated as a member of staff and had my tea on the beach, in a tent with the other staff. It pays to get to know people when on holiday; you never know what surprises will come your way! I am a very lucky man!... read more
Jazz ... and Arts
Some of the wonderful arts available
The Girl with the Pearl Earring

Last night’s sunset was stunning. It’s not that the sky was suffused with an orange glow but rather that the tall, rain bearing clouds, were tinged grey and green. There was some rain overnight, but this morning, it was still hot and sticky. I lay in bed almost dreading having to go outside. After a shower, I did go outside – for breakfast. I was not proved wrong; it was already hot and sticky. Packing some water, I set off from the hotel for a round trip to Pigeon Island (VIEW ROUTE). The first part of the walk was rather tedious, being alongside the main road. Even the land crabs were not bothered about coming out into the heat. Cars passed by slowly as I trudged along the rough ground, passing Pirate Rentals and arriving at ... read more
St. David moored in the Marina.
Rodney Bay Marina
"Unicorn" (aka, "The Black Pearl")

After yesterday’s temperature, I was hoping for a cooler day. Sadly, judging by the humidity at 07h00, it was not going to be. Indeed, the day would prove to be the hottest thus far, at 37°C. After a gentle breakfast, my driver collected me at a more civilised hour and we drove a short distance into the extreme north of the island. Here is the dividing line between the great unwashed and the rich and famous. The names of the roads indicate the obvious wealth in this area, not to mention the size of the houses. With the sun already hot, I set off (VIEW ROUTE) up Flamboyant Drive (yes that really is an address). Climbing higher, the houses got bigger. At the lower end, the properties were probably owned by the wealthy middle ... read more
Rodney Bay, Mount Gimie and the Pitons
Not what you'd expect to find here - from WWII
Towards Martinique

An evening with Michele Henderson at the Crescendo Jazz Lounge... read more
Michele Henderson
Michele Henderson
The Michele Henderson Band

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