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3rd December 2008

MIA in Bolivia
Trishie--You are incredible! I am missing you so much. I thought your time away would go by quickly, but it is starting to drag... I am amazed at your courage and your strength to venture forth into such unchartered territory! Bolivia! We are all waiting with bated breath to hear of your latest adventures, and wishing like mad we were with you. Someday I hope we can travel together! In the meantime, stay safe and enjoy! Mary
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30th November 2008

Missing You
Hi Trish, After reading your Blog and being the mother that I am I wonder - What the hell would possess a beautiful girl like you to wonder around all by yourself along in a foreign country? Trish you amaze me and frighten me all at the same time. BE SAFE - Love, Mary
From Blog: MIA in Bolivia
27th November 2008

Worry about you
Dear Trish, All day yesterday and this morning you have been on my mind. Worrying about you. And here you are!.... Girl, you are giving your granny more gray (really white) hairs. So glad to get this Blog! Write more when you can. love, gram
From Blog: MIA in Bolivia
23rd October 2008

I miss You!
I love your blog! it made me laugh the whole time! i'm missing you so much, but i know you'll be back before i know it. Call me sometime if you can. it will be great to hear your voice. Love you lots! Oh yeah, the part where you want to have someone to say "Did you see that?!!" with you made me think of all our wonderful times...also made me miss your "slapping" humor!! Miss you! love, renee
From Blog: Ecuador
20th October 2008

girl, your stories seriously make me laugh out loud when I read them! you are too funny...I can totally picture it all. Cant wait until we can do some traveling together...I think we would have blast. We will get together after your return, plan out a trip, and then i can be the person you turn to to ask "did you just see that?!" Much love, heidi
From Blog: Ecuador
14th October 2008

your trip sounds interesting the bus ride sounded wild. be safe. love u aunt sue
From Blog: Ecuador
12th October 2008

I believe Steve told us about the bus rides out there. Its sounds crazy. Well other than that it sounds nice. I hope you are know spanish before coming home because you will need to speak to your nephew in spanish (hahahahahah). Well all is well here. Enrique is kicking up a storm and very hyper if you make it back in time come down and see him. LOVE YA KEEP IN TOUCH. YA SISTA, SAMANTHA
From Blog: Ecuador
11th October 2008

Safety in numbers
Dear Trish, We know that you are being VERY CAREFUL and using the "buddy" system going out two or three together ???? WE HOPE, WE HOPE! Be careful, love, gram and pop
From Blog: Ecuador
11th October 2008

Hi Trish
Dear Trish, This is my second attempt to send you a note. So glad you are enjoying your "trip".... Was the bus ride sponsored by DisneyWorld? Thank you for the blog's.... Stay safe... love you sweet one, gram and pop
From Blog: Ecuador
2nd October 2008

I am very proud of you and your accomplishments in life. It takes a strong person to travel the unknown foreign lands with know familiar faces. I hope you take lots of pictures, this is a life time experience that will embrace you forever. Love ya, Samantha
18th September 2008

so i got this from care, and i wish nothing more then to be with you right now! when you get back we ahve to go surfing i got ok this summer here in maine! you sound so wonderful and most of all strong, keep speaking spainish it will come to you and the locals appreciate your efforts and have a blast i love you tons
From Blog: Otra Cosa
10th September 2008

So Proud :)
Trish, you amaze me. I am so proud of you for living a dream. I miss you terribly and wish i could come see you. I know it'll be no time before you are back and full of stories. i love you dearly. Love, Renee
From Blog: Otra Cosa
30th August 2008

your travels
I am so proud of you and it was great talking to you. Don't forget the pictures but as you know they do not do the real life experience justice. I love you. Mom
29th August 2008

Trish, you're such an inspiration. I admire that you have the courage to break the mold of expectations that society bombards us with. Buena suerte, mi amiga. Go be a little sponge and absorb all that the world has to offer. Love you like crazy.
29th August 2008

Trish follow your heart it will tell you what to do with your life....enjoy and have fun burns family
29th August 2008

I'm @ Dad's huge house!!
Holy Camoly this house is big...I already picked out my roon here...haha j/k. So I thought I would let you know that we are going to have a family reunion next year at Dad's new house. we are not sure of the date but it might be a week long event. I am the head coordinator of course. So if you have any ideas send them to me. I will be sending out a world wide email to the fam. Dad came up with the idea of making t-shirts and having a big cookout and then going in to Boston to Quincy market and where ever else. Tell me what you think. Love Ya!! Be safe and use the pepper spray if you find it necessary not if you are imagining things on your long hikes, you didn't drink enough water and you end up harming an innocent animal. LOL! And wear your glasses! Love ya!! xoxoxoxo

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