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23rd June 2014

I had forgotten what a wonderful job you do telling about your trips!!! I hope you keep all the blogs with the pictures and Stephen and Shelby can visit again when they can hardly remember that they were there. You need to write us all a book too since you do such a good job. I have enjoyed all the blogs and hope for a safe trip home for the three of you all. Love you all!
10th October 2013

The Open Road Calleth
This photo was taken in northwest Yellowstone - right around the Wyoming/Montana border, located between Mammoth Springs and the north entrance. This area of the park is a bit drier than other areas creating different views with a vast difference in vegetation, but no less spectacular. The open road draws you in - making you want to go farther and farther, seeing as much as you can possibly see - which is exactly what we did.
7th June 2013

Sounds like the last day almost the best. Shelby got to shop, not a lot of hiking and good scenery. Hope to hear from you all soon all safe and sound at home. Hope you will have the weekend to recoop!! Love you all.
6th June 2013

Hope you'll have fun today! Happy Anniversary today too!!! Said today was the last full day so be safe coming home. Love you all!!
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5th June 2013

These are beautiful pictures, and I think you'll have found something to do while Donald is working!!! Have a good time an be safe!! Love you all!!!
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4th June 2013

Absolutely beautiful pictures
I am so glad there is no rain on this trip. You are a great writer. I think we should start thinking about your second career. Some kind of travel blogger - you and Ramona could be a team!!! Of course we miss you. Have lots of fun. I want pictures of the Pacific coastline. jam
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3rd June 2013

Sandra, you do such a good job of describing the trips you all take. I love it and feel like I'm right there with you'll. Love the brown bear picture too, will be waiting for tomorrows installment!!Love you all!!
31st May 2013

fun time!
I am sure that you will have everything all planned out and cannot wait to see the pictures and read the stories!! I really think you missed your calling not writing for tourism!!
7th June 2012

Was a wonderful for us all. Glad all are back home now and safe! This is a good record for the rest of your lives to remember!! Love you all.
6th June 2012

You all might be home by now but I'm just now reading about the prison trip. It didn't rain!!!Yeah!! It may take you all 2 days to recoup from the vacation. Got all the great pictures and if was fun to all be together seeing the sites. Enjoy these times while you can, they will end toooo soon!! Let me know when you all get home. Be safe and I love you all.
4th June 2012

I would be like Stephen and like the star fish and see creatures, but would break my neck having to climb to see them. Sounds like a better day since it wasn't raining all day. Be safe and have fun and I love you all!!
3rd June 2012

Sorry about the dune buggy's!! The pictures are worth the trip. Can't believe it is still so cool there. Do you have to go at the end of summer to have warm weather?? On to another day. Have fun and stay safe! Love you all.
4th June 2012

It does appear that late summer is when the snow is gone, flowers are in bloom and the jackets can be put away. The weather is a bit weird here.
2nd June 2012

Rainy, Soggy and Wet might be the reason Carol makes it back to Al. every year!! We sure haven't had rain! Maybe today will be a better day. Even foggy pictures show you all were there. Have a fun time and keep safe. I love you all!
2nd June 2012

Have enjoyed reading your blog. Sorry you are having such a problem w/the weather. Every time we have been out that way it has been raining. Hope the weather gets better for you.
4th June 2012

Me too. I expected the weather to be wet in Washington - it is a rain forest after all. Ironically enough, the only sun we saw was while in the depth of the rain forest. I did not expect to have rain while on the coast/beach. But for 3 days, every time we go that way, it rains and probably will again tomorrow. But we keep moving on.
1st June 2012

Carol and Dot and Sherri came by to see me this morning. Carol said she had never seen a whale while on the ferry boat, but said she was sorry you all didn't see more of Victoria. That is her favorite place. I love your tales of the adventeres you all are having and I loved the star fish too. Beautiful colors, didn't even know they came in different colors. Harold went to work today, so I've looked at TV all day. Stay safe and I love you all!!
31st May 2012

Guess I'll write in this block this time!! I have this mental picture of you all standing in the rain looking for the right place to go for!!! Back in the good ol USA even rain isn't too bad!! Have fun and will be looking forward to tomorrows reading. Love you all.

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