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29th July 2014

Love this one
28th July 2014

Your photos are amazing.
19th July 2014

Sublime serenity!
How wonderful that you intrepid explorers stayed on the little-visited, Isla de la Luna--I'll be keen to voyage to this slice of heaven on my next Copa stop. I love these sea-anemone-like skirts in the sun as well as your evocative descriptions: "we felt tiny, indistinct, but connected to the whole." Lovely photos and prose.
21st July 2014

Hope you make it to 'the moon' Tara! We stayed at Hostal Phaxsi Uta. Felix was the caretaker - he can be contacted on 71211683. Think you'd love it!
19th July 2014
Water, Air, Earth

Titicaca photos
Fantastic scenery and some lovely photos.
30th June 2014
So much to choose from...

Sacred tat
Great sacred and profane account of wild Copa, and as you say, who needs car insurance when you're blitzed and blessed?
30th June 2014
So much to choose from...

I like it - 'Sacred tat'! Better than my title! You're so good (and quick) at reading my blogs! Thanks.
26th June 2014
Orange Howler Monkey

Incredible photos!
Insightful analysis of the animal refuge. I guess if the animals can't be reintroduced to the wild, it doesn't hurt so much that they are being handled. However, good thing that they discourage visitors from touching the animals since it seems they don't have the safety issue in hand. And it did make for some amazing photos!
From Blog: Sende Verde.
15th June 2014
Sunday Street Dancing

Perfectly captured!
Excellent account of this amazing city--so many sides to it that you that you painted perfectly with your words and photos! So many just blow through La Paz quickly and dismiss it. Brilliant that you took the time to get to know and appreciate it. Love her smile in this photo on that fine day we enjoyed together at the Sunday street fair. So glad we got to spend time together there!
16th June 2014
Sunday Street Dancing

Thanks Tara. We've met a few people who told us 'La Paz is just another big city' and that they didn't like it. We loved it - so vibrant, so much variety. We'd go back like a shot. Loved meeting you there too!
15th June 2014

lol. I was very pleased to learn when I was in Peru that Cholitas is a term of affection, as it means little whore in Mexico. Loved your blog. Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to visit Bolivia one day!
16th June 2014

Dear Cabochick, thanks for reading my blog. Hope you make it to Bolivia one day, it's fantastic!
15th June 2014

A new fashion trend?
So, you weren't tempted to take back a bowler hat and a few polleras to impress your friends back in A'dam? Big hips, heavy calves--oh, Europe is just waiting for its next new style! Love the colors and embroidery of the shawls here--I can imagine they'd be pricey. How great that some of the indigenous women have the money to be such colorful, fashion plates! Fun blog!
16th June 2014

Tara, we've just reached Cusco and I'm blown away by the hats and clothes here - stupendous. Today we chanced upon a festival in Raqchi, - much scope for my collection of hat photos!
5th June 2014

When we were there with Tara...
the cable cars were running empty for testing. Tara was hoping she would be able to ride before she had to leave the country. So I was glad to hear that they are operating and that you could enjoy the experience.
5th June 2014
La Paz got a brand new cable car!

How fun!
What a great adventure to be soaring above the city, surrounded by folks who must have thought this was magic! Love your descriptions and photos of the ever-present, enterprising spirit of the Bolivians and of their wild, capital city. Soar on, Trace and Jim!
3rd June 2014

Le Paz
Tracey, your enthusiasm, even for slums, crowds, noise etc. is amazing. From what we know of Jim (the Amsterdam version), we wonder how he keeps up with you. I get tired just reading. The photos ;are great.
8th May 2014

As, this one was for you! Knew you'd love it!
30th April 2014

You certainly seem to be enjoying your stay.
From Blog: Carnival!
29th April 2014

What a fabulous place!
Wow, Tracey, the history is so interesting and all so much part of his life today. How long are you there?
14th April 2014

Waar nu??
Hoi Tracey, ik heb de neiging alles door elkaar te halen na een reis. Maar door die gekke eiffeltoren komt het ineens in de juiste volgorde weer terug! Na Sucre zijn we naar Potosi gegaan. Dat is ook een leuke stad! In mijn favoriet cafe del plata, waar ik naar mercedes sosa luisterde en taartjes bestelde. Zijn jullie inmiddels al net zo een grote fan van Bolivia? Ik geloof het wel he? Ik vind de gezichten van de locale bewoners mooi en sterk, Blijven jullie nog even in Bolivia? Of naar Argentiniƫ? Ben zooooooooo benieuwd wat voor ervaring jullie daar gaan beleven. Voor mij een voorproefje, voor who knows when :)
14th April 2014

Whereareyougoing nexr? Iam sure it will be as interesting
8th April 2014

Good pics! Great fun!
Enjoy!! And thanks for sharing! Va manos!

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