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Europe » Czech Republic » South Moravian Region » Brno August 16th 2008

...and i will walk OVER 9,000 moar!!!! I haven't actually walked 1,000 miles, that is the biggest lie in the history of modern society, however, this time yesterday I was completing a journey probably about 1,000 miles long overland, which was not what I planned to do, but screw it, the worst thing that can happen is if everything goes to plan. And why this happened is a rather deep story which unfortunately is going to make my travelblog more resemblant to livejournal. So I left you last on wednesday night, and the less said about my night in Tábor on here the better quite frankly, but I have to say I loved the town to bits, it was very small and picturesque, once central to the hussite movement, who built about 20 little streets coming ... read more
Tábor's narrow streets
The cathedral in Brno
Brnese skyline

Europe » Czech Republic » South Bohemian Region » Tábor August 13th 2008

Haven't managed to find an internet connection since leaving Prague until now, and I'm now well immersed in the spirit of travelling - which to m, amongst other things, entails getting bored of places as soon as possible and going somewhere else, which most people find very strange. I had an epic last night in Prague, not being able to sleep again, I went for a drink at the bar round the corner (the owner of which informed me that people who mix becherovka and coke are weird), and then to the club next to the hostel where they were hosting a free event as a warm up for the "summer of love" festival in pardubice - which I'm now interested in trying to go to sometime, as it looks like glade but about 5 times ... read more
karlovy vary
what them communists did to karlovy vary
cesky krumlov station

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town August 11th 2008

love #1: The national museum (Narodní Muzeum) has this one room full of hundreds and hundreds of crystals, gems and random pieces of rock, all cased away in glass cases. This was possibly the highest energy room I have ever set foot in in my life, and walking around it I kept feeling like my insides were vibrating at their own accord. Some of them were even protected by cardboard covers that you had to open, look at them then close again, obviously ones which are sensitive to light. It's really quite bizarre, like the storage facility of the world's most diehard stamp collector save for rocks instead of stamps. But definitely worth a look, or indeed a blindfolded foot in the threshold just to feel the energy. love #2: One of the towers near to ... read more
funny clock
tour guides with umbrellas when its 25 degrees

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town August 11th 2008

Well, I am in Prague, it's pretty early and I'm eating slices of cheese for breakfast. Journey over was good, met some cool people in the departure lounge at Luton, and particularly enjoyed the views over the Czech Republic as we landed, of small industrial towns on the banks of several rivers. Arrived at the hostel and the company in my dorm who I've met so far have comprised a guy from london and three girls from harrogate - extremely strange coincidence when they could be from anywhere in the world. The London guy and I spent yesterday evening drinking Staropramen in the hostel bar (for 25Kc a go, that's LESS THAN A POUND STERLING for a pint ladies and gentlemen, disco shit) while watching the Olympics and lolling forever at the fact that "pistol shooting" ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Crystal Palace August 9th 2008

Well I'm off to czech lands tomorrow afternoon. In my current state I haven't slept for 33 hours and i managed to walk and travel loads today (coming back from a mini-rave near colchester) and stay standing, which is a good sign I will be able to make it through my fluctuatingly chaotic itinerary in central europe without ending up in hospital. I'm only posting this because I want to vaguely try and introduce this thing, but I'm far too tired for that really. sleeeeep.... read more

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