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10th May 2012

will miss the great stories and pictures
I will miss all these beautiful pictures and hearing about your had been GREAT!
8th May 2012

Thanks for the trip
Thanks for your great blogs that have allowed me to enjoy your trip vicariously.
7th May 2012

Thanks for taking us along on your great will probabley be the closest I get to that area of the world. Now I just love the women's sign but I think the no shooting sign needs to be here in Muskoka! Love to all and look forward to hearing more about the trip. Mary E
7th May 2012

What a great trip! Enjoy Oahu and have a safe trip home!
7th May 2012

On your way home!!
Thanks to both of you for sharing your comments and pictures during your trip.We have looked forward to each and every entry and we feel like we've been with you in the camper.What a wonderful trip together.We will miss your adventures but we look forward to welcoming you both home and to work!!!!!!!!!!!! Colleen and Bruce
7th May 2012

Did you see the signs going over Haast Pass for Trickle No. 1 and Trickle No. 2? I thought that was taking it to the extreme (or "ex-stream")! :)
2nd May 2012

we welcome your feedback
Hi Dick and Pauline...... we are looking forward to talking with you before we book our camper vans. Please give us a call when you are back and rested. Your blog and pix are terrific! (613-729-4869) Vicki & Campbell
2nd May 2012
8th Anniversary @ Te Werahi Beach - Cape Reinga

Happy Anniversary!!
Best wishes as you celebrate your anniversary!!!!. You both look so very happy and relaxed.Love checking your photos and travel stories... Colleen and Bruce
29th April 2012

Greetings from Ottawa
Hi Pauline and Dick, Great to read about your adventures (Donna forwarded your blog to me). We are planning the same trip next year so we are interested in your experience...... we plan to rent from Escape rentals as well..... how's the comfort level?? Hope to chat when you get home... Vicki (and Campbell)
From Blog: Ready to Go!
1st May 2012

Visiting New Zealand
Hi Vicki, We would love to chat with you about our adventures and the pros and cons of an Escape Rental. You probably won't be able to shut us up :) Pauline
From Blog: Ready to Go!
27th April 2012
8th Anniversary @ Te Werahi Beach - Cape Reinga

picture purfect!
I have so enjoyed all the information and pictures you have been sending out...thank you so much. The picture of you two on the beach shows your joy at experiencing this amazing adventure. You look so relaxed and happy :)
25th April 2012
Maori Chief

These are all beautiful and interesting pictures....keep them coming! enjoy... these are making fantastic screen savers for me!
22nd April 2012

The landscape looks amazing. I am so looking forward to my trip to NZ in a few years.
22nd April 2012

The green of the valley sent shivers up my spine. How amazing it must be to see and expierence this in real time. Pauline you and Dick are living part of my dream. If i didn't live in Canada New Zealand or Australia would be my choice. Enjoy your time.
23rd April 2012

Forgotten Valley
Hi Ralph, It was an incredible ride along that highway - at every turn we were seeing scenes like that. We think of you often as we travel around - we spend a lot of time on back roads and travelling through pasture land used where we see lots of cattle and sheep. You would certainly love it here. Love, Pauline
12th April 2012

Loved the pictures of swimming with the dolphins. Now I have a new image to plant in my brain when I'm doing those lengths at the JCC. As long as its in my brain then its real right? Thanks for planting those new dream seeds.
20th April 2012

Swimming with dolphins
Hi Donna - of course it is real! Glad you liked it:)
11th April 2012

Your pictures continue to be beyond amazing and your writing very captivating, we are living vicariously through you! Love it,
9th April 2012

I can not think of a better way to spend your easter weekend than with the very cool for sure. I can hardly believe you have been there for 6 1/2 weeks...and if the time has flown for me it certainly would have for you guys. Enjoy and look forward to the next update. Sis
9th April 2012

Wow! Dolphins!
Hi Dick and Pauline! I'm jealous you went swimming with the dolphins! I saw dolphins at Punakaiki and when I was on the ferry, but never close enough to get a photo. I hope you had a smooth ferry crossing. Enjoy the North Island. Te Puia in Rotorua is expensive, but my girlfriend and I thought it was worth it. Same with The Black Abyss Tour at Waitomo Caves.
9th April 2012

Kaikoura - a magical place
Sitting on the stone beach at Kaikoura in the evening with the gentle waves rustling on the stones is a magical time. I also had my first venture swimming with the seals at Kaikoura. It's great to be able to interact with the sea life in their natural environment!
9th April 2012
Dolphins jumping

bucket list
Well, I am adding "swim with dolphins" to my bucket list! that looks wonderful..hilarious how "ungracefull" the humans look compared to the sleek agile dolphins....of course the dolphins have had centuries to perfect their skills! I love getting your blogs! thank you so much.....continue your always Nancy
9th April 2012

Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. Great photos.

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